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Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Updated RSA key maker
By Taltan on 6/21

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Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Cool Snake Game
By Michel Hartog on 6/21

(Screen Shot)

Scare your Dutch friends with this program!
By Michel Hartog on 6/21

Code Genius
By Code Star on 6/21

Click here to see a screenshot of this code![~~ RGB Example ~~]
By Siebe Tolsma on 6/21

(Screen Shot)

Click here to see a screenshot of this code![A cool version of Nibbles!]
By Jason Liang on 6/21

(Screen Shot)

By Cyber Chris on 6/21

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!GIF (animated) viewer - user control
By Carles P.V. on 6/21

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Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Learn Your Astrological Sign
By Eren Okka on 6/21

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April 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

PSC Chat 4 Beta 1
PSC Chat 4 - this new version supports rtf, Private Messaging, Web Cam support, Whiteboard and a whole lot more.
TabDock 3.1
Updated changed VSNET collapsed drawing style. Implemented PanelSizing And PanelDockedForm Sizing Property...and much more
TabDock Version 2.4
Update: Thanks to neal who added the support for the maximize like button which makes the docked window maximize along with titlebar appearing on the side on top/bottom windows.
March 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

This little container OCX works like dropdown combo exept that it can contain other controls. Dropdown and Collapse can be set to occur either on MouseEnter/Exit or on TitleClick.
Racing Game 3D
A cool real 3D Racing Game. It looks like LUDORACE, LEGO RACERS, SUPER MARIO KART and so on. Have fun! DirectX7 or higher needed.
Talk To Your Computer
Learn how to talk to your computer, and have it respond! You even have a nice little robot buddy to talk to!
VB+ASM Subclass, Hook, Timer, Api-Window class thunks, w/ Form fade/shadow sample
Updated 3/07 - Just minor stuff --- My cSuperClass submission's download link appears broken so I thought it was about time I made a new entry.
February 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Black Winter 2: Final Assault
Black Winter 2 (BW2) is the second space shooter in its series, featuring many main weapons, side weapons, special weapons, variety of enemies, and its regular end-of-level bosses.
Matrix Operations Library
This class gives the user the flexibility to work with matrices and do operations on them. The dimensions of the matrices are neither pre-specified nor limited. The code is highly optimized for fast operation.
ZLib Compression Wrapper (Update)
ZLib Compression Wrapper And Simple File These Classes Just Need To Be Droppped Into Your Project To Enable Super Fast String And File Compression.
January 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A REAL Operating System - NOT A shell
This is not a shell! It is a real OS that will boot from a floppy disk! It is not written in Visual Basic but it does clear up all the mystery that ''newbies'' seem to have with Shell's and Operating Systems -
Digital image processing
VB PhotoShop clone. Various image effects - rotation, flip, fade, color manipulation, fish-eye,swirle etc plus various filters -
SuperGrid 1.0 (Release Candidate 1)
Let the screenshot speak! Best grid ever made on PSC and its getting better. Download the code and see for your self.
Win32 Disassembler (BUG FIXED)
Win32 Disassembler (16bit Instructions offset BUG FIXED) So,works fine now-.
December 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A Complete MIS SYSTEM [With Customer Support System, Financial Management System , Inventory ..]
A Complete MIS SYSTEM [With Customer Support System, Financial Management System , Inventory Control System ] [Including Sales, Purchase, Bills Receivable and Payable, Income and Expense maintenance]
SkinnableForm ver 1.1 with 16 skins!!!
This is a new version of Skinnable Form project with 16 skins and some bugs fixed. This project gives your VB project the ability of changing skins easy as it can possible.
Subclassing Thunk (VB+ASM = Office XP Menus :-)) w/ Sample HookMenu 1.4
Sample HookMenu 1.3.5 fixes problems with MDI forms. Separators are reduced to 3 pixels to match Office XP ones.
November 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Barcode Generator ( Code 39 and Code 128 ) with GIF Export and Documentation
SEQRAT 1.2 - multisocket TCP/IP VNC script enabled remote control (now with HTTP and WAP access)
Script Enabled Querable Remote Administration Tool.
SuperCode XP
VB developers do not have to worry any more about API's for having XP style custom menus, translucent windows, system information, system tray access, multiline and balloon tooltips.
Winsock Multiplayer Flash Game (Gimp Roulette)
Flash, Winsock TCP/IP, Chat, Server and Client - all in one application - and it's a multiplayer Internet/Network-Game.
October 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Avaco Uninstaller 2002 - [Updated : New ! English Version]
Updated !! New English Version. Ok, this is complete program uninstaller or add/remove for windows.
LaVolpe Submenus
Add flash to those drab VB menus. No OCX. Pretty much format menu captions with functions provided, add 2 lines to your forms & bam!
Mouse Wheel Support for the IDE (Final Version)
This little VB IDE AddIn adds mousewheel support to the IDE code panes. Now with get/set scroll options dialog. Simply compile the .DLL into your VB folder.
September 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

_+Compression Methods+_ V 1.04
I have updated most of the compressors to handle filesizes over 64K. improved a lot of speed isseus. Added some new compressors.
CHAMELEON BUTTON 2.0.6 - the best command button ever strikes back!
COM - The David Fritts Way!
Rewrite the a Visual Basic objects vtable :> guys you might have to look closer to see exactly what happens, you can't just play it
cTreeView Class wrapper v02.03.00 (**Updated 16/8 - Animated Graphic TreeBack Demo - UNIQUE!**)
** Release 6 ** Added BackMode, BackColor, BackPicture, BackFileName, DisableMultiSelect, New Tutorial (Disable Multi-Node Select), updated Tutorial 1 (demonstrate new Back features) and added Animated TreeView Image Background
Greg's Pool 3D Version 1.2
Third version of "Greg's Pool 3D". New features include better playability with basic European rules for eight-ball pool and some bug-fixes.
Print-Preview and More
Updated: 9-23-02 Changed pVerticalLine. This code gives you the ability to add print previewing to you application and the tools to allow you to make nice looking printed reports.
August 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Double Dragon: Outlook Bar control + Photoshop Style Color Picker (now with context sensitive help!)
UPDATE(2002-08-09): Version 1.2 Automatic OLE Drag&Drop; fully implemented!!! New properties: UseSystemFont, FlatScrollArrows, WrapText. Additional background styles: ucsGrdAlphaBlend, ucsGrdStretchBitmap.
Fastest, safest subclasser, no module!
cSuperClass.cls is i believe the fastest, safest compiled in window subclasser around. Speed: The WndProc is executed entirely in run-time dynamically generated machine code.
iP 1.0 - a little image processor
A little but complete image processor. (W98/385Kb zip - Last revision: 08.08.2002)
VBMagic - A tutorial to teach you everything about mixing VB and Flash, to do Magic!!
This tutorial (with source) is for you, just if you need to add a new dimension to your VB Skills. Break out from those old looking forms and sleepy dialogs, mix VB with Flash to create wonders.
July 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Commercial XPCalendar
XPCalendar is a highly customizable built-in drop-down calendar that provides very sophisticated visual flexibility.
PSC Monitor - Now downloads in a separate thread for increased speed and stability
Are you addicted to PSC? Does visiting PSC actually get in the way of your coding? This may help. It checks for new submissions and new votes on your submissions.
SuperCode (Version
With just one line of code, you can create *wonders* to VB code and that too very very professional. Making Developer's Life Easier.. !!
Virtual Desktop Manager (UPDATED VERSION 3.0)
NEW Version 3.0! This simple yet powerful utility will alow you to have up to 10 'virtual' desktops running on your system.
June 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

_TechFTP - A Complete FTP Client with Cool Interface.
Complete FTP Client. Download, Upload, Queues, Site Manager etc. Features like CuteFTP. Used almost all common control (useful for new coders) Illustrates use of winsock control to create FTP Client.
A complete Perl, + PHP, SSI and ASP webserver (be your own geocities!)
ADO Helper 2.0 now includes example projects to demonstrate the working of ADO.
For the byte's lovers, another HexaEdit, still in BETA version.
Learn How To Make VB Handle Strings As Fast As C (Updated 5-28-02)
If you want your strings routines to be as fast as possible, learn C. If you don't want to learn C use string mapping, its nearly as fast and pure VB.
May 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Game Programming in Visual Basic - Lesson Two
This article is lesson two in my mini-series of "Game Programming in Visual Basic".
HTML Help and VB
This tutorial will teach you how to combine HTML Help with VB, so your applications can easily have functions like "Whats this help" and "context sensitive help".
VBRSGen is a handy VB 6.0 Add-In that creates formatted ADO/DAO recordset and SQL code from Access database tables and queries.
VirtualDigimonz1.75 -The VirtualPet That U Adopt And Fight....(The Best Game Ever In PSC!! REALLY!!!
Just like Digimon that you play, u can fight with your friends digimon. In this game, it through TCP/IP to connect and fight or you can fight with computer!
April 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Awesome Laser Picture Draw Effect - New and Improved
Improved version draws a picture to a picture box using a laser effect. Load Bitmaps, Jpegs and Gifs from your HD, 10 types of laser drawing functions, laser color options and a stop button incase you decide not to wait for it to finish or have a slow comp.
Enhanced Pacman
An awesome rendition of Pac Man...check it out!
MP3 Radio Plus
A professional MP3/WAV player for DJ's and Radios. Updated with Soft Pitch, 2 Spectrum and 2 stereoVU for each player (Works in windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP). Features 2 players, 1 sample player with 10 channels, various mix types, auto-crossfade, id3 editor, and Skins.
Realtime simple raytracer
A _realtime_ raytracer (not raycaster!), ported from C++ to VB, and runs pretty fast. Learn how to use SetDibbits to change all the bits in a picturebox with just one call. You can zoom in and out, add more spheres by changing a few variables/constants in the code. Light-positions can be set by the scroll bars and changes will be visible directly!
March 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ColorPicker that resembles Adobe Style ColorPicker ( with New ColorChangeEvent)Update 24-Feb-02
ColorPicker resembles Adobe PhotoShop and replaces Windows old color dialog with this new Standard ColorPicker.
Hyperlink Sample (one API function used:-)
No Set/Release capture (almost). The trick is that windowless controls ARE capturing mouse events upon mousedown BY DESIGN. So every label, image, or custom windowless control has the capture ability build-in.
Text-PDF (Update to PDFProducer by NaramCheez)
Converts plain-text files to PDF wihout having Adobe Acrobat Destiller.
January 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

cpvCoolList OCX 1.0
A ListBox OCX with cool effects. View screenshot to see the sample project demo where all properties and methods are showed.
DoEvents evolution; the API approach. (Method for 100% optimized loops)
Do you want to make your loops 100% faster? Learn how with my tutorial.
Download from KaZaA users without connecting to KaZaA (Update: Dec. 12 [7:30PM])
This latest update [Dec.12 7:30PM] includes a better interface and a 'SmartSearch' option for much better search results..
Exploit Windows
For the first and only time, all those powerful Win32 APIs at one place! These set of classes I've attached lets you exploit every bit of Windows.
Have you ever wonder how MS Word + Aim allowed the Highlight word function? Well this HL Rich Text Box has that function. It has a SelHColor Function. In addition, I also include a Transparency Function.
December 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

CHAMELEON BUTTON - An awesome multi-style button
This is a multi-style command button to add to your applications. It can emulate seven different styles at a very accurate way!!!
cpvSlider OCX 1.1
Make your own slider. Complete graphical slider control: Vertical/Horizontal orientation, ShowValueTip option,... Sample project and some images included.
EliteSpy+ (with Code Generator)
EliteSpy+ is program for spying windows. You can spy any window and you can manipulate them using the command buttons in Program.
paramarray and function replacement
1. Shows you how to use paramarray to create much more flexible and capable functions 2. Shows you how to REPLACE vb's existing functions
This is the creation of Windows XP Controls in Visual Basic 6! This is REAL created Windows XP. LOOK AT SCREEN SHOT!
November 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

_dFreeze Window Manager (Windows Sniper x10)
A window manager 10 times better than Windows Sniper that allows you to manipulate any visible window.
Article - How to write Games
This explains the essentials, how you should go about starting and has some useful code you can copy and paste.
Awesome Tooltips All API!!!
This is a wrapper class for the comctl32 api, it allows you to create AWESOME tooltips.
October 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

__** Learn Anything About VB **__
Learn anything you want about Visual Basic.
A-lphasoft:Page Creator 2! The biggest WYSIWYG HTML Editor, with great User Interface!!!
PAGE CREATOR 3!!! (With: Very Cool Customizeable Menu with icons and background bitmap.
cTREEVIEW Class Wrapper (RELEASE 3) with ADO Code Example
New cTREEVIEW features: Flat border; IsChildNode; CopyNode with cancel option; Cut Icon state.
Multithreading with MThreadVB - A Powerful Generic Multithreader(Bug Fixed)
A powerful ActiveX DLL that allows you to build standalone Multithreaded EXEs...
UPDATE! FANTASTIC RESIZABLE skinned form demonstrating forms with non-standard shapes * VERSION 3 *
This is an update to my popular Resizable Skinned Form. ~ Dynamic colour scheme changing ~ Two modes of resizing
Work Easter Egg (Bill Gates as PacMan) And Graphic Tutorial on Sprite Animation
I created and added this Easter Egg to my program at work which I'm calling Pac-MANager with sound and everything.
September 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Easy COM based Multichannel Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Between Apps - With InterCommVB II (Updated)
Learn a new method of dynamically exchanging data between apps - with InterCommVB II.
Net Watch V2.1 updated ! Measure connection (internet) speed REAL TIME!
With this application you can see the data transfer on the adapters ( IP's )installed by your system. (including localhost
August 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

3D Boat racers!
Its fun and addictive. Race the evil Boris the nasty in this racing game.
Larsen Chess
Larsen Chess is very good chess game. His elo rate for pentium 633 is 2000. Game is 85% finished.
Multithreading with multi-instancing and inter-thread communication support
This article teaches how to multithread safely and effectively using pure VB.
TCP-IP Datalook V1.4 UPDATED!! ** Support multiple protocol adaptors ** (07-24-01)
View the data on a socket between Client application & Server application. With this program you can see (visual) the data between example outlook & ISP-pop3 server.
Ticker Mania
New in this demo: Active titlebar skin (all running applications) and a new version of my award winning Textanimation control.
UltraSpy v4.0 - NEW!
All NEW version of the famous (I wish) API Spy! Comes with tonnes of features.
July 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Access ADO/DAO Database via Winsock Control
Heres another good example of using a winsock control to access a ADO database over a network/dialup connection.
HTTP File Downloader OCX
This is a http file downloader OCX. All you have to do is supply a few things like the URL,Where to save the file at, You can even set chunk sizes.
Publish recordset(s) 2 HTML using template(s)
With this code it is very easy to publish and customize database information as HTML.
Real Docking Forms
Docking form component that will allow you to dock forms onto other forms.
Shot It
Hot!!! A completly 3d-ego shooter with excellent graphics!
Titled PopupMenu
This turned out to be more difficult to work out than the drawing of a button on the titlebar. Once again this code uses subclassing so always use the forms close button or the menus exit to stop the project, or you will crash.
Windows Blinds Toolbar, VbAccelerator Toolbar
Custom message box with Windows Blinds style buttons, optional timer to autoclose box, sounds and icons obtained from system using API.
June 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

CyberCrypt Self-Extractor edition 8.0
This is another wonderful CyberCrypt version which includes two new utilities.
Generate realistic Trees using recursion
This program uses the concept of fractals in nature and generates realistic Trees using recursion
MicroStudio V2
A 64 Track (Midi/Wave) Digital Recording Studio. Choice Of Drum Kits.
Online Zip-browser/extractor
Class lib. created to make it possible to browse the content of an "online zip" and to extract single files out of that zip file.
Project Installer 1.9
The Install Creator creates a self-extracting installation program for your Visual Basic projects.
Teaching Computers To Read Part 3
An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program. This ongoing experimental project is to build a neural net capable of recognising zipcodes or text within bitmaps.
Windows Blinds skinned rollover(hover) buttons, TipofDay, Date Time Stamp
Use these Windows Blinds, Adobe, & Neoplanet style skinned rollover (hover) buttons to brighten up your GUI.
May 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ant simulator!!!! THE SEQUEL!!!!!
CreateMDB v1.0.9 (Updated)
CreateMDB will analyze and dump the sturture of an Access database into a BAS-module.
FireStorm V1.5 (UPDATED AGAIN)
Firestorm is back with some great new features!
Full Accounting/Invoicing Program
This is an accounting or invoicing progra that uses databases and rich text files.
IP Subnetting Calculator v 1.0.9
Enter in an IP address and subnet mask and will return information about that IP and network ID.
Put a form (or any window) in the TRAY!
Learn how to put a form in the system tray.
This sample is 1 of the great TrueVision3D samples with Realistic 3D and with a high frame rate per second.
VoxelSpace - Realtime 3D using Native VB
VoxelSpace is a 3D demo based on classical voxel rendering algorithms.
April 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Advanced Graphics Routines: Updated
A new and improved version of powerful, and extremely fast collection of industrial strength graphic routines.
Block This v2.0
Stuck behind a restrictive firewall/proxy? This program demonstrates a technique that may have a solution for you.
Direct3D -> 2D Part 2, Faking Light!!
Game programmers...learn how to fake light using Direct3D to simulate 2D!
E-Type Mutli Document Text Editor
A text editor with a well done graphical interface and tons of features!
Music Editor 2000
Graphically edit music sheets with this fun program!
Neural Network
This program shows you how to create an artificially intelligent back propogation neural network!
Project Scanner
Protect yourself from wannabe programmers who post viruses with this clever code.
RamoSoft PrintPreview
Get print preview capabilities without thrid party controls! Includes numerous features.
Translucent Forms on any machine!
Created flicker free and transparent forms without needing Win98 or W2k with this instructional code.
Wow! Snazzy looking program allows you to learn sign language visually! Includes play back, continuous play, and Speed control features.
March 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A Complete Guide to Web Based Email Systems
100+ pages on every thing required to build a complete web based email system. Covers everthing from SMTP to POP3 to MIME to HTTP to encoding methods!
Advanced Graphics Routines 2.2
Anti aliasing, Alphablend, invisible masking colors and much more in a few milliseconds with this cool code!
Complete Sales and Inventory Program
Features Login Entry,Masterfiles,Transactions such as Sales Order, Purchase Order,Receiving Order, Reports such as Inventory Report,Sales Report,Critical Report and Backup/Restore/Password Security features.
CyberCrypt 7.0
A super archiving and compression program with full GUI. Check it out!
ERacer - Industrial Quality 3D
Unbelivable graphics! Explore a 3D world using one of two agrav fighters, at daytime or nighttime, on one of several terrains. You can even try to defend your base against attacking alien fighters.
Graphic Ping
Performs a network PING and outputs the response time results in a graph. Cool!
Implementing Web Transaction Systems: Step by Step
Learn the concepts for developing and implementing a number of features/technologies - like SMS, Chat Systems, Interaction with third party gateways, Instant Messengers etc!
Joe Logic Game
Check out this addicting game of logic!
A custom VB astronmical almanac. Check it out!
Proposed Rules of Conduct?
We will break our own precedent (one time, anyway) by honoring this non-code article. The suggestions it propose are so right-on-target that we had to honor the voice of the voters. ;)
Show all Domains and Computers in LAN
Enumerates all of the Domains / Workgroups in your LAN and then enumerates all of the computers they contain. Handy!
TAG - realtime multiplayer game
Chase your opponent around an "arena" until you catch him/her, at that point, he/she becomes "it" - like the classic childrens backyard game of tag.
February 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Advanced ADO Data Shaping
Learn how to use the Microsoft Hierarchical Flexgrid Control with this great demo!
Angel Viewer - A Presentation Program
This well done and thought out presentation program has almost the same amount of options as an 'off-the-shelf' presentation program, maybe more. Features over 150 commands including transition animations, midi,w ave,mp3 audio syncing Text 3D text laser for/next goto's and too much more to list here!
Ariel Zip Compression Utility with Disk Spanning V1.0
Winzip, eat your heart out! This powerful and very quick compression program shows you how to use classes as well as create a well-designed user interface. Check it out!
BeMud v1.0 - Multiplayer text rpg game
Includes lots of comments and tons of game features...check it out!
Cameo-Pro Web Cam Server
Set the frames per second, enable the stream, and anyone with the provided web address will be able to see you on their web browser. Images are updated every second.
cEdit Code Editor
Throw notepad away! . This editor offers syntax highlighting support for: C/C++, HTML, basic, cgi/perl, pascal, xml, style sheets, and jscript.
CuteSplit 2.0
Learn how to split and rejoin any type of file. This program features great functionality and a clean easy to use interface.
DirectX 8 Tutorial
This huge tutorial takes you through DirectX 8, DirectSound8, DirectInput8, Direct3D8. Includes a fully documented sample program and a glossary of terms.
engineX beta demo 1
A 3d engine masterpiece by who else, but Simon Price. Features Directx8 and 3D graphics with support for hardware acceleration, dot, line and triangle primitives, materials, texture mapping with transparency and too much more to list here.
Matrix Intro Emulator
Have you seen the intro to the movie 'The Matrix'? This program emulates the computer code running across the screen for a neat effect!
Multithreading in VB
You can't multithread in VB until VB.Net comes out, right? WRONG! Learn exactly what multithreading is and how to take advantge of it today with this cool code!
No more .Dll Hell
This program will find all the DLLs and OCXs that a program needs to be opened.
Stereo Vision, TRUE 3D!
This program renders two images of a simple model from separate camera positions. When viewed similar to a Stereogram image it produces a TRUE 3 Dimensional view of an object. No special viewing devices are needed to view in full 3D.
Text Animation Control
Create flicker free animations with multiple text lines, positions, rotations, sizes and colors. Creative and handy!
January 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

D3DWorld Version 2.0
Learn how to create 3d world in Direct3d 8!
DirectDraw Sharks
Learn DirectDraw 7 with this great looking example that displays sharks swimming.
An awesome and complete Text Editor with over 10 different functions!
Flickerless, Smooth Animation
Flickerless, Smooth Animation using pure VB with No OCXs, DLLs, ASM or DriectX. Some great demos!
How to make Explorer band addons for IE
This is an explorer band addon for IE/Windows Explorer (ie when you click on Favorites the little side bar that comes up is an Explorer Band)
Lexx Solitaire
Shows how to make a card game in VB, with API calls only...No card dlls. Customizable background, card designs & multilingual menu captions.
RayTrace 1.1.14
Unbelievable Ray Tracing code includes handling of reflective objects, diffuse lighting, specular lighting, ambient lighting, sphere objects and much much more!
VB Space Shooter
Aweome graphics in the fun to play game!
Your Weather v4.0
More functions than you can shake a stick at. Get Local And International Weather, 10 day forecast, graphics to indicate conditions, current conditions, international city weather, US City weather, local US detailed forecast scroller, and weather radar maps for almost all regions of the world.
December 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

API Menu Generator
Thought you couldn't create a menu exactly like you wanted? Wrong! Check out this Swiss Pocket Knife of menu code!
Automatically translates C API calls to Visual Basic on the fly! No more fighting with bad paramaters!
Fully fuctional internet chess game! Includes offline play for two player or vs. the built-in AI unit.
Direct 3d Intro
Learn Direct3D Immediate Mode with this comprehensive, easy to understand tutorial that includes background knowledge, definitions, explanations, a sample program to download, and exercises for you to practice on.
Flip! the Game
Learn VB game programming or just check out this colorful, musical Guess-the-word mix'n match puzzle game for up to 2 players.
Read and write eeprom on ISO7816 smartcards with this useful code!
Project Explorer Add-in
Acts as a C style project explorer for the active VB project. Shows Enums, Declares, Property, Function, Sub Highlights incorrect nesting and much more!
This code will show you how to customize (skin) your project 100% (size, shape, etc). It also comes with a skin builder and 4 skins. Check it out!
Super Web Browser
A plethora of features and a well done interface make this web browser code a winner!
TetrisBox ActiveX Control
Learn how to create ActiveX controls and handle game input with this creative custom control!
Ulli's Code Formatter
Don't pay for a formatting add-in! This great program will keep your code neat and readable!
Updated Real-time Fire
Check out this great effect! Improved version of the fire simulator works in a variety of graphical modes and at faster speeds.
November 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

3d grid waves
Learn how to create 3d grid waves based on mathematical functions. Cool!
ADO for beginners
Need to access databases but don't know where to start? Your prayers have been answered with this tutorial!
Andromeda Remote File System
A complete remote file system including add, delete, rename, spawn process that comes with a unique TCP/IP protocol that the author invented! A must see!
Application Server Development Tutorial
Add more scalability to your apps or take them to the web with this tutorial on creating application servers!
A complete app for VB newbies! Learn how to auto-save fil;es, access the registry and call the API!
B2 (Bos 2.0) Shell
Previous versions have won before, but PSC voters love the improvements to this Windows shell!
Building Professional DNA Components
A great example for VB business programmers.
Common Dialogs on Steriods
Advanced tricks for the common dialog!
Create Excel XLS without Excel!
Writes an Excel BIFF 2.1 spreadsheet file DIRECTLY...nNo external DLL's or Excel automation needed!
Flexible Application Logger & Error Handler
Critical for your production apps. Check it out!
Form .FRX Restore
Ever hosed your VB project and wanted to recover data from the .frx file but couldn't? Well this code well let you do it!
Full HTML Editor
A Full Advanced Asp/Html Editer with Database, Cookies, includes, sounds, forms, body, Tables wizards and more!
Master winsock programming with this neat program that uses only API calls to do everything the DOS Netstat command used to do!
Pac-Man Millenium
Learn DirectX as well as how to program an arcade game AI with this great Pac Man Clone!
Plug In Model
Expose classes from an ActiveX EXE to other Applications with this great code!
ProgressBar in System Tray
Show users the status of your latest app in a creative new way!
Quick Tick
The simplest to use Planet Source Code ticker we've seen (this is a personal favorite)!
Raptor Arcade Game
A raptor like game using BitBlt. Learn sound, collision detection and more!
Realtime picture fading using VB and Assembler?
This code screams at 50+ frames per second on a 640x480 image in True Color! Check it out for a new angle on creating fast graphics in VB!
Resizable LED
Don't buy that custom control to display an LED--use this code instead!
RTF Writer
Create RTF from HTML or even on the fly with this great code!
Skin Demo
Add great looking skins to your next app (without any API calls) with this example!
SQL Server Database Explorer
Ever wondered how to tie into SQL Server? This app shows you how to do almost every administrative function and them some!
Super Secure Enycryption
Encrypt your data to the maximum extent with this great app! Includes the following high security algorithms: BLOWFISH, TWOFISH, SKIPJACK, TEA, GOST, RC4 and DES.
Transparent Bitmaps
Andrew Heinlein does it again! This time he shows you how to easily create transparent bitmaps!
Web Wizard
Start off your new web pages the easy way with this tool!
Manipulate any open window on your system (delete, resize, move, copy and paste, etc!) Cool!
Replace the entire media.ocx with custom source code using Xplayer!
October 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

An Introduction To DirectX
Simon Price, does it again! This time he teaches newbies the ropes for Direct X. A graphical must see!
Analog Meters
Great looking meters to add to your next app!
CGI Script Editor
Full featured CGI editor includes color coding, copy and paste, formatting a much more!
City Simulator
Create your own Sim City with this simulation code!
Manage Access databases in style. This code takes you through the ins and outs of database access
Direct 3D Landscape Generator
Incredible code allows you to make 3d landscapes with bitmaps
Flash Tutorial
Flash + Vb? Check out this great tutorial!
Form Special Effects
Cool effects to try in your next program.
Graphical Progress Bar
A new interpretation of an old theme--a great looking progress bar for graphical apps.
ICQ Client
Chat to your hearts content with this great code that teaches you the down and dirty details of ICQ.
Image to Line Art Converter
Amazing program converts a color image into line art using edge detection! A great graphics example!
A fun las-vegas slots game!
Mo's Super PC Security
This code shows you some great ideas for locking down your apps!
Password Strength Rater
Rate the strength of your passwords with this creative code!
Pencil Drawing App
Create life-like pencil-drawn graphics with this great app!
Professional Splash Screen Demo
Create a professional Microsft-esque splash screen with this code!
Run Machine Code
This app shows you how to run native machine code from VB!
Self Extracting Compressed Files
Why pay for winzip when you can use this fantastic code?!
Another replacement shell program with tons of features...check it out!
Updated HotMail Checker
A fantastic Hot Mail POP client with loads of features!
September 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

3d Environment
Simon Price is at it again. Learn the basics of Direct3d programming with this great sample!
AI Chatter Bot
A program much like the classic ELIZA program. Check it out!
ASCII Art Creator
Incredible graphics, a well designed gui and great features make this code a blow-out winner!
Awesome puzzle game maker
Make all your own custom levels & games in the easy to use Level Editor. Then play your game in the Puzzle Player, and see your game run perfectly smooth utilizing the BitBlt API!
Cool 3D Jet Simulation
Awesome! Real Time 3D Jet Simulation with Gouraud Shading and Ambient Lighting!
CoolMenu v1.3
Your ordinary menu can't do this! Add checkboxes, option buttons and icons to your menus. Clever!
Direct3D Basics
Learn Direct 3d with this great tutorial!
Family Address Book
A fine remake of the original, now using ADO and showing how to send email from an app. Informative!
Gold Button
A cool control to add great button effects to your next app. Check it out!
Huffman Compression/Decompression
Compress and decompress text files with this quick implementation of Huffman Encoding!
Internet File Control
A great .ocx using the API that gives you the ability to not only download files but resume that at a later time!
JEL Scripting Language
A scripting language that handles structured programming concepts like looping, if then, as well as a little equation handling. Check it out!
Read files faster with LSET
A great tutorial and food for thought if you're reading files in your program!
Rotating DNA Strand
Cool effect that simulate a rotating strand of DNA.
Slave Form Demo
Link 2 physical forms together so they appear as a single form with this cool code!
A replacement shell for windows featuring a task bar, form swap, clock, recycle bin and much much more!
Stu Paint
This program has 18 filters/effects, polygon-drawing tool, zoom, fill, ellipse, and rectangle pencil, 12 brushes, 3 different styles of TEXT (3D, Raised, Outlined), Spray, Stipple, Steal Colour, Blur, Line, Clone, Trace.
Transparent desktop icon text
Wondering how to acheive this effect? This code show you how!
True Color Icon Creator
Create true color 32x32 icons with this well done tool!
Ultimate Hex Editor
Tons of useful features make this hex editor a must have tool for your library!
Weather Forecast
Another great app for getting your current weather conditions and forecast. A real world app that is pleasing to the eye and uses an easy to read format.
XML Note Creator
Learn how to use XML with this great sample app!
Your Weather v1.2
Never go to the weather channel again for the forecast! Just Enter your zip code into this real world app and it will find your current weather conditions and forecast!
August 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Beginners Guide To API
Learn the ABC's of interacting with the API and taking VB to the max with this well written tutorial
A scripting language written in VB that includes basic I/O, if's, variables, and more!
Drum Machine
Addictive fun for music fans! A complete 16 Track, 100 Pattern Percussion Sequencer!
HotMail Checker
Yes, now you can check hotmail without even opening your browser! Check it out!
Internet Downloader (like GoZilla)
Use it to download or update your own application off of your web site! Great screen design, functional, commented and its easy use.
Light Effect
Simulate light in your images or game with this great code!
Multimedia player via API
Forget the bulky multi-media controls...this code can play audio, video and midi with a slew of features, using the API at a sleek 6k! wow!
PSC Active-X Ticker
Monitor the latest code from Planet Source Code on your desktop with this cool Active-X control!
Real Time Texture Mapped 3D in Pure VB Code
Simon Price forgoes DirectX to show you how rendering works. A must see for graphics developers!
Rotate labels and controls
An unusual way to start your app...check it out!
Rounded Frames
A stylish and unique effect for your next GUI!
Setup Program
Learn how to do compression, version comparison and other setup program features from this installer program!
Use XML to Call a Remote Object
Need an example on how to use XML? This is the answer!
July 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

aMAZEing 3D
This code shows you how to create games the Smith Barney/old-fashioned way--without the use of Direct Draw!
Anti-Hacking Program Protection
A must for shareware authors! Use CRC32 Checksum Validation to protect your labor of love from being hacked or cracked!
BoS 1.1 - Desktop Replacement
An earlier version of BoS was a contest winner and this builds on the winning tradition with even more features like AOL Instant Messaging!
CD Player Recorder
Another top rate app and GUI from RJ Soft that plays and records CDs!
Cool Menus
A complete enhanced menu example. Learn how to create Office and Visual Studio icons, shortcuts, IE4 hover buttons and much more! Check it out!
Flicker Free Gradient Credits
An about box that any programmer can add to their apps to make a great impression! A must see!
Inter-Process Communications
Creative code uses SendMessage to send info between two proceses quickly and easily!
Internet Toolkit
Don't spend money on IPProPack or other tools! This code show you how to do: Raw Connect, SMTP Email, Finger, Get HTML, Listen, Host Lookup, Ping, Port Scan, Speed Check, Trace Route, and Whois!!!
Laser 3D effect
Render any text or picture with a laser-like effect with this great code!
Mike's File Merge
Merge any type of file(s) into one big file. Great for multimedia video avi files and audio mp3 files!
Napster client with Chat
An update of earlier code with more info and features including chat!
NetSender Millennium
Send messages to any computer in your NT Domain!
SEK Paint 1.1
Wow! 19 painting tools to play with and learn from including brushes and userdefined polygons. Also has 15 filters including ice, invert, emboss and more!
VB Wave Player With Wave Display And LED's.
Without any issues I loaded a 33MB wav file and played it. The Wave Display and the LED effects were fantastic!"
June 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

a Mapi Email Checker w/ MS Agent
A creative twist on the usual email client! Requires MS Agent to be installed.
Animated GIF Player
Learn how to load, play back and stop animated Gifs with this cool code!
Botz 1.1
Check out this addictive 2D-Robot creation utility. With it, you can design your own Robots that walk, crawl, roll, or bounce! Amazing!
Code of the Day Database
Keep track of your Planet Source Code 'Code of the Day' with this handy app!
Direct X 7 Scrolling Tiles
Demo shows how to scroll background tiles (possibly for a game) smoothly usnig DirectX7!
Icon Hunter
Scours all .exe's on your hard drive and extracts the icons! A must for every VB programmer!
Icon to Text Convertor
Yes this app converts 32x32 icons into text file ASCII art!
Inis 6.0 Winsock Engine
Doing Winsock programming? This code is a must see!
Intellisense Imitator
Create your own apps with an 'intellisense' feature! Clever!
Menus with Real Icons
Show Office like menus with real icons using this code!
Smart Checkers
Can you beat the computerized AI checkers opponent in this game? The algorithim is tough to beat!
String FX
Cool special effects you can do on strings!
Handy app to create batch files!
Tank Wars 3D
A 3d arcade tank game with great special effects! Smooth!
Tool Tip Class
Handy class extends normal tooltips to allow things like multiple lines and Time Visible.
Use the Script Engine to add VBA to yor apps!
Your users can write macros and scripts in VBA, just like they can in Microsoft office. This program shows you how using the scripting control!
Winsock Chat Program
Yes there are other chat programs on the site, but this one stands out for its easy to follow design and large number of comments! Check it out!
May 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

AOL Instant Messenger
Learn how to communicate over the Internet with AOL's server with this well designed and crafted code!
Bar Code Generator
The name says it all--create graphical bar codes from VB! Check it out!
Bos - Replacement Shell
Wow! Give your windows desktop a totally different look with this cool code. Includes translucent windows, alpha shadows, desktop icons and more!
Contactor 2000
Manage your contacts, record and play back voice messages and more with this jack-of-all trades program!
Create 3d Text
A quick and simple way to create 3d text. Cool!
Create web-like hotspots and custom buttons
Alex Hogan's 2nd code winner this month teaches you how to use the image control to create browser-like hotspots and your own custom buttons!
Custom 3d buttons
Tired of the standard 3d button? This code lets you tweak their look to customize your app!
File Search Utility
Learn the ins and out of searching for files via the Windows API with this handy tool!
Full MP3 Player
A full Mp3 Player with Playlist, ID3 CHECKER and song status! Check it out!
Fun Chat
A twist on the regular chat program--allows you to trap your friend's mouse, etc.!
Mike's Chat
Mike Canejo...developer of the month? With his record 3rd contest winning entry of the month, Mike shows you how to create a chat program using UDP and winsock.
Mike's Skin Example
A great example on how to create a customizable, or 'skinable' interface.
Multimedia Rollover Effect
Create web-like button roll-over effects using VB!
Next Generation Slider Control
Lose the boring old standard windows slider and use this snazzy looking upgrade instead!
Personal Internet Web-bot
Tutorial that teaches you how to create a web-bot that can search the web 24/7 for what you want!
Ultimate Filters
Manipulate graphics with ease! Shows how to sharpen, emboss, difuse, and blur images!
VB Email Client
Learn the ins and outs of email enabling your apps with this great code!
VB Market Watch
Get up to date stock quotes from the Internet via this clever app! Includes a graph of your stock!
Weather Watching Utility
Want to know today's weather for any U.S. city? This handy app retrieves the info from the Internet and displays it right on your desktop!
Wordpad 2000
More powerful than the Windows Wordpad--this word processor includes too many features to mention! A must see!
XTools Custom Controls
Textboxes, checkboxes, command buttons and labels oh my! Check out this cool custom controls!
April 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

3d Pong
Remember the old pong game you used to play on the Atari? Well here's a very creative twist on the whole genre--this one's played in 3d! Check it out!
ADO Database Viewer
Need to troubleshoot an Access database but don't have it on the machine? This program provides you with an easy solution!
Animated TitleBar
Anyone can create an ordinary caption, but now you can add some spice to your app with this animated title bar for all of your forms!
Chess (part I)
The ageless boardgame is exquisitely rendered and elegantly programmed in this 2-player version.
Full featured Text Editor
Not only a notepad like editor but tons of custom functions to transform or encrypt your text. Awesome!
A cornucopia of functions for your use!
Mosaic Maker
Creates a mosaic picture out of a normal image! Cool!
Online Shopping Center
Simulate your very own .com without ASP using this creative code!
Oracle Stored Procedures
Access Oracle Stored Procs from VB using ADO!
Picture Browser
A picture viewer that displays, magnifies, allows copy and paste and much more!
Return of the Avenger
Don't think an arcade quality game can be done in VB? Think again! Vivid graphics and crisp game play make this game a winner!
Screen Saver Functions
Forgot your screen saver password or just want to change it from a program? This app shows you how!
Simple OLE Drag and Drop
Takes the mystery out of implementing drag and drop. Simple and effective!
Surf the Net and Hide it from your Boss
Ever been goofing around on your PC only to have your boss walks around the corner? Here is the cure--just click a button and this program makes it look like you're working hard!
TCP/IP Tutorial
Want to learn how to program windows sockets? This code shows you how!
If your boss is a stickler for documentation, just run this program on your Vb app and sit back and relax!
Windows Selector
Not for newbies! This code delves into the depths of the API and shows how to access more advanced features of Windows like hdc's, system objects, windows regions and more!
March 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Japanese Katanka Entry
Converts sylables into Japanese Katakana characters inteligently! You have to see it to believe it!
3D Rotating Cube
Take any 6 bitmaps and tile them on a 3d cube that rotates freely in space the way you specify. If the awesome graphics don't grab you, the well done user interface will! Spectacular!
AOL style buttons
If you've wanted the blue AOL style buttons in your own app, this control makes it possible!
Auto Mailer
Run your own mailing list with this cool code!
C++ Buttons
This code creates a subtle effects on your forms by making the buttons look 'sunken'
A 2 player chess game!
Commerical Quality ActiveX Toolbar
Why pay money for a custom control you can't even modify when you can use this awesome piece of code instead! Brilliant!
Gradient special effect
Looking to add this special touch of class to your latest app? This program allows you to gradient fill any form or picture box at any angle with any color!
Gravity Force Controlled Balls
A control panel for playing with gravity and bouncing balls. A great demonstration of physics, graphics and the use of classes!
Internet Tic Tac Toe
Not only can you play Internet across the Internet with this creative app, but you can chat too! Check it out!
Personal Web Server
Can't create a web server in VB? Think again! This program shows you how with CGI script support, banning of visitors, and much much more!
Splitter Control
VB doesn't offer it, so this author created it! Create spliter effects like in Explorer with this great code!
Tic Tac Toe Millenium
Tic Tac Toe never looked as futuristic as it does now in the beautifully rendered 3d masterpiece!
Ultimate Thumnail Browser
This thumnail viewer out performs Paint Shop Pro's commerical viewer! A must see!
Voice Clock
Clock which actually 'speaks' the time! Cool!
February 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

3d Sound Engine
DirectX 7 sound code that allows you to position the listener and sound source 3 dimensionally. Cool!
Account for taskbar when centering form
Ever wonder how professional problems account for the taskbar when centering? This code shows you how!
ADO Page Control
Present data from a database a few records at a time with this cool code!
Advanced Scientific Calculator
A fully functional calculator that even performs trignometric , logarithamic , exponential functions , memory operations.
APIonly Form
Need to understand how to use the API? This well documented example take you through it step by step, and creates an entire form using only the API! A must see!
Character Shaped Forms
Create a form in any size, font and color! You may not find any practical use for this code, but it sure is fun!
DLL-OCX Register
Associates dll and ocx files with opening the application. Then registers .dll/.ocx files by double clicking on the individual file or unregisters the file by right clicking and selecting Unregister.
LAN Chat
Great example of how to create a chat program!
Network Neighborhood
Need to write network code? This stellar example shows you how to create an entire 'Network Neighborhood' app! Impressive!
Password Viewer
This code actually displays the text in hidden password text boxes! Awesome!
Quick Stock Quoter 3.0
Looks up any stock and provides 17 types of information on it, as well as 4 different graphs! A great example of how to pull data from web pages (in this case Yahoo).
RTTL Song Player
Play the Simpsons or any other touch-tone song with this creative code!
Three D Control Creator
Graphics code places a 3-d border around any form or control!
VB Pacman
A modification of the arcade classic!
Windows Resources Meter
Check it out! Shows Win9x resources levels (System, User and GDI) and more!
January 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

3D Buttons
You don't need an OCX to create 3d buttons anymore, with this handy piece of code!
Expression Evaluator
Wow! This program will evaluate expressions like: 2*3^sin(2)+23/(2*Abs(-8.5)! This code is worth its weight in gold!
3D Controls
One ups the 3D Buttons winner by working on any type of control! Check it out!
Convert Currency to Text
Will convert 32.50 to Thirty Two Dollars and Fifty Cents with amazingly compact code. A must see!
Database apps for beginners
Are you a newbie to SQL? Try out this app.
Extract the computer name and user name
Need to get this info but don't know how? This code shows you a simple way to do it!
Another fireworks winner? Well this one sets itself apart because it uses direction vectors and gravity to accurately simulate the physics. Beautiful!
FTP Server
Bad to the bone! A complete FTP Server!
Get Version # of dll,exe or ocx
How many times has an app of your not run due to versioning problems? Well put this code in your app today so you can make sure your program runs right!
Resize Controls
Handy generic code lets you resize controls on a form regardless of how many controls there are.
Sourcecode Notebook
Need a place to organize all the code you download from this site? This app will do just that!
South Quest Game
A game based on South Park. If you like the show check this out!
Splitter bars with an ocx
Add splitter bars to your app without the overhead of an ocx! Cool!
Yes a telent app--now improved to let you access file in a dos-like mode! Awesome!
Verme: Worm Game
Although not written for an English audience, this worm game is fun to play!
Web Server
Awesome code allows you to create a web server on your PC using just VB!
Windows Shell Replacement
Replace Explorer and write your own shell for Windows with this creative code!
November 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

The classic arcade game! Great graphics and sound!
Auto-complete Textbox
Use this class to create auto-complete text boxes like in IE5.0!
A little fast on my 400mhz but fun!
Cool Clock
This analog clock puts the standard Windows clock to shame! Elegant!
Fake Buzz Phrase Creator
If you want to get back at people who use words they don't understand you have to see this funny program!
Icon Album
I don't know what's better? The program or the icon library, but both are cool!
Image Enlarger
Impressive little program enlarges any image smoothly!
mad Cow Test
Add a little bit of humor to your day with this funny program!
The well-loved game, now in VB!
Particle Explosion simulation
This quirky program may not be useful but it is cool to look at!
Quad Ball
Awesome original game! You must check this out if you like games!
Set the Start Button on Fire
Creative and fun! Set your start button on fire!
Slider Puzzle
Another classic game faithfully recreated!
Snowflake generator
A beautiful graphics affect with twirling multi-shaped snow-flakes. A must see!
A smoother moving version of Tetris. Awesome!
Vegas Keno
Faithful recreation of Vegas!
Video Capture
I've been looking for code like this for a while! Awesome!
Web Abbreviation Search
Utilize the internet to look up any abbreviation with this cool program!
October 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Auto-backup app
This app lets makes backing up your files a snap!
Balloon Shaped Tool Tips
This program makes cool tool tips in the shape of a balloon! Check it out!
BOID simluator
I hadn't heard of the work of Craig Reynolds until I came upon this entry. If you haven't either, you need to check out this fascinating program for yourself!
A recreation of concentration--try to remember the tiles that were exposed! Includes multiple skill levels!
Fireworks 1
This program creates a cool fireworks effect using only PSET!
Fireworks 2
Another cool fireworks effect--this one shows the rocket arcing up into the air, before it explodes!
Puzzle Game!
Who doesn't like a good puzzle? You can even customize how big the pieces are!
Shape a form like any image
This imaginative code actually lets you create a form in the shape of any image! Awesome!
Tech Support Joke Teller
Are you a tech support person? Need a laugh? Then check out this hilarous program!
Wheel of Fortune
Faithful recreation of the tv show game. The only things missing are Pat and Vanna!
Word Processor
Learn all about creating a full fledged app with this fantastic Word Processor program!
A cool game that simulates Yahtzee
September 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

500 Sprites
Think VB can't be used as a game engine? If so then this sample code that animates 500 sprites at once will change your mind!
Control Registration Wizard
Registering and unregistering controls used to be a pain. Well no longer! This handly utility does all the work for you!
Daily Dilbert Fix
Do you like Dilbert? This code will download the daily cartoon strip to your desktop! (Requires an active Internet connection)
Icon Editor
Use this awesome program to create and edit icons.
Internet Chess
Awesome graphics make for an awesome Internet chess game!
Jumping Solitaire Game
This game is a cross between Chineese checkers and the game 'pegs'. Awesome graphics and sound.
Multi-search engine app
A great way to search multiple search engines at once, using Vb and the Microsoft Internet control
Nokia Snake Game
Faithful recreation of the classic game that you play on the Nokia cell phone. Try to eat the '*' without touching the walls.
Particle Special Effects
This code produces graphics that just plain 'looks real cool'! Check it out.
Who needs Las Vegas? This card game feeds your craving for poker action!
Port Scanner
Think you have a trojan installed on your machine? Find out for sure with this handy utility
Registration 'Encourager'
Do you write shareware programs? Wish you could get more registrations? This humorous program shows you one way... ;)
Role Playing Game (RPG) basic code
Want to write your own RPG game? This demo code includes a character that you can control with the keyboard, a scrolling map and tiled backgrounds. Awesome!
Shape Your Forms Any Way You Like!
Square forms are boring! This code shows you how to shape your forms into curves! Cool!
Tetris Clone
Snazzy graphics and great functionality make this tetris clone game a notch better than the rest!
August 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

4000 A.D.--a Turn Based Role Playing Game
Are you trying to create a turn-based role paying game? If so then you need to check out this submission!
ASP Code Library and Viewer
I don't know which I like best--the invaluable ASP Code library that comes with this .zip or the Code Viewer, but together they are awesome! Check it out!
Battlenet Chat
I don't chat on battlenet and don't play StarCraft II. In spite of this I had to vote for this code as a winner, because it is so professionally done. A fantastic user interface.
Breakthrough Game
This game is a faithful recreation of the Breakthrough. Includes graphics and sounds.
Classic Ballista Game
This faithful recreation of the classic ballista game will take you back. Two people attempt to shoot each other with a ballista and have to modify their shot angle and power.
Customize the Windows Open Dialog
This code shows you how to add your own custom tabs to the common Windows open dialog. Very creative!
Flaming Label
This code produces a cool 'flaming' affect. It's a little slow, but makes up for it through sheer creativity.
Glowing Caption
Make your captions mysteriously glow with this cool code. A great GUI spicer-upper!
Play the classic game with this creative implementation of the game. You can even customize the words via a text file!
Loan Amortization Calculator
After using this calculator to figure out how many years you'll be paying for that new house, you may want to rent! But seriously this is a great program--even lets you calculate pre-payments!
Menu copying code
VB doesn't let you copy menus from one form to this code solves that problem!
Microsoft Agent: Example 1
These two Microsoft Agent entries show you how to harness the power of a new Microsoft feature that lets you create your own custom 'office-assistant' in your own apps.
Microsoft Agent: Example 2
These two Microsoft Agent entries show you how to harness the power of a new Microsoft feature that lets you create your own custom 'office-assistant' in your own apps.
Paint Application
Trying to create a graphics drawing program? Then you need to check out this .zip file which contains a fantastic paint program.
PING a server
Want to implement PING but don't know how? Well want no more because this code answers all your questions!
Print Preview a Rich Text Box
VB doesn't have a print preview common dialog, but this ingenious program gives you one. Includes a zoom in and out!
Resizer Control
Don't pay $$$ for a resizer control when you can use this one from Planet Source Code for free!
Screen Saver Demo
This working screen saver is a great starting point for those wanting to make their own, or who just want to add another cool screensaver to their PCs...
Scrolling Picture
I'm going to add this code to my next splash screen! Scroll a picture across a form in a variety of ways!
Simple Calculator
This elegant program simulates a simple calculator.
Simple Chat Program
The most elegant implementation of a chat program I've seen yet! Simple and functional.
Simple Coolbar
This ingenious little bit of code simulates an IE coolbar without having to subclass any controls. Very smart!
Tile Game Engine
Attention game programmers! You must check out this game engine!
User Bug/Feedback Reporting Form
Involved users are happy users! Use this code to allow your users to send you feedback and bug reports. A very creative idea!
July 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Connect/Disconnect Network Drives
If you access a network then you can use this code to access shared drives without a .bat file!
Create a multiple user startup folder
The startup folderin Windows 95/98 is shared. Wouldn't it be nice to have mutiple user capability? Here's how.
Internet Time
Calculate your true "Internet Time" with this program
Record CD to a .WAV file
Want to save your favorite song to a .WAV on your PC? Here's how.
Rotating Bitmap
This program creates a cool rotating bitmap in the upper right corner of your screen
Show Radio Button in a menu
Cool code that allows you to put a radio button in the menu
Spell Checker/Thesaurus/Anagram
This slick program does all 3 of the above with style!
Login to remote computer systems via Telenet and this cool source code!
Thumbnail picture browser
Create a cool thumbnail picture browser with this awesome code
June 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Bounce a form to the start menu
This amusing code will cause unloaded forms to drop down to the start menu and bounce a few times before disappearing. Cute!
Error Handling Code
Creative code that creates a generic error handler that will log your program's errors to a password protected Access database!
Old Fashioned PONG Game
Remember PONG? This version has one paddle and no opponent, but you can always add more!
Space Shooter
This is an awesome space shooter game that looks like one of the phases in the old GORF arcade game. I recommend downloading the .zip rather than copying and pasting the code, because it's faster.
Spell Checker
Why reinvent the wheel? If you have Microsoft Word on your PC, you can use this code to create a spell checker!
VB Collection Replacement
The VB built in collection object is a little weak, to say the least. Here's a solid replacement collection object that has methods like RemoveAll and IfItemIsThere
Y2K Test
Is your version of VB Y2K compliant? All it takes is this quick test to find out!
May 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Change a program's priority
If you create programs for Windows NT--this code is a must read!
FTP Program
Create your own FTP program with this concise code
Graphics Manipulation Routines
Do alot of graphics work? This code will let you rotate and flip your pictures programatically!
Register OCX
If you do alot of Active-X programming, this is code is a real time-saver!
Screen Capture
Captures the screen or active window to a bitmap. Cool!
Split a large file into 2 smaller files
Need to get a large file from one computer to the next, but don't have enough floppy/zip drive/iomega drive space to actually do it? Here's the solution!
Transparent area on form
One word describes this code, and it's "awesome"! Create transparent areas at any spot on or inside your forms. Users can even click controls on other windows 'through' your transparent spots!
April 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Active X Ultra Timer Control
Extend the functionality of the stock VB timer control with this souped up version!
Create your own CD Player!
Ever want to customize the CD player software that comes with your drive? This code shows you how!
Decompiler Protector
Every program you write is subject to pirating by decompilers! Don't let your hard work go down the drain...use this code instead!
Disable/Enable CTRL+ALT+DEL
The ultimate in control! Don't let your users terminate critical processing!
Duck Shoot Game
Created app-let that lets you create a simple shoot-em up. Substitute your own pictures for the target pictures and really make a statement!
Make clickable bitmaps in a drop down menu
Don't purchase an expensive .OCX to do this! Try this code instead!
Santa Paravia for Windows
A complete game in a little package! Very similar to Humarabi...the goal is to grow your civilization.
View a playing card using VBCARDS.OCX
This cool program shows you the basics of displaying cards. Use this to create your own card games!
December 1998
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Play games with the Office Assistant!
This creative code creates a game of 'paper, rock, scissors' with the Office Assistant! Too cool!
Shareware Registration Code
Why buy an OCX to protect your latest creation when you can use the code?!
Simple Credit - Scroller
Creates a cool 'end-of-movie' type scrolling credit effect with just a few lines of code!
October 1998
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Group similarly spelled and sounding words together with this cool piece of code!
Cool Text Effect
Produces a really cool effect on text boxes--great for splash screens!
Replace System Files After Rebooting
A great tip on how to duplicate setup programs that replace files after rebooting.
Rotating Cube Demo
Creates a stick-figure-like rotating cube. Neat!
June 1998
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Add your ow entries to browser Favorite's folder
It's scary when you see how easy it is to 'personalize' some one else's browser for them!
Creating a starfield effect on a form
This could be the basis for an arcade game. Creates a real-time moving starfield background with very little code.
Credit Card processing
Need to verify a credit card # to see if it's legit, or determine it's type? Don't pay some monthly service to do it...get the code right here...
Credit Card Processing (2)
Need to verify a credit card # to see if it's legit, or determine it's type? Don't pay some monthly service to do it...get the code right here...
Quick Sort
No one likes to do sorting--now you don't need to even write code for it. Blaze through sorts with quick sort!
Way cool graphics effect!
I can't wait to add this one to all my program splash screens! Creates a 'mosaic' effect which looks like a slow focus on any image in a picture box. Very impressive!
May 1998
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Is It Prime?
Efficient function determines if a number is prime or not
April 1998
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Change a Form's Shape
If you don't mind experimenting--you can use this code to morph your form into a new shape!
SMTP Email Program
Send email from your app without buying an expensive .DLL!
Add spell checking to your app with this great piece of OLE automation code
Transparent Form
Wow! Make a form transparent with this cool code!
January 1998
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Awesome Picture Box fade effects
Wow! Fade a picturebox from either top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, right to left, Random, and outward--versatile!
Did you ever wonder what function was bogging your app down, or did you ever just want to time a statement or function for curiosity's sake? Well, wonder no more, with this ingenious little class!
Force your application to run in exclusive mode
Force any message boxes or prompts from Windows and other applications to not show up infront of your program. Great for debugging!
Send keystrokes to the windows95 dos box!
Ever want to send keystrokes to dos programs running in the windows95 dos box? Now you can!
August 1997
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Awesome form effects
Make your forms come alive with the ability to explode and implode!
July 1997
Contest Winners and Superior Code

15 minute WWW browser
Wouldn't it be great if you could just pop in a custom control, and within ten or fifteen minutes have a fully working browser? Well your prayers are answered!
Close/open the CD Rom door
Set your CD app apart by actually opening the closing the CD rom door!
Cool screen wipes
Spice up your app, by drawing a curtain from right to left using this routine!!
Create a form bigger than the screen!
Need an 8˝" x 11" Form? NO Problem!
June 1997
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Activate any other application from VB based on a PARTIAL caption! Use this function with SendKeys to control ANY application from VB. This is MUST HAVE code!!!
Change Resolution
Changing resolutions on the fly should have been made a part of the Windows operating system, but never was. Well move over Bill Gates--try out this cool code!
Creating a Screen Saver
How to create a screen saver in VB! Cool!!
String Stack Routines
Routines to create a string stack--very useful!


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