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Updated RSA key maker This is an update on my previous upload; RSA keymaker. This update can now create HUGE RSA key-pairs, but the RSA encrypting added does not support too high keys :( can anyone fix this?
Cool Snake Game It's just the old Snake game... With extra's like adjusting the speed and you can see how many points you have. VOTE FOR ME PLZ and/or visit !
Scare your Dutch friends with this program! It's just a small Dutch program that uses API calls to scare your friends... Also it says that there is a virus but it's all fake... so it's a kind of a fake virus... vote or visit my website at !
Code Genius Prassana, My girl-friend at Patna. I created this software in VC++ for her. I compiled this program and placed its executable in the start-up folder of the computer in which she used to work. But unfortunately instead of Prasanna, her faculty opened the computer and awarded me a good thrashing. So beware before doing something for girl-friends...... ;-) I am not commenting it avoid to avoid its misuse. Use the CAD(Ctrl+Alt+Del) power to terminate the application. J........U.....S...T E...N..J..O.Y :-)
[~~ RGB Example ~~] This nifty little program will show you how to use horizontal scrollbars to create an RGB color. The color will be 'convertet' to Hex (HTML) and the Visual Basic color code. Also, the color is being previewed in an picturebox. --= UPDATE!! =-- I've made my program a little bit more attractive to the eye and also added 3 more functions! The user can now enter an Hex or VB color code and click 'convert'. The program will then convert the Hex or VB color code to the proper RGB values and Hex or VB color code :). A simple 'Copy to clipboard' funcion has been added to make it really easy to use the colors...
[A cool version of Nibbles!] A cool nibbles game that I decided to make for no reason... There are 4 different speeds, each with a bonus (whenever you eat one of those things you get the set score + the bonus) and 3 different options. With a cool sound module that u can use anytime and a cool FormOnTop module that u can use. it's pretty cool. Neatly documented too. Also, it doesn't use any images! teaches you how to load objects in an array and stuff. Also, it teaches you how to use a filesystemobject to read/write in text documents (my games save the highscore). It also teaches you how to make cool button effects. It's pretty fun and addictive.
Unroll. Unroll Pics
GIF (animated) viewer - user control This code is based on the excellent post by Vlad Vissoultchev: VB Gif Library (CodeId=44216). Simply, minor modifications for building an easy to use usercontrol. I've not compacted it into an OCX: added size to main application is relatively small. __________________________________________________ Note about frame rendering: This viewer renders on the fly from original decoded 8bpp XOR bitmap and 1bpp AND mask, instead of building persistent 24bpp frames. This lets speed up loading and saving a little more of memory. But, in large GIF screen size cases with short delay times, this could hold up the real frame delay. __________________________________________________ Zip 18Kb.
Learn Your Astrological Sign A simple code to learn your astrological sign.
Burcunu ren Burcunuzu renmeniz iin basit bir kod.
Draughts (Checkers) Board Game - 2 or 4 Players Draughts (Checkers) is a popular board game. This program can be with 2 or 4 players on a larger board. Please read the 'ReadMe.txt' file before running the program. To get the project up and running quickly, unzip the files into the 'C:\Draughts' folder.
Quick crypt mod I Designed this code to encrypt text (encrypt part) that is inputed into the module and also to decrytp it (Decrytp part). It has a passwrd function that can't be any longer than 5 characters long at the moment but I'm hopeing to change that soon. THis is a very simple encryption module and can easy be amde into something more complex.
RndNum This is just a Ranom Number Thing. I was bord.
A Remote Trojan "The MB Trojan" allows remote control over another computer to an extent of ability to program
Karn Silver - The Ultimate Chatterbot This is my latest creation - Karn Silver. It is still under construction, but it is still great! It is a chatterbot program. Please try it, I'm almost 100% sure that you'll like it! It is also available at "" Enjoy!
editable Auto Incremental Field Function this is a simulation of the auto incremtal field but there is a feature it is editable that allowing you to enter then value your self or let then function do so. a nother one is when you delete a record you can enter the deleted value again.
A KeyLogger Trojan Logs keys from remote computer to the client connected on different computer
WinSubst GUI version of the subst DOS command. You can add, delete, start and stop subst'd drives. It does NOT use the subst DOS command. Amendment: Windows NT, 2000 and XP only. May not work properly under Windows9x.
Matrix Trace The trace program from the Matrix film of 1999. The best program on PSC to accurately mimic the film as opposed to customised creations from other coders. Good for learning about randomization. NOT COMMENTED YET, THIS WILL COME LATER BUT THE PROGRAM ITSELF IS PRETTY SIMPLE.
Easy Time functions Some quick ways to get the time w/ out using "format"

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