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Latest Code Ticker for Visual Basic
By Jerrame Hertz on 6/30

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Raw Packet Sniffer
By Coding Genius on 6/30

(Screen Shot)

Check the support of a record set
By Freebug on 6/30

B++ Builder - VB without runtimes
By Anthonius on 6/30

Mr Blonde - Chat Program
By Mr Blonde on 6/30

MSN Messenger Status Detector
By Ryan Cain on 6/30

MSN advanced
By alias1990 on 6/30

MSN Messenger advanced
By alias1990 on 6/30

Locate Database
By Erica Ziegler-Roberts on 6/30

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Venting frustrations
by Syllva Tech Software
Language: Visual Basic

I'm sorry this is not code, but I guess I'll be speaking for a lot of serious programmers just by venting a few frustrations...

An Introduction To DirectX 8 - And More!!!
by Simon Price
Language: Visual Basic

Learn every aspect of DirectX8 now!

This HUGE tutorial covers DirectX 8, DirectSound8, DirectInput8, Direct3D8. It includes everything - from knowing nothing to having a good grasp of DirectX 8 with Visual Basic. It even goes beyond that and explains the logic needed to create 3D geometry and animation. There is a fully documented sample program too! And a glossary of terms - not just DirectX terms - but general p ... (see entry for full description)

HTML Help and VB
by Almar Joling
Language: Visual Basic

This tutorial will learn you how to combine HTML Help with VB, so your applications can easily have functions like "Whats this help" and "context sensitive help". This tutorial is fully illustrated, (17 images), everything done nicely step by step. VB6 is REQUIRED. This will not work with older versions.

api for beginners
by sherif rofael
Language: Visual Basic

if you are a beginner or an intermediate who is hearing about API , this program is a good deal , u can learn APi very easily with this tutorial , This may be considred as a libraray for API ( Application Programming Interface) . It contains more than 30 declaration and functions that do the following: 1) shut down/restart / log off ur windows. 2) show/hide curor , 3) open web browser . ( 4) empty your recycle bin. 5) toogle the caps lock . 6) make the desktop's ... (see entry for full description)

Game Programming in Visual Basic - Lesson Two
by Gregory English
Language: Visual Basic

This article is lesson two in my mini-series of "Game Programming in Visual Basic". If you like it or even dislike please tell me what was wrong and what was good. PLEASE EVERYONE VOTE, IT ONLY TAKES A FEW SECONDS!!!!

ADO Tutorial For Absolute Beginners
by Jerry Barnes
Language: Visual Basic

This is an ADO DB tutorial for programmers who know nothing about ADO. It is a good template to following when making your own project. I hope that it helps.

Optimizing your VB code even more
by Almar Joling
Language: Visual Basic

This article shows various speed increasing methods, I've done tests myself, you can see the performance difference in a graph and in a table. This article is really worth your time. For example, it shows how one simple "\" instead of "/" will speed up your app with more than 400% percent!

A tip to make life easier
by John Edward Colman
Language: Visual Basic

Get rid of that design time syntax error message box.

Hey, did you know? VERY Useful TIP
by Jeff D
Language: Visual Basic

Hey everyone. A great TIP here! I don't know if this has been brought up before (did a search but found nothing) it may even be in VB books - but some of you may not know this... Did you know that (in the code) you can right-mouse click over a particular procedure, function, word, method, event, any declared variable, etc... Then choosing "DEFINITION" from the menu selection will jump you to where it was declared or the code for it?! See screen shot for example of this. Then after ... (see entry for full description)

Create a Truly NON-TASK-ENDABLE, Unendable, Non-Task-Endable PROCESS in Win2k and XP
by Brian Payne
Language: Visual Basic

This AWESOME LITTLE TRICK will make ANY VB .exe TRULY non-task-endable under Windows NT, most specifically Windows 2000 and Windows XP... What this means is that users will NOT be able to use the Windows Task Manager to SHUT DOWN your program, it will be impossible. As a matter of FACT, you yourself won't be able to end it unless you create some Inter-Process Communications code that ends it or you tie a Dir() loop looking for a file on the HD that instructs your app to end.. Th ... (see entry for full description)

VBMagic - A tutorial to teach you everything about mixing VB and Flash, to do Magic!!
by Anoop Madhusudanan
Language: Visual Basic

This tutorial (with source) is for you, just if you need to add a new dimension to your VB Skills. Break out from those old looking forms and sleepy dialogs, mix VB with Flash to create wonders. Vote for me just if you find this one useful (you will :)). Most of these concepts are from my own experiments and experience. Create great looking skin able apps (with remote interfaces), cool e cards, presentations, and you name it :). See the screenshot below, and download the code. Comme ... (see entry for full description)

cTreeView Class wrapper v02.03.00 (**Updated 16/8 - Animated Graphic TreeBack Demo - UNIQUE!**)
by Slider
Language: Visual Basic

** Release 6 ** Added BackMode, BackColor, BackPicture, BackFileName, DisableMultiSelect, New Tutorial (Disable Multi-Node Select), updated Tutorial 1 (demonstrate new Back features) and added Animated TreeView Image Background (YES - A first! Pretty unique huh!). BackColor & BackPicture work independantly of the Nodes therefore Nodes maintain their original colors! No other VB code does this - enjoy! ** Release 5 - 26 New Features, 2 new Tutorials ** Now boasts 75 Properties & Meth ... (see entry for full description)

__Direct3D Tutorial [Updated]__
by Matt Carpenter
Language: Visual Basic

A Tutorial on how to do Direct3D7 Retained Mode Graphics! HTML file and an example! Every line of code is commented and easy to understand. Begin making 3D Games with this article! I WORKED A LONG TIME ON THIS ARTICLE! If you like it, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME on PSC :) I am also planning on putting out a 3D flight simulator soon so keep lookin-

DoEvents evolution; the API approach. (Method for 100% optimized loops)
by John Galanopoulos
Language: Visual Basic

Do you want to make your loops 100% faster? Here's how : Many of us have used several times DoEvents, to supply a bit of air to our App, on Heavy-Duty times such as loops for updates or inserts on recordsets etc. As we most know, DoEvents processes Windows messages currently in the message queue. But what if we wanted to execute DoEvents only in times, when we want to allow user (Keyboard and Mouse) input? ( A special "thank you" to all of you who rated this article)

Tutorial On Application Severs: Develop Killer Web Applications In VB..
by Anoop Madhusudanan
Language: Visual Basic

This Tutorial will teach you the Ins and outs of creating custom Application Servers. Get the power to make true killer VB web applications, and give more scalability to your existing applications.

If you are new to the term 'Application Server', just consider that it is an application that runs between a thin front end (in this case the web browser) and back end servers: After reading this article, you can

(a) Understand what is an 'Application Server'

(b) Create an ... (see entry for full description)

__Simple Winsock Tutorial__
by Matt Carpenter
Language: Visual Basic

This tutorial will teach you the basics of winsock (the winsock OCX control). How to connect to computers, how to be a server, sending and getting data. If you like this, Please vote for me ;)

Talk To Your Computer
by MTGiga
Language: Visual Basic

Learn how to talk to your computer, and have it respond! You even have a nice little robot buddy to talk to!

_ TUTORIAL: BitBlt & GDI32 for the Thick-Headed: BitBlt explained, + Load Sprites, Double Buffering!
by (Tim Miron) yar-interactive software
Language: Visual Basic

"BitBlt [and GDI32] for the Thick Headed" is an in-depth, plain-english, streight-forward tutorial that teaches everything there is to know about BitBlt, and some related API. It covers everything from loading bitmap files into memory (no more picture boxes) to double-buffering (say goodbye to the SLOW 'AutoRedraw'!) to Explaining the BitBlt API in PLAIN ENGLISH. PLUS the tutorial only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete! (A completed version of the example project is also incl ... (see entry for full description)

API - Simulate multithreading with WaitForMultipleObjects (eg. How ICQ monitors connection state)
by John Galanopoulos
Language: Visual Basic

In this article, we are going to see how to use WaitForSingleObject, WaitForMultipleObjects, RasConnectionNotification and many other commands with Visual Basic. We are also going to see how to monitor multiple events without the need of multithreading. I have included two examples : how to monitor when a shelled application has ended and how ICQ monitors connection state (that little flower that gets green when we dial-up and establish a connection). If you like it, post a comment. ... (see entry for full description)

Windows Messages and Subclassing
by Coding Genius
Language: Visual Basic

Subclassing ofers great advantages to VB programmres. This article should teach you all about the message system Windows Uses, and how to implement it into your Visual Basic Programs.

MThreadVB - The Generic Multithreader For VB
by Srideep Prasad
Language: Visual Basic

Learn how to multithread easily and effectively with this powerful award winning component. With a host of intuitive functions and powerful ActiveX(tm) events ! To find out more, download now !!!

Forget Controls MultiMedia. Now By API Support DVD Video Version 6.1
by Abdullah Al-Ahdal
Language: Visual Basic

(New version, now version 6.1 with control volume channels audio) Hello, You can here make Controls for audio,video and midi files just by pure Windows API. you can open,play,pause,resume,stop,close,make control for audio channels,Get Progress,Get Total Time,Get Total frames,Get Number frames per second,SetAutoRepeat,GetCurrent frame (Get current position),Get cuurent time,Get Actual size,Get Current Size,resize the movie,SetDefaultDevice,let you at the end of file..for all types Mu ... (see entry for full description)

Multithreading with multi-instancing and inter-thread communication support
by Srideep Prasad
Language: Visual Basic

This article teaches how to multithread safely and effectively using pure VB. No need to use C/C++ or the infamous CreateThread API notorious for its instability with VB 6. Simple and effective code complete with a HTML article documenting the various aspects of Multithreading are included to help you get started right away ! What's more, multiple-app instances are also now supported ! So say goodbye to Timers, crashes, threading API's and "freezing" forms. And if you find this code ... (see entry for full description)

Easy COM based Multichannel Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Between Apps - With InterCommVB II (Updated)
by Srideep Prasad
Language: Visual Basic

Learn a new method of dynamically exchanging data between apps - with InterCommVB II. With unparalled power and ease of use, InterCommVB truly allows you to get the max output from minimum code. So you no longer need to tamper around with DDE APIs and other hard Win32 APIs. InterCommVB truely makes implementing DDE a breeze - even a beginner could be implementing DDE with this component. The package also includes an HTML file to help you understand the concepts better, in case you a ... (see entry for full description)

Multithreading in VB!!! (updated)
by Philipp E. Weidmann
Language: Visual Basic

Finally it is there!
The first multithreading example on PSC. About half a year ago, I looked on PSC for some multithreading stuff and found nothing. Then when I had improved my skills, I finally made my own multithreading code.
Now have fun with this and vote for me!!!
-Fixed the bug that the program didnt exit properly
-Added code in the multithreading class that prevents a thread from being created twice
-Fixed the bug in the PropertyLet procedure Prio ... (see entry for full description)

Learn How To Make VB Handle Strings As Fast As C
by Chris_Lucas
Language: Visual Basic

If you want your strings routines to be as fast as possible, learn C. If you don't want to learn C use string mapping, its nearly as fast and pure VB. In this article I give you the silver bullet for strings. If strings are bottlenecking your code, I'm your new best friend. I've included a project that attempts to visualize the string for you. It also contains a word count comparision which uses four methods string mapping being the fastest by far (compiled).

A Complete Guide to Web Based Email Systems
by BrainSoft

Language: Visual Basic

in this tutorial of 100+ pages, you can get every thing which is mainly related to build a complete web based email system. this artical will cover everthing of SMTP, POP3, MIME and HTTP. you can get a lot of material regarding to different Coding and encoding methods like BASE64 & Quoted Printable. a far better option to read this tutorial instead of reading RFCs. The next sequel of this tutorial will be comming in few weeks. see ya: ... (see entry for full description)

A-lphasoft:Page Creator 2! The biggest WYSIWYG HTML Editor, with great User Interface!!!
by Kenny Lai, Lai Ho Wa
Language: Visual Basic

Page Creator 2 is no longer here. I am developing a completely new Page Creator 3. see it at;=1

A REAL Operating System - NOT A shell
by Coding Genius
Language: Visual Basic

This is not a shell! It is a real OS that will boot from a floppy disk! It is not written in Visual Basic but it does clear up all the mystery that ''newbies'' seem to have with Shell's and Operating Systems - yes you've all seen those ''not really an OS but a shell - OS'' submissions. Anyway, it's a good article I think. I spent a bit of time on it, and I hope you enjoy it :)

Hack a box
by Cakkie
Language: Visual Basic

No, we are not going to do anything illegal here. We are going to hack the MsgBox and InputBox. Let me start by saying that this is !NOT! one of those custom messagebox classes, but this uses the real MsgBox and InputBox functions from VB.


Newest Tutorials

Why to give up programming
by Xasan
6/29/2003 8:05:45 PM

Language: Visual Basic

See that guy whois from #vb undernet.He is well known.My detective found him . Givve up programming now.70% of people here look like this picture. At the picture we can see the person (for #vb at undernet) anf his wife(i dont give detail).

Get Data from tables that is in different databases
by Kjell Dirdal
6/28/2003 8:21:06 AM

Language: Visual Basic

Tries to explain how to connect and get data from two different table that is in two different databases

Truth Internetworks
by Ultimatum
6/28/2003 3:59:48 AM

Language: Visual Basic

Truth Internetworks is software which I'm hoping will one day will take a chunk out of America Online's usage. Looking for developers who are willing to work for free in their spare time to help develop a constantly evolving content provider. Please read for more information.

Option Explicit
by Jim K
6/27/2003 4:16:43 PM

Language: Visual Basic

Why is "Option Explicit" that important ?

by zoom
6/27/2003 4:10:07 PM

Language: Visual Basic

If somone could put up and example of how to send and recive messages via proxyserver i would be very greatfull TY.

Search A Listview
by Blue Flame Software
6/27/2003 11:10:04 AM

Language: Visual Basic

Searches for any string in a Listview.If you have a list of all the MP3's out there and you want to search for "Bring Me" it'll Return "Evanescense - Bring Me To Life". Thats just an example I know if you have every MP3 then the results would be greater. I used this in an app that I made for my Uncle (MP3 Organizer) Since he has over 7000 MP3's. BTW - the article is in the project files.

Advanced Auto Complete List Combo and List Boxs
by Said Sowiny
6/25/2003 7:16:54 PM

Language: Visual Basic

This is a high class code article . i never be stingy with vb lovers . I try and success to move the power of access to the power of vb . The main features are : 1) the sub can be used with combo box and list box controls. 2) High performance. 3) faster with huge lists. 4) fully support of Delete and Backspace keys. 5)Case Sensitive. 6) of course few lines of code point to the purpose. Try it and tell me. If you found this really advanced please be faithful and tender and vote. Thanks.

by Jay Goldberg
6/25/2003 4:38:46 PM

Language: Visual Basic

Often times when writing an application, I want the user to be prompted when he quits the program (ie. "Are you sure you want to quit?"). The only thing about this is when I am debugging the program and using it myself in VB's IDE, I find this messagebox to be annoying. So I wrote this little function that will return TRUE if the app is running in the IDE, and FALSE if it running as a EXE.

IsLoaded Form Function
by Said Sowiny
6/24/2003 5:53:39 PM

Language: Visual Basic

This Function checks if a specified Form is loaded by looping through the forms collection it returns TRUE if it is and FALSE if it is not you can decide what you want according to the return value e.g accessing its properties or methods or controls ,...

Windows API and DLLs --- Part - III
by Deepanjan Datta
6/24/2003 11:15:06 AM

Language: Visual Basic

Covers API Viewer!!! Part I and II on PSC!!! Check them out!!!


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