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Latest Code Ticker for C/ C++.
Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Postfix Expression Evaluator using stack
By Krishnan Raghu on 8/18

(Screen Shot)

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Library book managment using linked list
By Krishnan Raghu on 8/18

(Screen Shot)

By jo122321323 on 8/18

Win32 - IE Style Menubar
By Heirste on 8/18

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!^A Paint Program in Visual C++^
By Niloy Mondal on 8/18

(Screen Shot)

By ENRICO X on 8/18

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Robot
By Frederick Van de Kerckhove on 8/18

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July 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

AntiVirus With Utility
This is an Antivirus Utility with Files service and Directory Related Operationbs. Run EXE in order of Advance features of Utility in Command prompt.
MasterX SDK Tutorials
MasterX SDK Tutorials, goes through from beginging with MasterX, to graphics, to sound, to input, to creating a 2D particle engine.
June 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Beginners Guide to C++ Classes
This is a tutorial meant for beginners that teaches you about classes!
Namespace tutorial .
Explains namespaces.
May 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

file shredder for gcc
file shredder for gcc, shreds files so when there deleted, there gone for good!
masasm C preproccescor
my very first attempt at writing a language translater. A very basic language that does input and output as well as operations on variables.
MasterLibrary4 - over 17,000 lines of code
C, C++, Win32, Ansi, DirectX, OpenGL, Interpreator, String Manipulation Library, Templates, Graphics Library, Scripting Language and more
April 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Calculator & Numeric Analysis
A nice scientific Calculator app.
Master Assembly Script( MAS ) Beta
Mas is a scripting language designed for use in video game programming. It is meant to allow aspects of the game to be scripted rather then hard coded so they can be changed without the actual executable being changed.
Write A Simple Operating System Now !
Build your own OS! The Simple Hello World Operating System package contains a boot sector code(ASM) , boot sector writer , an exe header stripper , and a simple guide on how to build a small OS which prints a Message "Hello World !"
March 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Format C++ code into HTML
takes a C++ source file, and will format it so it can be viewed in a web page. (ex: replaces \t, and \r\n with apporpiate html tags.
MasterX SDK 2.0 with NuclerMedia and MasterX SDK 2.1 with MasterGraphicEx
MasterX SDK, is a series of classes, which encapsulate DirectX. 2.0 contains file lumpin algorths, as well as NuclearMedia.
NuclearMedia 2.0
NuclearMedia 2.0 - a media SDK.
January 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Casts Made Easy!
A tutorial that explains and gives examples for static_cast, reinterpret_cast, const_cast, and dynamic_cast.
MasterConsole 3
MasterConsole 3, make console programs for this program in C and C++.
contains well over 3,000 lines of string algorithms, structures and classes. Contains backwards compatiblity with MasterString1.
A colorful, exciting, 12 level pac-man game.
December 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

My Computer for DOS
This is the third program in my "for dos" series. It works like my computer but is for dos.
The Legend of Zelduh (with level editor)
This program is a zelda clone that I made to learn how to use tilemaps. It's a very fun game!
November 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

SuperMaster is the sequel to MasterKong. It is a 2D side scrolling video game. Article contains Super Master 1 , and Super Master 2.
October 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Master Assembly Script Alpha 2
Scripting engine that includes backslash escape character sequence, the ability to produce your own objects.
MasterX Console FTP
This will show you how to program MasterX Console programs and FTP API at the same time!!!
The JMenu Maker - Create a smart menu
It will create a simple menu for you, and have the ff. features.
August 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

MAS (Master Assembly Script) Alpha Release and the LoSt Downloads
This article contains 10 downloads in C and C++. Including the alpha release of my scripting language. As well as source code which was Lost. Console/DirectX/Win32 etc..
June 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

MasterKong 2D
This is a 2D video game. Is now Compatible with DirectX 8.
May 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

MasterRPG - ALPHA 1
MasterRPG is a 2D rpg game.
April 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

2D to 3D converter v2.0
The improved version of this program now supports mouse drawing. Cool!
Animate your window icon
This nice example you how to make your windows icon animate, like the icon in ICQ. Check it out!
Article concerning the CIS41 Emulator / Assembler / IDE Package
Wow! Tutorial and emulator for CIS41 Assembler. Contains too many features to list them all here...check it out for yourself!
This program takes in an image, and outputs a fixed-width text file that visually resembles the original image as close as possible. Nice!
This is a nice example of simple collision detection, tile map reading and map editing.
Screen of Deat Color Changer
Learn how the console API functions work and and how to build an owner-drawn combo-box with this creative code!
March 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

2D to 3D converter
Converts anything drawn in 2-D to 3-D. Check out the screenshot to see what we mean!
3D Graphics Tutorial
Wow! 9 tutorials on how to do 3D Graphics Programming using C/C++.
ENERGiE - Particle Engine v2.26
Use this class to create fantastic GFX effects in OpenGL!
Inline assemby tutorial
Learn the basics of simple inline assembly with this tutorial that comes compelte with examples.
ToDo List Tutorial
Learn how to create a ToDo file which writes the dates and marks the completed tasks.
Who want to be a billionaire ?
Addictive computerized version of the tv game show!
February 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ARENA: Evolution
A not quite finished but still well-working RPG, that is a GREAT learning tool for aspiring C++ game programmers.
Change any window's properties via its handle
This program show you how to get any windows handle and then as an example, lets you change the window's title through that handle.
Fly swatting game
A fly moves around the screen and you have to remeber where it was last seen to swat it. Includes increasing difficulty as the game progresses.
ICQ-Pager v1.0
A complete GUI-application which lets you send a message to the ICQ-Pager. Very cool!
OpenGL walk through 3D city
Use this code as the starting point for your own 3d game. Learn how to use openGL to load and display 3d models and handle basic keyboard and mouse input.
Simple COM Server and Client without using MFC,ATL or IDL!
Learn about the "black box" that is COM with this server and client that author created and is now sharing with anyone else who wants to learn more about it.
SlickSkins™... Give Your Browser A New Shape!
Wow! Re-Shape Internet Explorer To Create Incredible Skins with this great tutorial!
Window Creation Class
Demonstrates the basics behind alot of gui class frameworks...includes a class for creating Windows, Buttons, Edit boxes, and Multiline Edit boxes.
January 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

C++ File I/O Examples
Learn how to use C++'s fstream File I/O.
OOP Address Book - for beginners - updated
This helpful code shows you how to create a class to manage an address book. Add contacts, do searches and even diplay the contacts of the book.
Shell (v2) for Borland C++ 5.5
If you don't like compiling from DOS when you use borland C++ 5.5.. well this is the solution for you. Program now compiles windows programs as well as DOS, and can edit CPP source files too!
Telnet Client
Learn how to implement the Telnet protcol with this fascinating code!
Text Based NARSCAR RACE Simulation
Simulates 33 Cars racing 500 miles under a host specific conditions.
December 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Console Menu Foundation Classes
Create console menu (msdos style) apps with these useful classes.
EXE Header Info
Handy routine extract the .EXE header info.
Independence Day
Amusing graphical effects and sounds. A great tutorial for learning graphics in C++.
Shoot Your Desktop
Fun program that lets you shoot your desktop or change guns. Extensible...you can create your own weapons easily by adding a new CGun class in the Weapons array.
Sort O'Rama!
A great and simple demonstration of how to implement several extremely popular sorting algorithms using C++. Includes bubbleSort, selectionSort, and insertionSort algorithms.
Variable Declaration Tutorial
C/C++ Newbies! Learn the important skill of how to declare variables in this tutorial.
November 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

3d Car
Wow A 3D car created using borland c++.You are able to view the car from any angle as it rotates around every possible angle and axis!
C++ Tutorial
Learn preprocessing and IO with the 3rd in this multi part series!
Code Patcher
Learn how to patch code and do I/O with this example!
Mp3 Encoder
An MP3 encoder using a GUI. Very simple, easy-to-use program that gives you the option of using two encoding engines.
Tic Tac Toe
A game of the traditional Tic Tac Toe with difficulty levels and scoring!
October 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

3d screen saver
A host of 3d shapes and designs in this great graphics tutorial.
Castle Game
Can you get out of the castle? Try this game and find out!
Intro to C++
Well done and easy to understand tutorial for C++ newbies!
Measurement Converter
Convert Metrics to Standard and vice versa with these handy routines!
Olympics 2000 Logo Creator
Simple program shows you how to do basic graphics.
Recursive factorial function
Confused by recursion. This example shows you how to do it to calculate factorials.
September 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Cool graphics effects
Displays mesmerizing graphics on the screen, with accompanying water sound effect! Wow!
Make a Window without the MFC!
Don't want the overhead of MFC? Create windows the old fashioned way with this code!
A text editor created with MFC 4 with many more features than Notepad. Check it out!
Remote Control App
Learn how to connect to a remote computer via sockets using this example!
Guessing game with up to 2 players
TCP example
Learn how to send TCP packets with this example!
Text based Casino
A text based casino game--check it out!
Whois App
Get information on any name via WHOIS with this cool code!
August 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Get info on any window like size, color, and messages sent. Handy!
Calculate Pi to 10,000 Digits
The holy grail of all computing--compute PI to way more digits than you'll ever need! Cool!
Common C++ Pitfalls
Don't fall prey to the common C++ traps outlined here--a handy reference for every programmer!8
Direct X Flight Simulator
Learn the basics of 3d manipulation with this great code!
Tic-Tac-Toe v2.0
A text based tic-tac-toe game based on a previous winner. Great for C/C++ newbies!
Titanic Effects
Watch Out!! Here comes TITANIC on ur pc.This program created using c++ has animation as well as sound effects of the ship Titanic.
July 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

3D Space Simulator
Fly through space with this great start on a new game or action screen!
Bricks Game
Learn how to move objects on the screen and block them with this great game that includes sound!
C vs. C++
Article explores which you should learn first--C or C++.
Electronic Piano
Play and even record songs with this code!
Linux Source Code?
A parody of linux. Funny!
MP3 Info
Catalog your MP3's with this code! Loads general MP3 info such as Bitrate and frequency, ID3v1.1 tag and lyrics v2.0 tag.
Newbies, reboot the PC with just a few lines of code!
SystemTray implementation
Yes! An alternative system tray implementation for alternative windows shells! Check it out!
June 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Beginners C++ - Lesson 2: Variables, math and booleans
Learn how to do math as well as manipulate variables and create booleans with this easy to understand tutorial.
C Tic Tac Toe
The timeless game implemented with mutiple difficulty levels as well as 2 player or vs. computer modes!
C++ API Spy
Get all the info on any window on your desktop with this cool API spy program!
The classic game of Connect 4--'Pretty sneaky sis!' ;)
Fire Effect
Imitates the appearance of fire on the screen!
Intro To C++ classes, operator overloading and inheritance
Are you learning C++ for the first time and feeling a little intimidated? Well, fear no longer, this tutorial will have you creating classes and more in no time!
MP3 Encoder
Take your favorite CD audio tracks or WAV files and shrink them to MP3 format using this really cool code!
The Game of Life
Play the game of life with this graphical implementation! Demonstrates double-buffering, window clipping regions, bitmap buttons and more!
May 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Calculate Pi
This code calculates an estimated value of Pi using the Leibnitz series--to achieve a very accurate result!
Fake Novell Login
Newbies! Learn how to work with files with this solid example.
LED Display
Control an LED via your computer's parrallel port!
MP3 Decoder
Demonstrates how MPEG-Layer 3 (MP3) files are read by programs like WinAmp and Windows Media Player! Check it out!
Pointers Tutorial
Confused by pointers? You don't need to be! Check out this fantastic tutorial!
April 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Auto WallPaper Photo Show
Why pay for a program to cycle pictures on your desktop wallpaper when this code shows you exactly how to do it?
Beginner's Profile Creator
Just starting in C++? This code shows you the basics of text file writing.
ICQ Pager
This fun code actually sends a message to an ICQ Pager!
Nibbles Clone
Snaker is a recreation of the classic QBasic game Nibbles--with a few new twists!
Particle Engine
Create a 2-d particle engine that keeps track of particle count, wind and gravity! Cool!
March 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Bitmap Creator
This is a program that models paint for creating bitmaps. Lots of great features--check it out!
Black Jack Class
Class shows you how to create a black jack program using a 52 card deck
Want to add encryption to your app? This program shows you how, using the CryptoAPI!
Internet Connection Detection
This handy code checks if the user is connected to the Internet!
February 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

C++ OO Database
An fantastic collection of C++ classes used to build portable database applications!
CHTTPSocket class
Retrieve web pages, even through a proxy server. Awesome!
Reset/Restart Windows Computer
This program can reboot Windows 95/98 and NT. Check it out!
January 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A Better Random Number Generator
Blows away the standard random number generator. A must see!
Creating a simple menu
Great code for the beginner! Show how to create both a dialog box menu and a right click context menu
Farenheit to Celsius Conversion
A handy little snippet. Converts Farenheit and Celsius temperatures.
Timer Madness
A great program that shows you how to use timers in your Windows app.
November 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Detect OS
This handy routine does a fantastic job of capturing all of the different OS possibilites.
Mailbox Reader
Monitor your POP3 Mail account with this cool cod!
Shareware registration program
A great network based shareware registration scheme!
The Game Of Life(one dimensional)
Play the classic game of life
Web Server
Wow! This web server is a great substitue for IIS and Apache when you are running Windows 95/98!


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