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Bit_finder The code searches whether any bit in a integer is switched ON(1) or OFF(0). The search is only limited to the 7th bit of the given integer and the (BITWISE & operator )is used to find it.I have included a read-me file in the zip. Please read it as i have explained the code there.
Status_Checker(Floppy_Disk)-by invoking int86(13,&inregs;,&outregs;).... The code checks the status of the floppy drive by calling interrupt number 13 through the int86() function. I have included a read-me file in the zip .Please read it as i have explained the code there and a short note on interrupts too.
tokenize quotes algorithm written in C A simple algorithm, that tokenizes a string of characters, skipping items that are in quotes. Written in C
tokenize algorithm written in C It is a simple algorithm, that tokenizes a string of characters. Very similar to strtok.
Jek Slot Machine Slot Machine Enough Said!
J-Calculator Simple program made for newbies, diplays ways to make a simple calculator.
Character Finder X Finds and displays characters according to the number entered by the user.
quadratic equations This program solves quadratic equations. It even solves problems with a negative square root. Also it shows the steps.
[[[ Basic Calculator ]]] This is the first program i made on Visual c++. Im a newb at c++ so be nice on me. Please leave comments and vote if you like it.
Attach a console to a window Learn how to quickly attach a console to a window for instant output and feedback. Console apps trivialize the ability to output text data in a fast efficient manner. Displaying diagnostic data in a windowed application is not so trivial or straight forward. Have you ever wanted instantaneous feedback on a variable or state in your windowed program at run-time? One solution is to "attach" a console to your window. Through this attached console, your window can conveniently output information. The WinProg source below does just that. WinProg allocates a console window in WM_CREATE. It is through this console that WinProg can communicate what messages are being sent to it. The example below handles various messages in the window handler and then outputs them to the console. By retrieving a HANDLE from my CreateOutputConsole() function, you can then display whatever data you wish with a simple printf-like function - ConPrintf(). Just pass the HANDLE to the console, the size of the output buffer (big enough to accommodate the format string and the optional variables), the format string i.e.("Data: %d") etc...and the optional arguments (if any). Very similar to printf().
Recursive Selection Sort Example of a selection sort using recursion
Windows Security glitch in XP\2000\NT allows anonymous spamming Eliminate this spam bug.
Palindrome checker This program checks a string to see if it is a palindrome, ignoring spaces and punctuation, though it does not ignore case. The subsidiary functions are written so that they can be pulled out and used with little to no modification in other programs needing that capability. These include a function for determining the size of a string stored in a char array, one to remove everything except letters, and another to determine if a given string is a palindrome.
OpenGl Tile Engine This is a basic Tile Engine written in OpenGL. It renders a basic grassy map and the main character. This is very basic; it will be a game soon. At the moment, it runs at about 400 FPS on my 2.0GHz with a GeForce 4 MX 460. Have fun - and happy game programming!
Get application path returns the directory your app resides in.
AUTORUN WINDOWS This is a console autorun program. it shows you how to get the directory from a file path. and to launch current directory. without a console window
Statistics Does a whole bunch of neat Statistics stuff: Median, mode, sorting a list, sample variation, deviation, etc. AWESOME!
Grade Point Average Version 1 Gives the GPA of a student....
square root This code uses Newton - raphson method to know the square root of any number in quick time
Cool Effect with StretchBLT This is a real cool effect with stretchBLT I figured out. I just Applied math to it using Cos Sin, the result was pretty nifty.

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