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Master Assembly Script( MAS ) Beta


Submitted on: 3/4/2002 3:22:03 AM
By: Jared Bruni  
Level: Advanced
User Rating: By 14 Users
Compatibility:Microsoft Visual C++

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(About the author)
     Mas Release 1, MasterX SDK 2.2, MVX with MAS, and a Mas Demo

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Master Assembly Script (MAS)

Mas is a scripting language designed for use in video game programming. It is meant to allow aspects of the game to be scripted rather then hard coded so they can be changed without the actual executable being changed. It is a simple scripting language and in its first ful release has very limited functionality.

A mas program is simple, and is layed out as follows

    mas ProgramName {
        var {
        var& variable ; comment var& means long integer
        var# float ; means floating point 
        var$ string ; means string variable

begin { start: mov variable, 0 jmp start ; jump to start code label }
Mas is similar to assembly language, in that you use code labels, do compares, and then use instructions to jump based on the flags register. However there are no registers and the instructions directly operate on variables.


Mas Demo
MasterX SDK with Mas (2.2)
MVX Game Engine with Mas

Instruction List

mov - takes 2 operands
mov source,from
cls - takes 1 operand
cls 0
println takes 1 operand
println variable
input takes 1 operand
input variable
return takes 1 operand
return 0
cmp takes 2 operands
cmp variable1,variable2
jmp takes 1 operand
jmp label
jne takes 1 operand
jne label
jg takes 1 operand
jg label
jl takes 1 operand
jl label
jge takes 1 operand
jge label
jle takes 1 operand
jle label
pause takes 1 operand
pause 0
inc takes 1 operand
inc variable
dec takes 1 operand
dec variable
add takes 2 operands
add var1 , var2
sub takes 2 operands
sub var1, var2
mul takes 2 operands
mul var1, var2
div takes 2 operands
div var1, var2
finc takes 1 operand
finc variable
fdec takes 1 operand
fdec varaible
fadd takes 2 operands
fadd var1, var2
fsub takes 2 operands
fsub var1, var2
fmul takes 2 operands
fmul var1, var2
fdiv takes 2 operands
fdiv var1, var2
int takes 1 operand
int interupt number for callback
push takes 1 operand
push variable to push into stack
pop takes 1 operand
pop variable to pop off of stack

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Other User Comments
3/4/2002 11:46:25 AM:Thushar
hanx for this fine peace of code
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3/4/2002 1:31:18 PM:Dan Anderson
I just had one question. Do you think an MAS script file could be compiled to a ready to run file? Sort of like how Java has byte code .class files. Just a thought
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3/4/2002 3:43:55 PM:Lee Trager
tight code. you should try maken ur own lang ;)
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3/4/2002 5:18:21 PM:Jared Bruni
the first version of MAS I had a bytecode like java, but for the second version I decided to just have it interpet the script as is.
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