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Article concerning the CIS41 Emulator / Assembler / IDE Package


Submitted on: 3/12/2001 5:09:54 AM
By: Jared Bruni  
Level: Advanced
User Rating: By 16 Users
Compatibility:Microsoft Visual C++

Users have accessed this article 5425 times.

(About the author)
     In depth explanation, as well as ability to download. Source codes contain, Platform SDK using Win32 Interfaces, incorperating graphics into interfaces, using mouse moves, customized buttons, command line dos application (for the assembler which contains a awesome string algorithm to translate the mnemoics) a algorithm to process the binary (hex for shortand) that the assembler outputs and a standard notepad wanna be to execute the assembler (so you dont gotta use the commandline). and MORE!!!<br> <b> Features </b><br><br> - 15 Instructions <br> - Error Checking, tells you the line of the error and what error it is. <br> - Translates to .8xe <br> - Emulator runs .8xe <br> - Emulator allows full execution and records what it changes.<br> - Emulator allows step by step execution, as if you were debugging.<br> - Emulator contains memory map<br> - Emulator contains register map<br> - Emulator allows process of single machine instruction<br> - Comes with 7 Source codes with assembled .8xe files<br><br> <b> CIS41 Emulation of Simulation (my friend whos a software enginer says that this is a more propper name)</b><Br><br> This application is intended to help you learn assembly, binary , hex, and the most basic concepts of binary assembly language. This is something Im learning in school , it is just about a exact replica of the teachers simple fake machine language example. Update: Fixed bugs in code editor, and in the masasmx (for the inc instruction) , newer versions of the source now avialable. -Jared Bruni

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Cosumnes River CIS41 - Simple Machine Language - Assembler/IDE/Emulator
What Is CIS 41 - Emulator ?

*Note*: This program is currently beta if you find a bug Mail me

CIS41 stands for Compuer Information Science , 41 stands for the class number. Its a class I am taking at Cosumnes River College over here in Elk Grove. Well basicly heres the story in my class we were learning about machine langauges, and the teacher gave us a fake machine/assembly langauge. We had to use this langauge and do some problems implementing its concepts. To help me deeply understand these concepts, I thought I would make a tool that would allow me to practice. This is now being given to the school free of charge and for anyone else who wishes to use it.

Download The Program Here .

Download the Source Code Package (3 Programs total)
Get the source for the Emulator Here .
Download the newest source for the code editor Here . download the newest source for the assembler Here make sure you download all three, cause the programs work together

Screen Shots


- 15 Instructions
- Error Checking
- Translates to .8xe
- Emulator runs .8xe
- Emulator allows step by step execution
- Emulator contains memory map
- Emulator contains register map
- Emulator allows process of single machine instruction
- Comes with 7 Source codes with assembled .8xe files

How to use CIS 41 Emulator

CIS41 Emulator is broken up into 3 Programs, The command line assembler (masasmx.exe) the Quick Code Editor (CodeEdit.exe) , and then the Emulator (CPUEMU.EXE). Note, this is not a real true assembly language, it is only the bare bones of what a language would require. This is so that it is possible to be able to play around with the concepts, until it makes sense. I use this to help me memorize how to count in binary and hex. How it works: you simply use the CodeEditor, if all is successful it outputs a .8xe file. The CPU Emulator exe, will then run the .8xe file and let you debug it and mess around with it. The assembler can also be ran from the command line using the following syntax:

masasmx sourcefile.asm

The Simple Assembly Language Mnemoics

- Register Notation (0-F)

ax - stands for 0
bx - stands for 1
cx - stands for 2
dx - stands for 3
ex - stands for 4
fx - stands for 5
gx - stands for 6
hx - stands for 7
ix - stands for 8
jx - stands for 9
kx - stands for A
lx - stands for B
mx - stands for C
nx - stands for D
ox - stands for E
px - stands for F

- Instruction mnemoics

loadm (1RXY)

stands for load from memory (load from xy as address in ram)

loadm register,xy

load (2RXY)

stands for load constant value into register

load register,val

store (3RXY)

stands for store value from register into ram

store register,xy

mov (40AB)

stands for copy value from dest register into source register

mov source,dest

add (50AB)

stands for add values of the registers together and place new value in source

add source,dest

sub (60AB)

stands for subtract values of the registers together and place new value in source

sub source,dest

mul (70AB)

stands for multiply the values of the registers together, and palce new value in source

mul source,dest

div (80AB)

stands for divide the values of the registers together, and palce new value in source

div source,dest

inc (900R)

stands for increment the value in the register

inc ax

dec (A00R)

stands for decrement the value in the register

dec ax

or (B0AB)

stands for or the registers, and place the new value in source

or source,dest

xor (C0AB)

stands for exclusive or the registers, and place the new value in source

xor source,dest

and (D0AB)

stands for and the registers, and place the new value in source

and source,dest

rotate (E0AB)

stands for rotate left (rol) the pattern in register source by the amount in register dest

rotate source,dest

halt (F000)

stands for terminate application, required on all programs


Example of a Simple Program

; example written by jared bruni
; this program will load the registers with 2 values
; add the numbers together, and then store it in ram

load ax,F ; load register ax with value F
load bx,F ; load register bx with value F
add ax,bx ; add ax and bx, put value in ax
store ax,01 ; store value in register ax in memory address 01
halt ; stop execution

written by Jared Bruni

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Other User Comments
3/12/2001 11:35:30 PM:nim
extremely powerful and easy to use...i am a bit beyond hexadecimal and asm (assembly), i do enjoy these features: step by step execution, error checking capability, recording of any changes you make to the code... i do not visit psc very often, but this program reflects a very high intellect possessed by its author
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3/31/2001 9:24:32 PM:Jared Bruni
BTW the emu/interperator was designed to run at 1024x768
Keep the Planet clean! If this comment was disrespectful, please report it:

4/18/2001 7:45:17 PM:Jeff
I go to cosumnes, and I must say this is bad! We will get to use it in class, thanks Jared your the best!
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7/13/2001 6:09:37 PM:3D gamer
Hey this is cool. I havent seen anything else like it before keep up the sweet work!!
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7/23/2001 7:52:30 PM:Rhiannon
Do you think you will ever make another version of this with more features ?
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8/3/2001 5:10:01 PM:Jared Bruni
Possibly with some loop logic, flag registers, and a stack :)
Keep the Planet clean! If this comment was disrespectful, please report it:

9/18/2001 6:05:40 PM:Jared Bruni
"one two free four" - pink floyd
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