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ASP and Excel import to SQL
By wow1234 on Sep 18
Max Bid: $10

Serious Main Page Redesign
By passionatesac on Sep 18
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

jpeg validator resize program
By coderod on Sep 19
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Win2k drivers for Sony VAIO PCG-505TX
By hketola on Sep 18
Max Bid: $20

By Galexa1611 on Sep 18
Max Bid: $500

NTFS/FAT16/FAT3 2 file and directory manipulation
By NDawg on Sep 18
Max Bid: $75

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About Alan Jones

Name: Alan Jones 
  in Rocky Face, Georgia
United States
Seller Rating:  10 (Excellent)
(see 58 ratings)
Sign up date: Jan 2, 2003 4:46:05 PM EDT
Last Logged In:  Jul 23, 2003 10:30:45 AM EDT

Current Record:
Non-cancelled:  71 Bid Requests
Bids Accepted On:  71 Bid Requests
Work Accepted and Paid:  71 Bid Requests

Security Verifications:  Excellent
Completed verifications:

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'Non-action' Ratio:
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(Above Average - 30.56%)

This buyer did not select a coder on 22 out of 72 bid requests which is less non-actions than the average buyer (who does so on 48.86%). Private auctions are not counted in these stats.

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Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 5 Arbitrations)
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Rent A Coder Bid Request History
All ratings and comments are the opinion of the poster and do not reflect the official view of Rent A Coder.

Rated For Rated By Rating Rated On
  Auction Ad Creator [- softix -] None Given July 23, 2003 10:34:21 AM EDT
  Simple ASP Website Modifications Benjamin Herila 10
June 15, 2003 8:52:54 PM EDT
  Delphi Project Benjamin Herila 10
June 15, 2003 7:25:11 PM EDT
  Alan worked wonderfully on this project with me. He was a very positive buyer and we got what we needed to get done quickly and efficiently. I would accept a project from Alan without a second thought!
  For andyyy andyyy 10
June 3, 2003 5:34:28 PM EDT
  Provided all information needed. Great communication.
  insert logo andyyy 10
June 2, 2003 2:19:44 PM EDT
  Once again, great communication (quick replies to any questions) and quick payments!
  Bonus for andyyy on 6/2/2003 12:23:05 PM andyyy None Given June 2, 2003 12:25:28 PM EDT
  Access Image Extractor andyyy 10
June 2, 2003 9:04:03 AM EDT
  Alan accepted bid and escrowed money immediately. Great communication throughout project and paid immediately after work was finished. Great buyer!
  Change Text on Image Larry Williamson 10
June 2, 2003 8:48:02 AM EDT
  Awesome, A+ Thanks Alan!
  Edit Text In SWF mikesigouin 10
June 2, 2003 8:23:53 AM EDT
  Great communication. Will bid/work for this person again in the future. Thanks again!
  Program Modifications Mark Gohara 10
June 1, 2003 1:12:39 PM EDT
  Alan is an excellent buyer and wouldn't mind working for him again.
  ASP Fixes infoway None Given May 25, 2003 11:51:29 AM EDT
  Minor changes sourc3 None Given May 23, 2003 11:09:12 PM EDT
  Control Panel and PayPal Cart sourc3 10
May 23, 2003 10:17:16 PM EDT
  Great buyer to work with. I look forward to working with him again on a different project.
  Private auction for sourc3 on 5/16/2003 10:06:20 AM sourc3 10
May 20, 2003 11:59:24 AM EDT
  Again, Alan is probably one of the most reasonable buyers on RAC. Highly reccomended.
  Private auction for sourc3 on 5/14/2003 6:25:43 PM sourc3 10
May 20, 2003 11:58:19 AM EDT
  Superb buyer. Knows what he wants, he's reasonable with the timing and the price. I would like to work with him again. Highly reccomended.
  Windows XP Professional IIS Help Michael Kitis 10
May 14, 2003 2:21:24 PM EDT
  Alan is always great to work with, and has a clear vision of what he is looking for.
  URGENT QUICK VB FIX David Tuvin 10
May 11, 2003 10:51:18 AM EDT
  Alan provided me with information and suggestions to the project which improved the final product. Easy to work with!
  Image modification program Philipp Schumann 10
May 6, 2003 11:31:46 AM EDT
  I would like to thank Alan through this rating for his kind and supportive communication - it is indeed a pleasure to work with him.
  Secure Download after PayPal Payment Brooks Solutions 10
May 3, 2003 1:24:11 AM EDT
  very nice and fair personality and always supports developers to grow.
  Modify Previous ASP Project deeeepblue 10
May 1, 2003 4:32:31 PM EDT
  This was my second project with Alan. I really love working for RDJ Dalton. Very clear step-by-step outline is what I love most about the projects.
  URGENT- ADOBE ACROBAT 5 HELP Erica Ziegler-Roberts 10
April 25, 2003 6:19:06 PM EDT
  Very clear on what they needed and fast acceptance once problem was solved.
  Convert Quicktime into Flash Matthew Thompson 10
April 24, 2003 9:25:03 PM EDT
  Great working for alan again. Also he knew exactly what he wanted.
  Dreamweaver MX and Quicktime help Matthew Thompson 10
April 24, 2003 8:21:20 PM EDT
  Description was perfect would recommend for all coders.
  Website Banner Sergio Cossa 10
April 24, 2003 3:28:50 PM EDT
  This buyer knows well clearly what needs and causes that the work is easier and productive.
It will be a pleasure to work again for him!
  More Quicktime help visualflux 10
April 24, 2003 12:03:33 PM EDT
  This buyer knew what he wanted and was quick with payment and responses. I would definitely help again!
  Javascript Webpage Cephelo 10
April 23, 2003 8:15:26 PM EDT
  Knew what he wanted and accepted the completed work quickly! Would be glad to work for him again.
  CD Autostart file WayneWare Software 10
April 23, 2003 7:59:41 PM EDT
  Alan was great to work for. This was a simple 5 minute job and I look forward to the next time he needs some "real" work done :)
  File rename program Christopher Reason 10
April 22, 2003 11:34:26 PM EDT
  This buyer knows what he wants , is able to communicate those needs very accurately and he responded very quickly to questions.

I hope to work with you again soon Alan. Thanks!
  URGENT: ASP/DB Modify chandu None Given April 22, 2003 8:37:33 PM EDT
  Javascript Product Catalog deeeepblue 10
April 19, 2003 11:24:52 PM EDT
  enjoyed working with him.
  Test PayPal Payment Page php_wizz 10
April 18, 2003 5:35:28 PM EDT
  Well explained, great communications and a joy to work with. An excellent buyer! Highly recommended.
  Yahoo Auction Profit Calculator blainehilton 10
April 18, 2003 12:37:05 AM EDT
  PayPal and ASP help needed emersonsantos 10
April 14, 2003 3:02:58 PM EDT
  The buyer exceeded all my expectations and provided me with all the necessary information very quickly. He kept in contact with me every day. I recommend him to everyone who wants to work with a professional.
  Bonus for emersonsantos emersonsantos None Given April 14, 2003 1:36:34 PM EDT
  ASP Mail Form repair viraltrivedi 10
April 9, 2003 3:12:03 AM EDT
  Among the fastest buyer i have ever worked with. Clear cut specifications, fast communication and total cooperation-What else does a coder need?
Hope to work with him again soon...
  Picture Verifier,Deleter and Copier Dave 10
April 8, 2003 10:46:05 AM EDT
  This buyer was clear, to the point, and quick to respond to emails. A plesure to work with, and i look forward to the opertunity to work with him again.
  Simple email form Sarder Hasnut [Microsoft Certified Solution Developer] 10
April 7, 2003 11:52:31 PM EDT
  Create HTML Advertisement ATTRIBET 10
April 7, 2003 9:43:26 AM EDT
  It was a pleasure to work with Alan ! Keep it like this !
  Replace Code in HTML Files Cam Johnson 10
April 2, 2003 5:11:35 AM EDT
  Excellent buyer, great to work with.
  Private auction for GhQst on 3/31/2003 9:15:42 PM GhQst 10
March 31, 2003 11:06:05 PM EDT
  Great buyer! Very specific on what he wants and needs! Would enjoy working with him in the near future! Great pay, great attitude, great person! Highly recommended!!
  Make wesite more appealing GhQst 10
March 30, 2003 11:05:58 PM EDT
  Great buyer! Great communication, very reasonable and listens to coders ideas! Highly approved! I would do work with him again! Good luck with your business sir!
  Invalid JPG Photo Runtime Error timk98 None Given March 27, 2003 3:32:58 PM EDT
  Private auction for Michael Kitis on 3/26/2003 7:23:38 PM Michael Kitis 10
March 27, 2003 10:17:50 AM EDT
  Alan is a great guy to work with. Easy to communicate with; provides clear definition of work to be completed; realistic expectations.
  Private auction for GRLtechnology on 3/21/2003 12:03:11 AM GRLtechnology 10
March 26, 2003 9:18:03 AM EDT
  This was a great transaction, and we would gladly do business with Alan again.
  Access Information Michael Kitis 10
March 22, 2003 8:21:22 PM EDT
  Alan was a pleasure to work with. Prompt payment; clear communication. Would work with him again anytime.
  Access Database Email Program <FONT style='FONT-SIZE: 12pt; FONT-WEIGHT: bold; COLOR: red; BORDER-BOTTOM: black 2px solid'>Chris Irving</font> 10
March 21, 2003 11:25:32 AM EDT
  He is an outstanding buyer. He provided DETAILED requirements up front and is open to suggestions to make the products created better.
  Import External Data into Access Tim V. 10
March 13, 2003 9:21:23 PM EDT
  Timely responses to comments.
Thank you.
  Bonus for XpressWorx on 3/13/2003 2:13:06 PM XpressWorx None Given March 13, 2003 2:15:12 PM EDT
  Modify VB Program <FONT style='FONT-SIZE: 12pt; FONT-WEIGHT: bold; COLOR: red; BORDER-BOTTOM: black 2px solid'>Chris Irving</font> 10
March 10, 2003 8:50:20 AM EDT
  Alan is a pleasure to code for. He outlines what is required in an application before you start work and communication replies are usually within minutes! Would definatley work for him again!
  Modify Invoicing Program/Add Installer XpressWorx 10
March 9, 2003 11:12:46 PM EDT
  Alan is great to work with. He responds quickly, and clearly states what he wants. Would enjoy working with him again in the future
  Software Download Page sideoffice 10
March 4, 2003 10:38:48 AM EDT
  Great Buyer! Awsome to work with, excellent communication. Very dedicated and informative of what needs to be done, makes coding so much easier. I hope i get the priviledge of working on another project with you in the future!
  PayPal PhaseIIIb NHDyer None Given February 28, 2003 11:38:22 AM EDT
  Alterations to Invoice prog TamerK 10
February 24, 2003 1:37:31 PM EDT
  I hope everyone can work with such a kind person. I would recommend all coders to work with him, you will never lose.
  NEED ASAP!! Scale down and modify VB program GribFritz 10
February 23, 2003 4:55:36 PM EDT
  Spelled out exactly what he wanted by providing meaningful answers to my follow-up questions. It made my work easier, and provided a better finished product. Excellent buyer to work with.
  Update Company Logo Larry Williamson 10
February 22, 2003 9:01:36 PM EDT
  Create invoicing program /order forms TamerK 10
February 22, 2003 5:27:35 AM EDT
  I think some other words should be injected to the dictionary to clarify how perfect he is. Excellent communication, very brief and clear requirement, good skills on knowing and telling what he wants. And overall one more criteria that is ending nowadays in whole world...HONESTY.

I believe I can make dreams to come true with him.

Thanks Alan, it was a good job. I hope we work again.
  Extract Data From Web Pages SandySears 10
February 21, 2003 10:53:00 AM EDT
  Alan is great to work with! He can clearly define what he wants, and there is no delay in accepting work. A real pleasure!
  PayPal Phase IIIa NHDyer 10
February 20, 2003 11:18:11 PM EDT
  Always the entrepreneur, Alan has great business ideas and the motivation to get them right.

He always wants to hear input, and is very flexible. He is a great client for any coder to have.
  Simple Fix VB Program Marcos 10
February 17, 2003 11:05:15 AM EDT
  Excellent communication. It'd be great to work with him again.
  PayPal eCommerce Website - Phase II NHDyer 10
February 13, 2003 11:28:52 PM EDT
  Again, Alan is a pleasure to work with.

He is great client, and he really knows what he wants.

He encourages ideas and is always looking to try new things.

I really enjoy working with him.
  How to sell downloadable software via PayPal Louis-Charles Gagnon 10
February 13, 2003 7:38:18 PM EDT
  Awesome buyer, knows what he wants, great communication and fast payment. Would gladly do business with again!
  Simple VB Change rgaylog 10
February 12, 2003 5:32:48 PM EDT
  Once again this buyer was outstanding; he knew exactly what he wanted. I look forward to working with him again in the future.
  Changes to VB Script rgaylog 10
February 11, 2003 12:15:57 AM EDT
  This buyer knew exactly what he wanted. After a few preliminary questions I had enough information to develop exactly what he wanted. He was very quick to respond to my questions, it was a pleasure working with him.

I look forward to working with this buyer again.

  Bonus for extra work rgaylog None Given February 10, 2003 11:54:50 PM EDT
  Add Javascript to make pages work bemas 10
February 1, 2003 12:44:03 AM EDT
  Excellent buyer to work with, I would recommend working with him again.
  Bonus for Fast Service thomparkin None Given January 29, 2003 8:34:51 AM EDT
  Update PayPal Javascript Shopping Cart thomparkin 10
January 26, 2003 3:39:54 PM EDT
  Clear and precise requirements.
Knowledgeable and communicates well.
Highest degree of integrity.
A pleasure to work with this buyer.
  eBay Auction Template PamS 10
January 25, 2003 5:54:47 PM EDT
  Allan, RDJ Wholesale was an excellent client. Very easy to work with. Easy to communicate with. Would love working with him again sometime.
  Thank you PamS None Given January 25, 2003 5:47:50 PM EDT
  Database development NHDyer 10
January 24, 2003 2:30:39 AM EDT
  Excellent Buyer! Very friendly, and a good communicator. Honest and reliable. Would work with him again.
  Bonus for NHDyer on 1/23/2003 8:41:45 PM NHDyer None Given January 23, 2003 8:47:01 PM EDT
Average:   10.00
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