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Create a site like a scriptlance or RAC
By x-linux on Oct 8
Max Bid: $500

Flash and iframes
By RyanCom on Oct 8
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Private auction for Ashesh Bharadwaj (from SAM4HEL ...
By SAM4HELP on Oct 8
Max Bid: $20

Automated download of attachment from e-mail
By ATN on Oct 7
Max Bid: $200

Software Driven Web Page Login
By dhirschfeld on Oct 8
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Pull contacts from outlook to webpage
By ItsTheBox on Oct 8
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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Open Work Categories.
(176 open)
(65 open)
(109 open)
(9 open)
   SQL Server 
(81 open)
   Other DB 
(23 open)
Documentation / Tech Writing 
(32 open)
   Language (Human) Translations 
(5 open)
Data Entry 
(35 open)
Game Development 
(28 open)
Graphics / Art / Music 
(62 open)
(78 open)
     Adobe AfterEffects 
(13 open)
     Adobe Photoshop 
(37 open)
     Adobe Premiere 
(11 open)
     3d Animation 
(24 open)
   Art (Misc.) 
(22 open)
(10 open)
(7 open)
   3d Modeling 
(19 open)
Language Specific 
(125 open)
   Assembly / Machine language 
(16 open)
(80 open)
   ASP .NET 
(76 open)
(70 open)
   C++ / C 
(156 open)
   Carbon (Mac OS) 
(3 open)
   Cocoa / Obj-C 
(2 open)
   Cold Fusion 
(15 open)
(59 open)
(101 open)
(22 open)
(35 open)
(3 open)
(114 open)
(41 open)
   Visual Basic 
(157 open)
   Visual Basic .Net 
(108 open)
(81 open)
(54 open)
(6 open)
(7 open)
(37 open)
   Video Editing 
(7 open)
(39 open)
   Network Design 
(12 open)
   Network Implementation 
(11 open)
(74 open)
(199 open)
     MS Exchange 
(9 open)
     MS Office 
(19 open)
(10 open)
(2 open)
   Embedded Systems 
(3 open)
   Hand Held/PDA Programming 
(20 open)
   Internet Browser 
(55 open)
(62 open)
(38 open)
(16 open)
(33 open)
Testing / Quality Assurance 
(20 open)
(206 open)
   Page Design 
(121 open)
(63 open)
(21 open)
     Search Engine Optimization 
(20 open)
     Marketing (Other) 
(17 open)
   Web Services 
(90 open)
   Web (Other) 
(95 open)
(13 open)
   Computer Based 
(9 open)
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Affilate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1) How much do I get paid and for doing what?

    For every new buyer that you refer, we give you 1/3 of the profits!  This is more than any other site on the net!

   To prevent fraud, the profits are calculated when the project is completed and accepted by the buyer as complete.

   Please note that you are paid only for new buyers that are referred, and only for their first project on the site.  Affiliates will not be paid for projects from buyers who were already members of the site.

2) Exactly how much is the 1/3 split?

    On a typical $4000 open auction bid request, it comes to $130.  However the amount can vary depending on the bidding type of the bid request.  Click here for a
complete list of the entire commission schedule.

3) Will it cost me anything to become an affiliate?

    No! Becoming an affiliate is absolutely free!

4) How can I earn more as a super affiliate?

Once you have earned over $500 in affiliate fees, you are eligible to apply for the super affiliate program and earning a whopping 50% of the profits on your referrals! If you qualify and wish to become a super affiliate, simply
email the facilitator and notify them that you wish to do so. Your account will be evaluated and if everything is in order, you'll be on your way to earning even more money!

5) When and how do I get paid?

   All payments are handled in the same way that software coder payments are handled.  All credits accumulate in your account until the credit cutoff date of your choosing arrives (either the middle of the month, the end of the month or both). We then pay you that total within the following 7 days.  You can choose to have payments sent to you via a number of methods. Please see the
Payment Options Matrix in your Seller agreement for full details on the different payment methods.

6) Can non-US users use PayPal?

Yes, Pay Pal works in a number of non-US countries. For a complete list, as well as information on opening up an international account, see the
Pay Pal international account info page. Please note that Pay Pal will charge a money conversion fee to convert the funds from US to your local currency.

7) How does Rent A Coder track buyers to verify that I am properly credited?

    Every potential buyer who clicks on a link from your site is given a special cookie on their browser. When they post a bid request, the site looks for that cookie and flags them as a potential credit to your account (you'll receive an email notification every time this happens). When the bid request is completed, you are then sent another email telling you that your affiliate account was credited! It's that simple!

8) How do I track my incoming sales and profits?

    To estimate your profits, just go to the 'my pipeline' link in your account to see all the different bid requests and the phases that they are in.

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