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Car dealer integrated with ebay motors
By rozsa2 on Aug 13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Check Connector
By AL9045 on Aug 13
Max Bid: $15

Linux device driver + File System Modification + A ...
By ScalePort on Aug 13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Hide windows process
By lwinkenb on Aug 13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Short LiveMotion (Flash) Animation
By Mapper on Aug 13
Max Bid: $40

(Screen Shot)

Connection Pooling
By jeanpaul on Aug 13
Max Bid: $100

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About RogerWilco

Name: RogerWilco 
  in Savannah, Georgia
United States
Seller Rating:  10 (Excellent)
(see 67 ratings)
Sign up date: Aug 14, 2001 5:16:45 PM EDT
Last Logged In:  Aug 11, 2003 9:02:38 PM EDT

Current Record:
Non-cancelled:  105 Bid Requests
Bids Accepted On:  102 Bid Requests
Work Accepted and Paid:  96 Bid Requests

Security Verifications:  Excellent
Completed verifications:

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'Non-action' Ratio:
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Rent A Coder Bid Request History
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Rated For Rated By Rating Rated On
  Bonus for Codman on 8/11/2003 8:28:00 AM Codman None Given August 11, 2003 8:29:27 AM EDT
  Bonus for allymcfia on 8/7/2003 9:11:02 AM allymcfia None Given August 7, 2003 9:12:29 AM EDT
  Bonus for Srideep Prasad on 8/5/2003 12:04:35 PM Srideep Prasad None Given August 5, 2003 12:06:27 PM EDT
  Bonus for Codman on 8/2/2003 9:10:56 AM Codman None Given August 2, 2003 9:12:18 AM EDT
  Change Folder Permissions XP Srideep Prasad 10
August 2, 2003 2:40:26 AM EDT
  Was a pleasure to work with.Extremely clear with objectives
  Bonus for Codman on 7/29/2003 3:16:48 PM Codman None Given July 29, 2003 3:18:04 PM EDT
  Bonus for allymcfia on 7/29/2003 3:14:15 PM allymcfia None Given July 29, 2003 3:14:58 PM EDT
  Bonus for allymcfia on 7/28/2003 2:23:15 PM allymcfia None Given July 28, 2003 2:25:34 PM EDT
  Graphic Header allymcfia 10
July 17, 2003 9:08:26 AM EDT
  Great Worckin with yu Roger.
Would like to do future projects for you.

  Create 2 Icons allymcfia 10
July 15, 2003 5:09:26 PM EDT
  Thanx for being patient Roger.

Rogers a great buyer

Would like to worck with him on more projects
  Modify New Box allymcfia 10
July 15, 2003 2:57:22 PM EDT
  Hey! Roger its great to worck with you.

Looking forward to worckin with you again.
  Box Designer Needed allymcfia 10
July 15, 2003 1:35:10 AM EDT
  It is great to worck with Roger. He's been specific with his requirement and appreciates worck.
  Box Designs (2 boxes) Imagician 10
July 9, 2003 4:01:51 PM EDT
  I'm glad to be of service to this long time RAC Buyer. I would be proud to work for him again on future jobs.
  PHP Form Script tyleroar 10
July 6, 2003 3:44:18 PM EDT
  Bonus for Codman on 7/3/2003 5:50:56 PM Codman None Given July 3, 2003 5:51:45 PM EDT
  Extract from MSN 6.0 Messenger chrisindri 10
June 26, 2003 2:41:47 AM EDT
  Quick responses to e-mail. Great to work with. Would work with this buyer again.
  Bonus for chrisindri on 6/24/2003 5:00:33 PM chrisindri None Given June 24, 2003 5:01:58 PM EDT
  Paste to AIM using API Call Tony Cerra 10
May 22, 2003 11:51:13 AM EDT
  fast emails and very easy to work with.
  Remote Desktop Viewer (Repost) Chris Ashton 10
May 13, 2003 3:28:33 PM EDT
  RogerWilco was great to work with. He was patient as some of my initial ideas didn't pan out the way I thought they would. He also has a good grasp on technology so it is easy to explain what can and can be done, and communication with him was very effortless. The project was very interesting and a lot of fun. I'd be happy to do business with again!
  Bonus for Chris Ashton on 5/13/2003 12:11:25 PM Chris Ashton None Given May 13, 2003 1:58:25 PM EDT
  Send Picture By Winsock Without Saving Ashesh Bharadwaj 10
April 26, 2003 1:18:46 PM EDT
  He is very encouraging and supportive. It is great to work with him
  Bonus for StarChaser on 4/25/2003 12:27:26 PM StarChaser None Given April 25, 2003 12:28:52 PM EDT
  Bonus for StarChaser on 4/2/2003 10:42:11 PM StarChaser None Given April 2, 2003 10:43:28 PM EDT
  Dialog Control Needed Praveen Menon 10
April 1, 2003 11:00:25 PM EDT
  Great guy to work with. I will bid on any of his requests.
  Bonus for StarChaser on 4/1/2003 8:01:19 PM StarChaser None Given April 1, 2003 8:02:28 PM EDT
  Bonus for StarChaser on 3/31/2003 10:48:22 PM StarChaser None Given March 31, 2003 10:49:57 PM EDT
  Label Editor Program for TIFF Images StarChaser 10
March 31, 2003 8:02:32 PM EDT
  RogerWilco is seriously one of the best buyers on RAC! He is patient, helpful and good at explaining what he wants.

He is very professional and he paid for the project almost immediately. You could not ask for a better buyer! He really is excellent, and his great ratings prove it!

I would absolutely relish working with him again!
  Modify ASP Calendar - Repost vasomecola 10
March 31, 2003 8:54:42 AM EDT
  An excellent buyer to work with. He provided excellent description as to what he needed and I was able to take that and make a quick turn around on the project. I would recommend working with this buyer again.
  Artist Needed For Stick Figure People Tripurari Smith 10
March 30, 2003 8:54:41 PM EDT
  Warren was very clear about project specifications, and very helpful during the work phase. Very responsive and easy to communicate with; brought very rapid closure to the project when all was said and done. A pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with him again.
  PHP Script Needed Soroush Majd 10
March 13, 2003 4:27:28 AM EDT
  Knows exactly what they want and conveys this to you perfectly. I would gladly work for this person again.
  Graphics Design Examples bcartist None Given February 22, 2003 2:37:56 PM EDT
  FTP Server Houston McClung 10
February 4, 2003 11:39:20 PM EDT
  Understandable buyer. The project consisted of two parts, one of which was my code, the other of which was someone else's, the latter of which I had to make modifications to. There were bugs specific to the latter code, which took extra time to repair...RogerWilco was very understanding and supportive.

Recommend doing business with RogerWilco
  Logo Design for KidControl bcartist None Given February 3, 2003 12:47:37 PM EDT
  Logo Design for iambigbrother bcartist None Given January 31, 2003 6:30:55 PM EDT
  Software Box Graphic Design bcartist 10
January 31, 2003 5:34:51 PM EDT
  Thanks for the ongoing projects, it's been a pleasure working with you.
  Header for web page Logo bcartist 10
January 31, 2003 5:34:04 PM EDT
  Another project that went smoothly. Thanks again.
  KidControl Box Design bcartist 10
January 24, 2003 4:45:51 AM EDT
  Great to work with as usual.
  Graphics Modification Wi3Girls 10
January 3, 2003 10:07:19 AM EDT
  Roger was great as usual! A coder dream. If you have the change to work with this byer, don't think twice! Thanks again!
  Simple graphics modification 5 minute job Wi3Girls 10
January 1, 2003 10:24:51 PM EDT
  Roger was great, gave me straight orders and helped me when I was confused! I hope we can work again and again! Thanks for everything.
  Example Needed for using LVM_GETCOLUMN Aaron Young None Given December 31, 2002 9:26:42 AM EDT
  Retrieve Outlook Express Listview Contents Aaron Young 10
December 29, 2002 12:27:38 PM EDT
  Always a pleasure working with Warren, he's clear and prompt in his responses.
  Java VNC Viewer const 10
December 24, 2002 2:30:23 PM EDT
  Excellent buyer, great to work with. Thanks.
  Create ActiveX with existing VB FTP app Houston McClung 10
December 19, 2002 12:32:47 AM EDT
  Excellent client. Hopefully will do business again.

Coders, if you ever want someone who will let you know exactly what you want, use RogerWilco!
  Bonus for bcartist on 12/16/2002 1:42:54 PM bcartist None Given December 16, 2002 1:44:36 PM EDT
  Box Design bcartist 10
December 15, 2002 2:48:03 AM EDT
  CD Software Box Design bcartist 10
December 15, 2002 2:46:37 AM EDT
  Box Design I-Can-See-You bcartist 10
December 15, 2002 2:44:57 AM EDT
  Warren is an excellent person to work with.
  Redraw people heads in eps format bcartist 10
December 15, 2002 2:43:25 AM EDT
  Another good project. Thanks!
  Javascript Form validation Custom bemas 10
December 10, 2002 5:49:31 PM EDT
  Excellent buyer to work with. I would recommend working with him again.
  Help with VB ActiveX and passing params in web SmartCoders None Given December 7, 2002 4:37:41 PM EDT
  Help with VB App and XP User Accounts Anil Maurya 10
November 28, 2002 1:03:30 AM EDT
  He knows what he needs precisely and explains clearly.
  Modify Listview in MSConfig from VB App IntelliCoder 10
November 22, 2002 5:25:40 PM EDT
  The buyer answers fast to my questions and I am happy to work with him again.
  Graphics Header bcartist 10
November 14, 2002 9:15:04 PM EDT
  Box Image Design bcartist 10
November 14, 2002 9:14:31 PM EDT
  This is the 8th project I've done for this buyer, and every project has gone well. Thanks again!
  Assorted Clipart bcartist 10
November 12, 2002 7:34:14 PM EDT
  Redraw people heads from previous project bcartist 10
November 12, 2002 7:33:48 PM EDT
  Design CD Cover Front bcartist 10
November 8, 2002 8:11:31 PM EDT
  Another great project. Thanks again!
  100 Sets (18 each set) of human heads bcartist 10
October 31, 2002 5:21:48 PM EDT
  This project went well and was fun to work on! He is a good buyer to work with because he describes what he needs clearly, responds quickly to e-mails, and is friendly. I've done several projects for this buyer and hope to continue working with him.
  Graphics work - Animal Clipart bcartist 10
October 31, 2002 5:18:06 PM EDT
  Great once again.
  Graphics Artist Needed - Custom Animal Clipart bcartist 10
October 31, 2002 5:14:53 PM EDT
  Friendly and a great person to work with.
  Bonus for bcartist on 10/29/2002 3:37:58 PM bcartist None Given October 29, 2002 3:40:07 PM EDT
  Perl Script to receive variables posted idleswell 10
October 16, 2002 12:40:47 PM EDT
  He listened to my suggestions
-- even though we ultimately
couldn't use them.
Accepted my work promptly with
a bonus!
Is there a 10+ rating?
  Bonus for idleswell on 10/15/2002 11:26:39 PM idleswell None Given October 15, 2002 11:28:17 PM EDT
  Bonus for IntelliCoder on 10/11/2002 11:35:33 AM IntelliCoder None Given October 11, 2002 11:38:28 AM EDT
  Subclass Menu To Another Program IntelliCoder None Given October 11, 2002 11:34:07 AM EDT
  Need Software Box Images - Graphics iT Experts 10
September 23, 2002 12:28:04 AM EDT
  100% recommended by me...
It has been a pleasure working with him, knows what he wants and also open to suggestions...

Omar Ornelas
iT Experts
  Bonus for Nedani on 8/29/2002 4:34:00 PM Nedani 10
August 29, 2002 4:43:47 PM EDT
  You can trust his words. Again A+.
  Internet Cache Cleaner Nedani 10
August 29, 2002 4:42:20 PM EDT
  Good specs and fast payment. A+
  Graphics Work - Box and images Kaschif 10
May 14, 2002 2:45:41 PM EDT
  RogerWilco is One of the best buyers on RAC. Full understanding of the projects. Very good in communication and also very very helpful. I am really thankful to him for his trust on me. Thanks RogerWilco...
  Screen Capture Web ActiveX Sanpee None Given May 7, 2002 2:21:27 AM EDT
  Web Filtering Routines amit dey 10
May 5, 2002 5:54:38 PM EDT
  Graphics - Ad and retail box image Kaschif 10
May 2, 2002 11:53:25 PM EDT
  Always a dream to work with, dont even think twice if you get a chance to work for him..
  Bonus for Kaschif on 5/2/2002 9:00:14 PM Kaschif 10
May 2, 2002 11:52:07 PM EDT
  I could not ask for better....He is the Best...thanks again RogerWilco
  Retail Box Graphics Design Kaschif 10
April 24, 2002 3:52:58 PM EDT
  No doubt, he is the top buyer. QUICKEST in releasing funds. I am more tan happy to work for a nice person like him.
  Bonus for Kaschif on 4/24/2002 3:40:40 PM Kaschif 10
April 24, 2002 3:50:16 PM EDT
  He is the best..thanks
  Graphics Designer Needed - Draw small box images Kaschif 10
April 18, 2002 8:54:58 PM EDT
  Full understanding of the projects details, clear and accurate requirements, disponibility to receive suggestions, all for a good workflow and for better results on both of the parts ! This is RogerWilco :-)
  Capture Keystrokes Using GetAsyncKeyState Fblz No Limit 10
April 13, 2002 8:17:05 PM EDT
  Great person to work with! Replies fast and quick too. I recommend trusting him for any projects that you may have.
  Extract File Names from Winzip Window 4Oscar 10
April 5, 2002 10:38:04 AM EDT
  RogerWilco states clearly what he wants for the project and accepts bid and accepts work very quickly.

Nice working for you.

See you again. Thanks

Chris :)
*This is for Oscar(my son)*
  Get HD Serial With Javascript Trifon Triantafillidis 10
April 3, 2002 12:29:45 AM EDT
  It was a pleasure to work with Roger Wilco and I hope I will do projects for him in the future. He had a very clear idea of what he wanted and he was fast accepting the work.
  Fix Type-Mismatch Error In This Function Odyssey 10
April 1, 2002 5:14:03 AM EDT
  Filter Listview Items - Easy Job! Salac 10
March 16, 2002 6:09:18 AM EDT
  Very patient buyer.
  Detect Colors (Range) In Image Smart Pin 10
March 6, 2002 3:01:11 PM EDT
  Very very serious buyer. Prompt pay. This was the most serious project on RAC for us. RogerWilco know exactly what he wanted and he was very patient. We would gladly work for him in the future. Thank you for this project RogerWilco.
  Custom Common Dialog - Private Auction AJITH JOSE 10
February 28, 2002 1:19:28 PM EDT
  Block Internet Access Zensei 10
February 27, 2002 4:05:28 PM EDT
  This buyer must be one of the best. That is why I give him a rating of Excellent.
Fast turnarounds, knew exactly what he wanted. He had a nice attitude, and was patient through the whole period. I would love to work Tybeeware again! Thanks for the chanse to work with you!
  Update patch for ieripper roman831 None Given February 21, 2002 10:01:46 PM EDT
  Zip / Unzip Control - Phase One ryan_timmins 10
February 12, 2002 11:08:26 AM EDT
  Excellent buyer. Prompt payment, timely responses, patient and understanding with project timelines and requirements. I hope to work together again.
  Add Load/Save to label routine Aaron Young 10
February 4, 2002 10:30:40 PM EDT
  Another great opportunity to work with this buyer.

I Look forward to future projects.
  Print Avery Labels Aaron Young 10
February 4, 2002 5:15:15 PM EDT
  A Great buyer to work for, communication was clear and direct and payment was prompt.

Was a pleasure and I look forward to working with this buyer again.
  Modified Common Dialog Box VladSoft None Given January 29, 2002 7:06:40 PM EDT
  Toolbar For Internet Explorer (Like Google or Yahoo) Vivek Jishtu 10
November 30, 2001 10:02:30 PM EDT
  It was great working for him. Would definately like to work for him again.
  AOL 7 Extractor roman831 10
November 6, 2001 11:16:03 PM EDT
  RogerWilco made this project a pleasure to complete and his great communication habits enabled me to provide him with the quickest turnaround possible! I would love to work for him again!

Thanks RogerWilco!
  AOL 7.0 Text Extractor roman831 10
November 4, 2001 12:56:54 AM EDT
  Great to work with! I would recommend him to anyone!
  FileListBox Sorted By Time Of Files teleCODERS None Given November 2, 2001 6:14:43 PM EDT
  Screen Capture to JPG (No 3rd party controls) trtl369 None Given October 23, 2001 7:30:28 PM EDT
  Add Animation To baloon Hint Control Theo Kandiliotis None Given September 18, 2001 10:19:32 AM EDT
  Custom Baloon Hint ActiveX Theo Kandiliotis 10
September 15, 2001 11:23:50 AM EDT
  This is the second project I developed for this buyer, and I'm 100% pleased with our cooperation. He replies fast and knows what he wants. Thanks Lynne
  Wordart Label ActiveX Theo Kandiliotis 10
August 29, 2001 4:44:10 PM EDT
  Very understaning and patient person. His specifications are very accurate too.
Average:   10.00
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