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Website Help
By UKGameStorm on Jul 8
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

File Mover
By g3pb@ on Jul 8
Max Bid: $100

Create XP ish images for software program
By Jamie GGG on Jul 8
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Form Testing
By sh81 on Jul 8
Max Bid: $40

Happy birthday email
By Geir Kogstad on Jul 8
Max Bid: $25

Need Website Header Graphic
By vandamme on Jul 8
Max Bid: $50

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About idleswell

Top Coder Competition Ranking
# 115 of 47,040

Raw Score Total: 24,232.55
Name:  idleswell
(see 70 ratings)
  in Saint John, New Brunswick

Seller / Coder Rating:  9.74 (Excellent)
Sign up date:  Aug 3, 2002 11:13:34 PM EDT
Last Logged In:  Jul 8, 2003 2:04:34 PM EDT
Jobs Started:  93
Jobs Completed:  87
Missed Status Report
Warnings Issued:
Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 8 Arbitrations)
What is arbitration?

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Areas Of Expertise: 
Unix, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX,

Perl, CGI, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL

Idleswell Software Creations

Alan Idler,
President and Chief Software Architect

I am a highly experienced Unix guru and scripting expert.

M. Sc. (Computer Science), University of Victoria, 1989
B. Sc. (Computer Science), University of British Columbia, 1981

AREAS of EXPERIENCE (years in parenthesis)

SYSTEMS: Sun (16), Linux (1), HP 9000 (1), IBM PC (8), Macintosh (11)

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Solaris 8 (16), HP-UX 10.20 (1), Redhat 7.3.1 (1), AIX 4.1.3 (4), Windows NT 4.0 (5), Windows 95/98 (8)

LANGUAGES: Perl/CGI (9), MySQL (1), csh (16), sh/ksh (2), C (14), C++ (5), Java (3), HTML (1), JavaScript (1)

Top Coder Competition Raw Score
Average Job Size
Average Coder Rating
Number of Completed Jobs
Penalty for Missed Status Reports Warnings *
(0 warnings x 1000 penalty) = 0
  Raw Score Total: 24,233

* Penalty rule enacted on 10/8/2001 and applies only to warnings sent after that date.
Note: all top coder competition stats are only updated once a day between midnight and 1:00 EDT.
Rent A Coder Work History
All ratings and comments are the opinion of the poster and do not reflect the official view of Rent A Coder.

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  Private auction for idleswell on 6/26/2003 10:36:36 PM APIM None Given $36.00 July 1, 2003 8:09:50 AM EDT
  Great Code! Thanks again.
  Perl Htpasswd Auth & Archive Code idgcorp None Given $75.00 June 28, 2003 6:07:14 PM EDT
  Data harvesting - sorting APIM 9
$70.00 June 23, 2003 10:28:01 AM EDT
  Excellent PERL coder. Will defenitely use again.
  Karaoke Revisted bsshoomez None Given $32.00 June 21, 2003 2:25:09 PM EDT
  Simple hashing Cougar 10
$15.00 June 6, 2003 1:39:41 PM EDT
  Very fast and Excellent coder.
  File Repository Project Ian Ippolito (exhedra) None Given $215.00 June 4, 2003 8:55:11 PM EDT
  Canceled by mutual agreement.
  Private auction for idleswell on 5/19/2003 8:30:07 AM english 10
$25.00 June 2, 2003 8:32:41 AM EDT
  Idleswell did a great job with this private auction, finishing on time including good documentation and parameterization of the requested changes.
  Private auction for idleswell on 4/14/2003 3:03:01 AM dongni None Given $20.00 May 30, 2003 11:57:18 AM EDT
  Car Wash Simulation Car Wash Simulation 10
$20.00 May 29, 2003 9:24:24 PM EDT
  Great work! No problems at all. Lightning fast delivery.
  class rational numbers Jaytho1 None Given $12.00 May 22, 2003 5:44:56 PM EDT
  Bring up FTP server on Linux InProd 10
$10.00 May 16, 2003 12:42:42 PM EDT
  Very helpful. I was able to do exactly what I wanted with his help. I will certainly ask for him again in the future.
  Bonus for idleswell on 5/11/2003 12:07:52 PM english None Given $65.00 May 11, 2003 12:09:52 PM EDT
  TV Allowance Setup english 10
$35.00 May 11, 2003 12:07:39 PM EDT
  I feel bad that this coder probably underbid this project; it ended up taking him more time than planned, but his work is excellent and he was fine to work with. I gave him a bonus too.
  Program Using Subroutines Prez808 8
(Very Good)
$15.00 May 7, 2003 12:33:40 AM EDT
  Quality work! Very Professional.
  Automated monitoring system for Unix machines erda999fwg 10
$40.00 May 5, 2003 1:06:12 PM EDT
  Great coder. Extremely knowledgeable, helpful, curtious, professional, and patient. Would recommend to anyone.
  Perl Scripting Changes Ian Ippolito (RAC) None Given $149.00 April 24, 2003 2:04:21 PM EDT
  Both the buyer and the coder have agreed to call it off.
  unix project rani03 10
$13.00 April 22, 2003 6:34:17 PM EDT
  it was good work. price updater briandurham 10
$65.00 April 21, 2003 3:38:20 PM EDT
  Alan's a great coder - I highly recommend him and will ask him to work on projects for me again.
  project unix rani03 10
$13.00 April 19, 2003 10:57:04 PM EDT
  the coder was excellent......he provided perfect lab.......without any errors......he deserves rating of 20 not 10. completed prgm so fast i got in half day period.
  Karaoke bsshoomez 8
(Very Good)
$42.00 April 10, 2003 10:27:53 AM EDT
  he is a good coder and he providded comments in all of the files.

  Program upgrade again. BGreen 10
$40.00 April 9, 2003 9:09:43 PM EDT
  2 dimensional maze (C++ stack) trostycp 9
$20.00 April 6, 2003 4:08:39 PM EDT
  Absolutely professional and efficient.
  Upgrade for my program! BGreen 10
$40.00 April 3, 2003 9:38:57 AM EDT
  He did an excellent job. Recomended for anyone who need help on c++.
  mini web(for idleswell) Cougar 10
$32.00 April 2, 2003 4:51:22 PM EDT
  Excellent work
  Dynamic Quadrilaterals zxman1996 7
$23.00 April 1, 2003 11:52:15 PM EDT
  Great work. Problems with different compilers which wasn't the programmer's fault - yet still my project was delayed in being completed correctly. Overall still quite a strong recommendation
  Last one!! Chapt 9 JustifySoul@ None Given $15.00 March 23, 2003 10:59:57 AM EDT
  Perl Chapt 8/9 LAST ONES! JustifySoul@ 10
$30.00 March 17, 2003 10:11:29 PM EDT
  I'm kind of sorry to say that I will no longer be using this coder, but i'm happy to say that it is only because my class is done!! Thank you for all your hard work, and fantatic at that!
Have yourself a wonderful year!
I will never take this class again!!! ha!
  Me again! BGreen 9
$40.00 March 16, 2003 6:33:22 PM EDT
  Binary and LinkList again BGreen 10
$18.00 March 12, 2003 7:56:49 PM EDT
  Rename Linux Device Philip Pierce 10
$13.00 March 11, 2003 2:25:45 PM EDT
  Excellent help at diagnosising and providing a solution for my linux problem. I would not hesitate to use this coder again in the future. Great Job!
  Bonus for idleswell on 3/11/2003 2:21:14 PM Philip Pierce None Given $10.00 March 11, 2003 2:23:35 PM EDT
  Quadrilaterals zxman1996 10
$15.00 March 4, 2003 8:30:59 PM EDT
  Good coding and commenting. Got the work done quite promptly as well. Only a couple minor issues, which he was more than glad to resolve. Definitely recommended!
  PerlHW/Lab again! JustifySoul@ 10
$35.00 March 3, 2003 11:07:29 PM EDT
  C++ programming BGreen 10
$25.00 March 1, 2003 11:59:12 AM EDT
  Very good, I will recommend this coder for anyone who need on project on C++
  Perl Madlibs Program premster 10
$18.00 February 23, 2003 7:02:05 PM EDT
  An A+++ coder...Was extremely prompt in replying to questions/concerns...was very kind enough to reply to questions even on a holiday/weekend. Delivered code was excellent..exactly as specs & comments helped to understand code. Will definitely do further business & would reccomend business w/ this coder.
THANK YOU for your help.
  Chapt 7 Questions JustifySoul@ 10
$15.00 February 23, 2003 1:18:19 PM EDT
  Once again, fantastic work. And outstanding communication
  setting up co-reg nichols 10
$45.00 February 20, 2003 7:45:07 PM EDT
  True champion,
Worked with a 3rd party to ferret out the info we had no idea we needed.
  Here goes Another Lab JustifySoul@ 10
$17.00 February 19, 2003 3:09:45 PM EDT
  I had problems verifying some information in reference to my account with RaC and the trust between me and this coder has evolved so deeply that he waited to hear a response from me. As soon as i fixed the problem and had that sqaured away, he heard from me and my work was completed. Thank you again.
  HomeWork Program JustifySoul@ None Given $8.00 February 19, 2003 11:05:47 AM EDT
  Bonus for idleswell on 2/15/2003 10:40:05 AM JustifySoul@ None Given $15.00 February 18, 2003 11:18:15 PM EDT
  Download pictures from snapfish / ofoto vadim1 10
$60.00 February 18, 2003 4:51:02 PM EDT
  Good communication and final delivery
  Lab Due JustifySoul@ 10
$10.00 February 11, 2003 6:06:58 PM EDT
  Once again! Outstanding! Do you realize I like this GUY!
  Faassst File Parser michael_lugassy 10
$20.00 February 11, 2003 3:46:30 PM EDT
  Truly intelligent competent programming is a rare find. I have worked with many programmers on RAC and on various project. This one is
simply one of the best! Thank you!!
  Homework again! (He Gives TOo Much!) JustifySoul@ 10
$20.00 February 11, 2003 12:25:15 PM EDT
  Once again absolutely excellent!! He even coded the work for me less then what it was worth for his work. THANK YOU! There is nobody else that i trust for all my PERL Coding projects except for this person!
  Easy Programs/3 Of Them/Short!/One Notepad please JustifySoul@ 10
$10.00 February 4, 2003 6:56:54 PM EDT
  Once again, fast, and wonderful. I will always contact this coder for Perl programs. Thanks again.
  Monitor and email updated web page + attachments vadim1 10
$149.00 February 4, 2003 5:00:15 PM EDT
  Very knowledgeable and responsive.
  Five Short Programs/W/NotePad JustifySoul@ 10
$10.00 February 1, 2003 9:18:04 PM EDT
  This person was very professional and helped by even explaining what he did for me in the programs as well. He showed extreme confidence in his work and even though this was Homework for school he helped me as if i were his client. I'm making a private bid to this coder because he was so great.
  StormPost software created by Skylist TPworks 10
$165.00 January 22, 2003 3:27:55 PM EDT
  Private auction for idleswell on 1/17/2003 2:46:06 AM coolproj None Given $20.00 January 20, 2003 2:26:20 PM EDT
  Private auction for idleswell on 1/7/2003 11:13:50 AM fleur 10
$25.00 January 20, 2003 1:55:39 PM EDT
  Really helpful as usual, hope to do more business with him in the future.
  Need Small Script created hrmcorp 10
$60.00 January 16, 2003 4:57:39 PM EDT
  Excellent Work! He did a very thorough job explaining the functionality of the script to us once it was created.

We're very pleased.
  chess programming using C++ fazrihan None Given $15.00 January 16, 2003 4:00:25 PM EDT
  Linux Tutor wpete 10
$115.00 January 16, 2003 1:48:29 PM EDT
  Alan is a top notch coder and delivers everything he promises.Great person to hire.
  Perl Assignment fleur 9
$20.00 December 18, 2002 1:10:27 PM EDT
  Very willing to help, a nice guy!
  extract info from htm file using perl regular expression central-coder 10
$15.00 December 12, 2002 11:00:20 AM EDT
  very nice coder with fast delivery
  Yahtzee in C++ Ian Ippolito (RAC) None Given $20.00 December 11, 2002 1:42:08 PM EDT
  Project was closed out prematurely. Buyer accepted 70% of the work.
  Yahtzee in C++ Garry Craig None Given $20.00 December 10, 2002 9:00:48 PM EDT
  Private auction for idleswell on 12/3/2002 4:49:36 PM Need Good help 10
$25.00 December 10, 2002 6:51:47 AM EDT
  Run-length coding C++ coders 7
$20.00 December 10, 2002 2:12:25 AM EDT
  C++ Homework, Dungeon Game ChahlieBink 10
$20.00 December 6, 2002 9:48:03 PM EDT
  Fine work, got in done by the deadline, no complaints.
  C++ introductory assignment NA4 10
$13.00 December 5, 2002 4:38:04 PM EDT
  Work was outstanding!
It met all requirements, and was completed promptly within designated time frames.

I would recommend this individual to anyone who demands professional results.

  Bonus for idleswell on 11/20/2002 12:52:04 PM bootymcnugget None Given $15.00 November 20, 2002 12:55:03 PM EDT
  Would like to use your services again bootymcnugget 10
$50.00 November 20, 2002 12:51:57 PM EDT
  Excellent work. No problems at all. Was very flexible with late changes needed in assignment. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a project done on time and in good working order.
  C++ project blueonion 9
$32.00 November 19, 2002 11:19:44 PM EDT
  The coder was fast and precise with the coding, pleasure to work with.
  Unlimited Digit-Number ADT Bori 10
$12.00 November 15, 2002 10:53:56 AM EDT
  Idleswell did an excellent job keeping me up-to-date on the status of the job and his coding and documentation were top notch. I would definitely use this programmer again.
  Disjoint Set to keep track of connected cities Ken 10
$18.00 November 11, 2002 8:05:16 PM EDT
  Once again, I want to thank this coder for all his hard work. If you have a project that has to be done the way you want and before the due date, I would really recommend this coder. He will work hard to deliver what you asked for. He is very patient, and he is willing to explain any question you may have. Thanks!!!
  Programming with " Visual C" Mikeb 10
$10.00 November 7, 2002 9:10:55 PM EDT
  The coder was very prompt and reliable. He completed the work well before the due date and made sure that I was satisfied with the program. I would recommend him to others.
  C pointers packerfan19791979 10
$15.00 November 6, 2002 10:33:35 PM EDT
  Very efficient coder. Completed my request with great speed. I'd love to do business with this coder again.
  make file and file system manipulation rubz 10
$15.00 November 4, 2002 8:43:17 PM EDT
  six1 Need Good help 10
$50.00 November 2, 2002 9:59:12 PM EDT
  homework BigB4x2 10
$12.00 October 28, 2002 11:20:55 PM EDT
  He helped guide me though my program step by step and is an excellent coder. Thank you for all the great help.
  shell programming with unix and C/C++ rubz 10
$18.00 October 28, 2002 2:59:52 PM EDT
  hes good n i got my work done in time.
  Simple c++ Class BGreen 10
$10.00 October 27, 2002 1:17:38 AM EDT
  Outstanding work.Recommended.
  six Need Good help 10
$10.00 October 26, 2002 6:30:17 PM EDT
  Binary Heap Ken 10
$12.00 October 25, 2002 6:52:47 PM EDT
  If you are looking for a reliable coder who will deliver your program as you specified and before the due time, you are in the right place because this coder will assist you all the way until you are satisfied with your program. I really recommend this coder to anyone. A++
  Binary Search Tree Needed bootymcnugget 10
$25.00 October 21, 2002 2:18:05 AM EDT
  Lightning-fast work. Code performed exactly as needed. A must-hire for your projects.
  email program jonnyfolk 10
$20.00 October 20, 2002 2:22:19 AM EDT
  Work completed well within time frame. Help given on set up and use.
Highly recommended.
  Approach1 Need Good help 10
$20.00 October 18, 2002 10:52:16 PM EDT
  Private auction for idleswell on 10/14/2002 6:09:04 PM Need Good help 10
$15.00 October 17, 2002 9:54:37 PM EDT
  Great Work always willing to answer tough questions
  Bonus for idleswell on 10/15/2002 11:26:39 PM RogerWilco None Given $20.00 October 15, 2002 11:28:17 PM EDT
  Perl Script to receive variables posted RogerWilco 10
$15.00 October 15, 2002 11:25:57 PM EDT
  Idleswell did an excellent job on the script I needed well within the time frame and he commented and supported me as needed by helping me install the script. Great job!
  install squirrelmail (take 2) halcyon 10
$20.00 October 15, 2002 10:03:06 PM EDT
  Idleswell did an Excellent Job installing software on my webhost and did not give up when he ran into problems. There are many coders on RAC that need to emulate this very quality.
Highly recommended!!!!!!
  Ball Need Good help 10
$10.00 October 14, 2002 6:08:40 PM EDT
  Great job
  Pizza Shop thespoonman97 7
$15.00 October 7, 2002 12:28:51 AM EDT
  Considering the amount of time he was given, he did quite a good job.
Very easy to work with. Very personable.
  Binary search tree and a Hashing table. Ken 10
$8.00 October 6, 2002 6:27:09 PM EDT
  Excellent work!!! Thank you so much for your help. This coder works fast and will deliver your request before the due date exactly as you specified you your bid request.

A++ to this coder.
  c++ project elohmrow 10
$15.00 September 28, 2002 9:57:45 PM EDT
  He did a very nice job, was very patient, and helped me with changes that were not specified in the project description. Very professional and eager coder.
  ftp transfer script jonnyfolk 10
$15.00 September 12, 2002 4:39:42 PM EDT
  Very coherent explanation and plenty of peripheral advice thrown in.
A great educator (highly recommended)
  Bonus for idleswell on 9/5/2002 10:12:30 AM Cinco None Given $25.00 September 5, 2002 10:14:57 AM EDT
  Bonus for idleswell on 9/4/2002 1:03:31 PM Cinco None Given $25.00 September 4, 2002 1:05:27 PM EDT
  Check / Fix My Perl CGI Script Cinco 10
$25.00 August 18, 2002 5:19:21 PM EDT
  This coder is just awesome! He fixed my script, added the functions I wanted and now it runs just perfect. He is a great coder with great knowledge and easy to communicate with! If he gives you a bid, you should strongly consider giving your project to him !!!
Average:   9.74
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