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Bar Association Membership
By Tom Lewis on Sep 17
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

By pitkata on Sep 17
Max Bid: $30

php assignment
By SISSY on Sep 17
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

xsupplicant debugging
By Timda5390c4 on Sep 17
Max Bid: $35

* Live Support Solution Needed! *
By passionatesac on Sep 17
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Flash Slideshow
By seanne1 on Sep 17
Max Bid: $100

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About Anil Maurya

Rent A Coder Top Coder Competition Ranking
# 188 of 52,862

Raw Score Total: 17,849.99
Name:  Anil Maurya
(see 13 ratings)
  in Bangalore, Karnataka

Seller / Coder Rating:  10 (Excellent)
Sign up date:  Aug 21, 2002 3:57:59 AM EDT
Last Logged In:  Jul 26, 2003 6:39:18 AM EDT
Jobs Started:  19
Jobs Completed:  18
Missed Status Report
Warnings Issued:
Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 0 Arbitrations)
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Areas Of Expertise: 
C/C++, Windows programming using MFC/ATL, Internet Explorer/Outlook programming, Windows Security API, (C#, Managed C++,, Web Development, Database Applications (ORACLE, SQL Server, MS Access), Java applets, Java servlets, JDBC, Visual Basic, Oracle and PL/SQL,

Qualification : M. Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India
Software development Experience : over 15 years
Platforms : Windows
Databases : Oracle , SQL Server, MS-Access
Programming languages : C, C++, C#, VB,, Java
Technology : COM, ATL, MFC, Windows API, Oracle Call Interface, JDBC, ASP, JSP, Servlets, XML, SOAP

Rent A Coder Top Coder Competition Raw Score Calculation:
Anil Maurya's
Top Coder Competition Raw Score Calculation:

Raw Score: 17,849.99
Ranking: # 188 of 52,862

(Minimum of 3 projects on the site)
Excellent customer satisfaction
(Average rating at least 9)
Every job completed
(No rating below 4)
Average Job Size
Average Coder Rating
Number of Completed Jobs
Penalty for Missed Status Reports Warnings *
(0 warnings x 1000 penalty) = 0
  Raw Score Total: 17,850

* Penalty rule enacted on 10/8/2001 and applies only to warnings sent after that date.
Note: all top coder competition stats are only updated once a day between midnight and 1:00 EDT.
Rent A Coder Work History
All ratings and comments are the opinion of the poster and do not reflect the official view of Rent A Coder.

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  MS Project Assignment Help Invercauld 10
$120.00 May 26, 2003 1:14:39 AM EDT
  Good job.
  File transfer W2K service vio 10
$100.00 April 21, 2003 10:27:27 PM EDT
  This coder is good :) Deliver exactly what I want. I will use his service again.
  CodeBreakerGame Garry Craig None Given $35.00 April 20, 2003 8:53:45 AM EDT
  Active X Control that has register name and serials. and keygen based on a code key DeionG 10
$100.00 April 19, 2003 3:31:20 PM EDT
  did a fast job on this. and it works great. thanks.
  Private auction for Anil Maurya on 3/13/2003 11:57:49 AM cyberstar 10
$170.00 April 14, 2003 10:35:32 AM EDT
  He kept in touch with me throughout the project, and was willing to answer all of my questions. However, he is a great person to work with and I would recommend him to anyone in the future.
  Console control GregKing 10
$80.00 April 5, 2003 9:26:18 PM EDT
  Anil created the exact solution I was looking for.

He showed commitment and tenacity in overcoming technical dificulties within the project, an attitude I believe to be essential in this business.

I found the coder to be easy to work with and an excellent communicator.

I would recommend Anil without hesitation and fully intend to engage his services in the future.
  Files and Strings in C jjjrabbit 10
$20.00 April 4, 2003 5:46:27 PM EDT
  Great Work! Everything completed as asked.
  Java Servlet Project SincereUK 10
$150.00 April 3, 2003 7:27:37 PM EDT
  Provided excellent work and did exactly what I asked for
  Library use case diagram and class model Ninja786 None Given $45.00 March 23, 2003 11:27:25 PM EDT
  .dll and .ocx bulletproof installer David H None Given $60.00 March 22, 2003 1:47:47 AM EDT
  ommerce Service Jnn2001 10
$20.00 March 16, 2003 10:16:14 AM EDT
  He has delivered my project 2 days ahead of schedule and has constantly kept me updated.
  .Project cyberstar 10
$30.00 March 7, 2003 8:27:56 AM EDT
  He is an encellent coder. He always keeps you inform about the status of your project. In addition to that he always replies your email queries very efficiently. I recommend him to anyone who wants have their project done. I will definetely do business with him again.
  .NET Manged C++ Wrapper for VS6 C++ Classes bigAPE Development Ltd 10
$500.00 November 28, 2002 1:49:23 PM EDT
  Anil, and his team, provided a first class service from beginning to end. Working above and beyond the call every step of the way.
The project was VERY demanding and the resultant product was of a very high caliber even given the incredibly tight deadline.

I would not hesitate to recommend this company for future work and we look forward to working with them again in the future.
  Help with VB App and XP User Accounts RogerWilco 10
$80.00 November 13, 2002 3:08:41 PM EDT
  Anil did an excellent job on my project and provided examples of it in use along with full support. I strongly recommend him for any future projects. Thanks!
  Bonus for Anil Maurya on 11/13/2002 4:14:51 AM Naj None Given $100.00 November 13, 2002 4:36:35 AM EDT
  MS Windows NT4.0 Permissions (ACL) - Search and Replace Naj 10
$100.00 November 12, 2002 10:11:29 AM EDT
  Anil is a fantastic coder. He is knowledgeable, hard working, and extremely quick.

You can be rest assured that if you give Anil a project, HE WILL DELIVER! 100% reliable, 200% polite and efficient.

We will definitely be using Anil again for future development work.

An asset to any company.
  Bonus for Anil Maurya on 11/3/2002 2:32:24 PM OJSMail None Given $25.00 November 3, 2002 2:36:00 PM EDT
  New Default Mailto OJSMail 10
$50.00 November 1, 2002 3:53:58 PM EDT
  Anil did a great job on my project. He is very knowledgeable and performed to my exact specifications. He is a pleasure to work with.
Average:   10.00
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