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Latest Code Ticker for ASP/ VbScript.
Quick Messages
By Mat Baker on 8/18

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!ASP Chess Game open source project
By HarveySolutions on 8/18

(Screen Shot)

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Guestbook (Sign/View) Using MS Access
By Martin Smales on 8/18

(Screen Shot)

[ASP XML] Editable homepage
By M.Meijer on 8/16

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Export to Text File ver. 0.2
By Vladimir Grigorov on 8/16

(Screen Shot)

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Serial Communication ASP
By Muhamad Kamal on 8/15

(Screen Shot)

Calculating factorials
By Daniel Destro do Carmo on 8/14

Semi-Scientific Calculator
By Cole Brown on 8/14

A simple calculator using VBScript
By Cole Brown on 8/14

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All-Time Hall of Fame
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July 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Digger Solutions Intranet Open Source
An Active Server Pages intranet for client, project, task, timecard tracking and reporting as well as news, a calendar, a document repository, employee directory, discussion forum, and more!
HTTP File Commander
"HTTP File Commander" is a DHTML remote file management tool. The server side is an ASP based service. The client side is just Internet Explorer.
June 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Advanced Remote File Explorer
Updated 5/30/02: This is a web page that acts as a Remote File Explorer. It exactly replicates the functionality of Windows Explorer for your web server.
Business Directory 1.00b
This code is the business directory including company listing which allow user to add and manage there contact address by entering to the business directory.
May 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

GPS 1.3 Cydonia
With GPS, you can simply change the content of your homepage dynamically, without any technical knowledge. No FTP, no upload!
April 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Bottom Tabs
Nice example to simulate the tab control found at the bottom of popular programs such as visual Interdev and Front Page.
Online Database Editor
This will allow you to edit a collection of Access database's table data online.
Unlimited Depth Category Tree
An unlimited depth tree structure without the use of special objec...and done with simple SQL.
March 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A+ ASP File Navigation | view/delete/upload files... create/delete folders
This script utilizes a mix of server-side ASP and client-side vbscript to provide users with the capability to navigate the directory structure.
Blue Cherry Chat Final Version!!
The final version of this chat app. A total of 6 admin commands, 2 user commands, 18 configuration variables and an improved interface make this a unique ASP chat app.
WorkOrder System
Creates workorders for a IT center. Was designed spacifically for ISDN and T1 installations.
January 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ChatUp! - Chatsystem
I finally managed to program a real neat chat: - Communitysystem. You can register an account and access it with your password.
Online WYSIWYG Text Editor
Allows you to edit your documents online in a friendly MS Word(tm) like interface, on a fast loading javacsript and asp powered, easy to maninpulate and configure editor.
December 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ASP Tip: Simplify Your Database Query
I will introduce you a less known technique to access a database using ASP. Really simplified your development and saves your time much! Just Read on...
Bar Graph
An ASP bar graph. Easily customized and great examples.
November 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Absolute Project Manager
Absolute Project Manager organizes, prioritizes, and keeps track of any outstanding projects you may have.
Script and Code Snippet Library
Need a place to store all of those scripts and code snippets that you downloaded from planetsourcecode? Start your own library with this application.
October 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

DB Driven Treetable
Represent your information dynamically and show hierarchical information in a comfortable way with “Tree Table”.
DBmanager.asp : have all the control on your online data.
Stand-alone file that can manage all Access database through a browser.
September 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ASP Random Password Generator
Function that generates a random password of a specified or random length.
August 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Get page from server when user presses the back or forward button
Code which will allow you to get a fresh copy of a page even if the user presses the back or the forward button.
Web File/Directory Picker Dialog
This is a windows-like file/directory dialog that is a useful to any administrative script you create.
July 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ASP Code Generator
Allow asp developers to upload access databases online and build simple asp interfaces to interact with their data.
Supreme BBS(UPDATED 6/24/01)
Now As start of Admin UI, which allows edit/delete of users, posts, topics, settings. supports HOT Topics, supports lock/closed topics and more.
Web Site Admin.
This file lets you administrate your site. Includes function like Upload files, Copy or move files in folder, rename, and delete.
June 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ASP Calendar
WSoft Asp Calendar is a Component for use with ASP(Active Server Pages), that support "American" and "Brazilian" formats and fully-customizable.
May 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Form Based File Upload Using Pure ASP
This code will allow you to do form based file uploads.
Verifying Email Addresses the new way!
Learn one of the newly introduced methods which does not require the member to do anything except open the welcome letter when he/she signups!
April 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Dynamic Input Form
This code will allow you to build an input form "on the fly" from a more hardcoding or time consuming changes! Check it out!
Easy Forums
A fully functional message board system, with loads of features. Check it out!
Editable Treeview using XML data islands
Learn about the powerful features of XML data island within IE5. Shows how to perform data computations without additional return trips to the server and more!
Hier Menus From DataBase
Create good looking heirachial menus read from a database with this code!
Josh Edit v 1.0
Yes, this is like having a web-based visual interdev--this is a must see!
Message Box Generator
A handy wizard that lets you generate HTML-code for a VbScript MsgBox automatically!
Stream out your private MP3s to the universe with this cool code!
Outlook-like sliding menus
Creates an Outlook-like menu for navigation that uses the full height available for IE.
Positive Outlook
A fully functional intranet/internet database application complete with chat, message boards, email, contacts lists, project management, and more!
The ongoing Netscape Dilemma
Ever since the "official" end of the browser war, developers have had to ask themselves "to Netscape? Or not to Netscape." Here is an interesting opinion on the answer.
March 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ADO Data Shaping or Multiple SQL Select
Use the Microsoft Shape Command to speed up those slow multiple queries with this sample code!
An "Everlasting story" Site
Creates a story where the user can pick the outcome. Creative idea, which also demonstrates database access.
Calendar Componet
We're suckers for cool calendar controls. Here's one with a nice layout, easy to use properties and mouse-over colors.
Completely Reusable SQL Server/XML Generator !
A nice, simple way of grabbing the column details for all the user tables in a SQL Server database, and converting those details to XML.
JSRS Javascript Remote Scripting
Remote scripting is the basis for alot of the new ASP .Net feagrues. Learn how to update your page controls NOW, without updating the screen using this great code!
Newsletter Management beta 0.1
Wow, a nice first cut at a newsletter management site that includes adding new addresses to a mailing list (from your existing website) with just a small bit of javascript.
Send Outlook message from script
How to automatically send email via Outlook from a script!
February 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Bug Tracking System
A simple web based bug tracking system with search, sorting, login, administration of users, priorities, projects and statuses. Check it out!
DHTML Tab Control Simulation
Wow! Simulate a tab control in pure DHTML, using cascading stylesheets and!
Dynamic Favorites Function
This combination of ASP and Javascript allows yout to add any web page to the user's Favorite folder--without hard coding.
Dynamically Pass Form Variables through Forms
Don't hardcode your hidden form code, because it makes it a pain when you have to add or delete fields. Instead, use this handy code which does it all on the fly!
Edit and manipulate text files
A well documented example of reading and writing with the FileScriptingObject with major error handling. A great example.
Language Filter using Regular Expressions
Learn how to use Regular Expressions in VBScript/ASP, to weed out offensive languages on your web site postings.
Sorted Record Listing with Search v2.0
This code allows you to easily create lists of your data with pagination, sorting, and filtering. Includes a sample database, too!
Upload Files Without COM
Upload multiple files and fields without purchasing or registering COM objects. Great for shared hosts that frown upon 3rd Party com objects or charge an arm and a leg for them!
WhereAbouts Planner
Allows you to display and edit the location of you team and managers so you can display them on a web server. Useful as a tool and for learning how to pull from an Access Database.
January 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ASP Blackjack
Play the classic game of blackjack against the computer!
ASP Chat Version 2.0
Handy code for creating a chat room to increase interactivity on your site.
ASP Lesson #1 - Introduction
Learn what ASP is, and what to use it for in this easy to understand tutorial (part one of 3, currently. )
HTML TreeView
Simulate a Tree View (like the VB Control) in your html pages with this reusable code!
Lost Password
The article shows you how to adda a 'forgotten password' feature to your web site for the convenience of your users.
Mailing List Program
Learn the basics of ASP, and see how to implement a mailing list program with this instuctive code!
On Line Tetris
A great game written in client side VBScript.
December 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A Practical Guide to ASP Pages
No time to rummage through 1000-page thick books full of jokes & wisecracks? This is the right resource for you! Comprehensive and assumes no prior knowledge of ASP!
AnyPortal Site Manager
Administer your web site from anywhere in the world with AnyPortal Site Manager! View the directory structure of your web site and then add, change or delete files using only your Internet browser!
DB Drive Calendar System
Complete calendar system with scheduling! Nice!
Desiging Web Sites tutorial
Learn about the Internet, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS and DOM. This great tutorial requires no prior knowledge or experience!
File Upload Component for ASP Apps
Don't pay for that Upload Component! Now you can upload files from your ASP app for free with this great code!
Full Featured Discussion Forums
Add multiple Discussion Forums to your site with this code. Users can post and view messages in a threaded format. Another great post by Manas Tungare!
Guest Book
Shows the basics of an asp add that allows adding, searching the data base, display or hiding your email from public web pages and much more!
Mau's Web Forum
Version 2.0 of this code includes multiple replies, email notification and much more! Check it out!
Tic Tac Toe
The classic game recreated in ASp! Try to beat the computer at getting 3 Xs or Os in a row.
View/Start/Stop Services
Create a remote server administration app with this code that shows you how to administer services running on the web server.
WAP Mail
Send email using a WAP-enabled phone and Active Server Pages! Cutting edge and useful!
XML Message Board
The 3rd messge board winner of the month, shows how to implement one using XML/XSL. Check it out!
November 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ASP Example Code
The author included everything he thought was essential for new ASP programmers to learn...check it out!
Basic Authentication
How to use basic authentication on your web site...including access a database of user accounts. Check it out!
Database driven HTML grid
Learn how to access databases to create a component-based HTML grid using this code!
Quick Calendar Control
Creates a pop up calendar using vb and javascript! Very useful!
Text Field Validation
This code provides client-side text-field validation using VBscript and regular expressions
October 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

'Please Wait' while loading
Show a message while a slow-loading page is brough down, and then hide it with this code.
ASP Database Basics
Take your apps to the next level with database access and this great tutorial code to help you along!
Wow! A full featured ASP forum including email, posting and replies!
Table Coloring
Shows the principle of alternating table row colors and dynamic highlighting.
Tree Menu Based on Directories
Piazza shows you how to display your directories using DHTML.
September 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Advanced SQL Query Builder
Use this code to allow site visitor to do complex queries. Great for searches!
Basic Authentication
How to implement basic authentication w/o NTFS permissions. Cool!
Generic Databae Table
Display records from a database with paging, search and sort. Great code!
August 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Web Explorer
Browse your web server in Windows Explorer Fashion! A good tutorial on the file system object!
ASP Notepad
Windows Notepad has been moved from the desktop and is now in ASP!
Customize 404 Errors
Nothing spells professionalism like a custom 'page not found'. This article shows you how!
JBook 2.0
Complete site creates an app that allows the user to save their own scribbles and notes. Includes personalization features!
Online Photo Album
Create your own online photo album with this great tutorial!
Output via Active-X Dll
Speed up your ASP apps by changing out your response.write's with an ActiveX dll call--this tutorial shows you how!
Poll manager
Complete applications show you how to create your own custom polls!
Spell Checker via Java
Spell check on your web site via this free Java applet!
VBScipt Calendar Class
Creates a nice looking calendar control! Check it out!
VBScript to HTML Color Coder
Converts vbScript to HTML to show your code on web pages. Also provides features so that clicking on keywords will create a small pop-up window explaining some details about that keyword.
July 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ASP Date Picker
Need to give your user the ability to pick dates? Here's how!
Create A 'print' Button in Seconds!
Short code shows newbies how to create a print button. Check it out!
Dynamic Journal Application
Newbies, here is a complete ASP app from soup to nuts! Includes pages, forms and database integration.
Generic Database View and Sort
This code allows you to view and sort any SQL table! Handy!
Send HTML Email
How do you make your email HTML formatted? This code shows you how!
June 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Anonymous Mailer
A well laid out example of using CDONTS to send mail as well as a form posting back to itself to perform an action.
ASP Image Counter
Create sharp-looking graphical image counters in a variety of styles! This entry has it all...from ASP to VBScript...even a Visual Basic Active X .dll! A must see!
Automating Tasks with WSH
Need to schedule a process/task to run? ASP has many limitations in this regard...this article shows you how to convert that ASP script to WSH!
Display Databases Dynamically Using ADO 2.5
This tutorial presents a simple solution to the complex task of querying, sorting and displaying data!
Event Calendar Manager
A complete system to manage dates and events! Check it out!
Free for-all Links Page Demo
A great example for newbies--this engine allows anyone visiting your page to add a link!!. Includes both the input and output pages.
Monthly Calendar Database
Generates an HTML table/calendar based on the dates you supply. Cool!
SQL Query Test Page
If your ASP apps access databases, you inevitably get SQL errors when developing your code. This article demonstrates a solution--a SQL query testing tool!
May 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Complete Internet Shopping Cart
Takes you from soup to notes in creating a complete Internet web site!
Domain Redirect
Host multiple web sites on a single server using this code!
Fingertips GEO-Cities
Create your own geocities--give users the ability to create their own websites, upload files, full online web editor, etc!
My Login
Attention ASP newbies! Password protect any page with a custom login with this handy code!
Stealing Information from Another Web Page
Create your own meta-search engine or just read other pages, using this cool code!
Web-vite (e-vite ripoff)
Why use e-vite when you can roll your own customize code? Includes polling, graphing, 'invite a friend' and more!
XML Driven ASP Menu
Creates a pull-down menu on a page using server side XML!
April 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Counter and stats viewer
A small efficient counter with some advanced features. Check it out!
Newbie Help for Writing Files
Thorough code not only takes you through the basics of file writing, but also error trapping as well!
User's Favorite Links Scanner
This creative code retrieves the user's favorite's folder and allows the user to scan through all of them at 3 minutes intervals. Cool!
March 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

All Form.asp
Demonstrates all aspects of SQL and ASP necessary to handle forms and paging! Creates a mMulti-function form for basic navigation, table editing, and recordset paging.
ASP Forum
Create your own virtual community with this fully functional ASP Forum!
ASP Hit Counter
Don't recreate the wheel! This code does what every starting web master wants to do---create a hit counter!
ASP Search Engine
Scans directory and all subdirectories for a string and makes a file with the matches--search engine style! Check it out!
Increase the performance of your ASP apps by converting them to ActiveX COM Dll's with this cool program!
Classified Ads application
A 'soup to nuts' example on almost everything ASP: cookies, SQL, ADO, VbScript validation! A must see for newbies!
Handy function that fills a hole in the VBscript object model--converts strings to 'proper' case
Pure Cool Menu
Demostrates how you can easily create a cool menu using the default filters which are part of internet explorer.
Response.Redirect Improved
Handy ASP function uses Javascript to allow you to response.redirect even after text has been written to the browser!
Upload a file to your Web via HTTP
This code posts your .asp pages via HTTP post. You can use this automate posting--backing up your ASP projects, etc.!


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