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JavaASPChat Chat page using a Java Applet, linked with asp code via javascript
Event Log programming - retrieve all records from a LARGE EventLog This code shows how to retrieve all records from a large event log using WMI. It's easy to retrieve records from a small Event Log; however, you must use a sink function to handle large event logs, as shown in the code. Goto for more code and components
Socket Component based on Winsock, TCP/IP and client/server communication Client/server communication, automated telnet sessions, wake on lan, winsock communications using this easy to use component
EMail Component for SMTP mailservers Send email(s) to an SMTP server, to multiple recipients, with attachments etc. Easy to use, no IIS or MS SMTP service required!
Comport serial communications (modem, direct serial cable, or other comport communications) Comport communication via modem, direct serial cable or any other asynchronous connection. Set baudrate, hardware flow control, software flow control, parity etc. yourself
Outlook Mail Backup + HTML embedded images This tweak to Maxim Kazitov's "Outlook Mail Backup" adjusts the extracted HTML mail so the tags for embedded images point to the extracted attachments. "Outlook Mail Backup" is a CDO based program which exports Microsoft Outlook mail (not Outlook Express one) to XML based backup. By using HTML based mail viewer you can navigate through you backup and search mail by keywords. See:;=4 This tweak assumes the attachments are all imbedded images, and replaces them in order instead of matching up the actual Content-ID (CID). Hey, it works for me. Microsoft Outlook stores HTML mail in MHTML format. "MHTML builds on top of MIME to provide a more flexible communication of HTML documents. The message can include other linked documents in a MIME multipart/related body part. Links in the HTML to other included parts can be provided by CID (Content-ID) URLs or by any other type of URL. The linked body part is identified in its heading by either a Content-ID (linked to by CID URLs) or a Content-Location (linked to by any other type of URL)." Full source for the modified OutlookMail.js module is attached. The actual URL substitution code looks like this: saveHTMLBody:function(_path) { .. .. .. var html = new String(mailItem.HTMLBody); // EGH: Replace the name of each attachment with file name (i.e. embedded images) // html = html.replace(/src\=\"cid\:(.*?)\@.*?\"/ig, "src='$1'"); { for(var j=1; j<=mailItem.Attachments.Count; j++) { var a_name = mailItem.Attachments.Item(j).FileName; html = html.replace(/src\=\"cid\:(.*?)"/i, "src='" + a_name + "'", 1); } } mailItem.HTMLBody = html; // EGH: save revised HTML for XML and HTML output For the rest of the code, see the original article, "Outlook Mail Backup" at;=4
FormatColumns Function The purpose of this script is to format a comma-delimited string or a recordset from a database into columns, and truncate columns if the table runs too long. You can set the function to truncate or not, and supply a list of column numbers to truncate, if needed. The column headings/1st row will not be truncated. So the column headings will define the min length of the column
Download Counter v1.o I wouldn't really call this a tool, but more or less a really usefull sxript. These set of sxripts will allow you to keep track of how many times something from your site has been downloaded, and then allow you to spit the data back out onto your site (so you can show people how many times it's been taken).
Add Host Headers Add host headers to a web service instance from a text data source. Good for adding 50+ headers to web farms.
ASPError ASPError provides a convenient way of collecting and managing errors and assertions that may occur. Errors can be sent directly to the browser, to the web servers log or to a file on the server. There are a host of options available in the class.
Text-Slide-Show This code shows your specified text strings in a pre-determined intervals.
ASPCanvas ASPCanvas provides ASP programmers with a way of drawing graphics and charts. It requires no COM objects to be installed on the web server, it is purely ASP code. Images are generated as GIF's from the class directly, this class truly creates images on the fly!
UseFullPackage This is a big usefull package. It contains following:
1. Chat(Simple way to create a chat page)
2. Advanced Chat(Shows how to have more chat rooms[Max chatroom: endless])
3. Write(It simply writes hello[But advanced code needed so it don't overwrites the last text])
4. OverWrite(Simply OverWrites a new file with what ever you want)
5. Server(Shows how to change offline files from the server[code:1261 username:hhs])
6. Login(Very advanced login[Bad security level, newbie made because: every time the user enters a new page it checks if the users name and password exists in a file])
7. Session Login(Very good because of it don't check for the users password each time the user enters a new page and redirects false users, Advanced code but in small amounts)
8. Session Login With Cookie Support(Just like Session Login but with a cookie that counts how many times you have visited the page)
9. Download(Function not made buy me but changed a little bit bye me, it just showes a simple file[not done yeat]
10. Read(It just reads a simple file thats all[allmost like the download function])
11. Refresh(Just showes how to automatic refresh a site every 4 sec)

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Generic Advanced Combo This is a very useful function for users that wishes to use dynamic combo boxes, this function has the capability to be a standard combo box or the capability of appearing selected in the value we pass a value normal used in Edit Scripts.
Generic Combo This is a great basic function that I created when I was using Combo Boxes quite often.
Generic Time Format We have built our own version of Time Format, very similiar to DateTimeformat() from Microsoft, but much more powerful. Our function will be called Generic_TimeFormat().
DataGrid Class After playing with ASP .NET's Data Grid, I figured I'd create something similar for use with ASP. I've begun by creating the properties and methods to reproduce the most commonly used and useful features of .NET's data grid. Easy to run examples included. Updated 10/11!
Eclipse Eclipse is a web based source code management tool which i've designed for myself. I've uploaded Eclipse to PSCode with the thougth of being someone that needs something like Eclipse.
Message Box and End This is for the programmer to testing their source code.
Find Server Uptime This will find how long the computer has been running. I have tried it on three different computers, each one accurately displays the uptime. Please vote and leave comments. Thank you

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