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ASP Chess Game open source project

winzip icon
Submitted on: 8/18/2002 12:11:07 PM
By: HarveySolutions  
Level: Advanced
User Rating: By 6 Users
Compatibility:ASP (Active Server Pages)

Users have accessed this code 6382 times.

     Hi all, This another Chess Game, but this one is better, i mean the ASP structure. If you which to see a pro at work then look at this source ! Please read the README.TXT. I am looking for skilled people to work with me on this project, i have 6 other games to develop.

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    ' for :ASP Chess Game open source projec
    '     t
    Harvey Solution Division of Montreal Distribution enr.
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Other User Comments
8/19/2002 6:17:53 PM:Paul R. Richards
Hi Harvey, you ripped off my database 
design, but the rest is original...Good 
I'm working on a multiplayer 
internet "Magic the gathering" game, 
check it out 
the way, your graphics are much better 
than mine...
Keep the Planet clean! If this comment was disrespectful, please report it:

8/19/2002 6:35:26 PM:HarveySolutions
Hey Paul, you are right, :)
I was lazy 
to create one :)
thanks for giving me 
a boost !
I saw you site but nothing 
text. and i don't suggest you 
use activex as it a bit 
for people who don't know 
options but i admit it can 
work great.
Look at my framed design 
its efficient
and do not refresh the 
game page till
you a move is detected. 
By the way, you also did a nice job 
your chess game. a bit of useless 
but verry well structured.
like the way you told me i steel
database design :) I will for
sure put 
your in the about box as the
designer :)
PS: this will be a free 
internet game.
Keep the Planet clean! If this comment was disrespectful, please report it:

8/22/2002 12:22:11 AM:Paul R. Richards
Harvey -
  You're right!  I see you 
are doing a 
hessboard.asp');</script> when you 
detect a move...Very Slick!
  I bow 
down before your wisdom...I'm removing 
that ActiveX stuff...
Keep the Planet clean! If this comment was disrespectful, please report it:

8/24/2002 4:30:36 PM:Brooks Talley
It's definitely pretty slick, but the 
use of ADO objects in the source code 
is not very clean, and will lead to 
performance problems at the least and 
memory leaks at the 
Recordsets should always be 
explicitly created; the should be 
opened with the correct cursor and lock 
types, and they should be properly 
closed and destroyed.
More info: 
Still, a pretty nifty 
Keep the Planet clean! If this comment was disrespectful, please report it:

9/2/2002 5:16:07 AM:
We tried your codes in our server, it 
was nice.  Please email us of your next 
upgrade.  Especially when you have 
already debugged your queen and tower 
moves and capture accurately.  Best 
Keep the Planet clean! If this comment was disrespectful, please report it:

12/31/2002 9:27:42 AM:
I gave you 4 of 5 because it is a work 
in progress. Very nice code is why 4 
and not less. Graphics are great and 
once you know the start page you are 
all set.
Keep us updated!
Keep the Planet clean! If this comment was disrespectful, please report it:

1/6/2003 5:49:46 PM:Lettus
An AWEsome app! you could have kept the 
source code and launched a site. You 
Rock, dude.
Keep the Planet clean! If this comment was disrespectful, please report it:

11/14/2003 5:40:33 AM:
wow. great job. Thx U very much 
Keep the Planet clean! If this comment was disrespectful, please report it:

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