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Multiple Notepad
By Rusty Feathers on 3/27

By Tim Price on 3/26

By [seVen] on 3/26

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!High Speed Threaded Parser Class
By Bryan A Cairns on 3/25

(Screen Shot)

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Threaded HTTP Download With Progress
By Bryan A Cairns on 3/25

(Screen Shot)

Sample Data Application
By Jose Fuentes on 3/25

Simple Explorer
By Fredrik Schiller on 3/25

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!WinampSRCA
By Fredrik Schiller on 3/23

(Screen Shot)

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!VSEssentials 36 Powerfull Controls made in VB.net
By Bryan A Cairns on 3/23

(Screen Shot)

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For code submitted February 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Game Server Watcher
Class to enable you to show your game server details on a asp.net page or an win.forms application. Supports Halflife, Quake3, Call of Duty, Enermy Territory, Jedi Knight:Outcast, UT2004 Demo and a few more.
For code submitted January 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

DataEasy_VB: Connect to MS Access (.mdb) Files Easily using VB.Net
DataEasy_VB: is an application written in Visual Basic.Net (converted from the c# similar submission as some of you requested) which would allow the user to load any Microsoft Access file (file format '.mdb').
Web Browser / IE Clone
IE Clone – VB.Net This example application takes it to the next level and shows a lot of what can be done using the web browser control in VB.Net. It is a fairly good clone of IE
For code submitted December 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

FTP Server, HTTP Server and much more written in VB.Net
This download contains a base class and extended classes for multiple server types, the demos include HTTP Server, FTP Server, Time Server, Echo Server, Telnet Server, and a custom server.
GText *** NEW - V2.0 ***
G-Text is now a fully customizable, graphical text designer. Well, this thing is great for making text with wonderful effects that can go into a website or anything!
ScreenCapture.vb is a .Net class that allows you take a screenshot (printscreen) of the desktop, or part of it, or of the active window, or of any window you got the HWND from.
For code submitted November 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Website Explorer V2.0
This web based file manager is designed to allow developers to have access to their web server files over the internet.
WYSIWYG MessageBox and InputBox Builder
This is a WYSIWYG Messagebox and Inputbox builder complete with a Select Case option to catch which button was pushed. Code is auto formatted for easy reading with preview and editing ability. Note this is built in 2003 If you use it please vote :>)
For code submitted October 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ASP .NET (VB) Rich Text Box
This is a Rich Text Box for ASP .NET. You can copy information from a word document into it and it will keep the format and save it to a database for display on the web.
Easily add WinXP themes to your applications without manifest! Just 5 lines of code!!!
This is a very simple way of add WinXP themes to your applications! Tired of carrying arround unwanted manifest files??? well this uses only 5 lines of code ;)
For code submitted August 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

How Do I do it in ASP.NET?
This Tutorial Will Show You How TO implement the Following Using ASP. net: (7 in 1) Send E-mail With Attachment. UPLOAD A file to a Remote Server. Create a Graphical Counter....and more
SQL Server Database Control 2.0
SQL Server Database Control 2.0 (VB.NET Version) Here is a list of this control futures: 1. Login in to MS SQL Server 2. Backup, repair and restore databases...and more
For code submitted July 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Split and Merge Files
This program will split and merge any file(large size) with less time and can be merge in another system.
For code submitted June 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Net Remoting in Simple English (Really, it's that simple)
This article is meant to be a step by step guide to give its reader a gist of .Net Remoting.
Using MySQL with Visual Studio
If you're just wondering how to use MySQL with VS.NET or are having problems, give this a try.
For code submitted May 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ADO.NET Tutorial
This is part of the courseware I made for Volant Training LLC. It is meant for beginners.
For code submitted April 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Global Error Handler in VB.Net
I saw the earier example of a global error handler written in C#, but needed it written in VB for my company. I translated the earlier work into my version in VB.
Minesweeper, Behind the scenes
This article demonstrates directly reading another processes memory in C# using P/Invoke and Win32 Api's. Using the developed class I read Minesweeper memory.
For code submitted February 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Report abuse
This program is a result of slowly growing frustration with these people attacking my little web site.
Run Code from string
You can now save a whole class in a field of a table and call it and run it. This code will provide the answers of how to turn a string into code that runs.
For code submitted January 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Matrix Operations Library .NET
Library with ready functions for matrix manipulations (like addition, inverse, multiplication, etc…) to use in Visual Basic.
Multi-threaded Port Scanner
This is a simple multi-threaded port scanner programmed in VB.NET. It shows a way of connecting to a remote host via a specific port using VB.NET's free threading capabilities.
For code submitted December 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Complete IRC Client , Great!!
sIrc is a great IRC client!It's a large project and it is not yet complete but it already have many features and works great!
Task List Web Application
A multiuser web-based Task List application. Allows creation of multiple Task Lists, multiple users, and sharing of task lists between users. Shows a great example of development of an entire web application.
For code submitted November 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Tetris.NET (updated)
A Tetris game completely writen in VB.NET....I tried to make the code as Object Oriented as possible and full of comments.....So enjoy!!!
TreeView Interface (Drag and Drop; Add, Rename, and Delete Nodes; Save Tree to Database) (Updated)
The following program is an example of a Treeview interface. The example demonstrates how to program drag and drop; add, delete, and rename nodes; saving a tree to a database; and restoring a tree from a database.
For code submitted October 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Free Threading in VB.NET
An explanation of threading in VB.NET. This new exciting feature lets you FINALY execute code in an async fashion.
This simple application show 6 major Registry Calls,CreateKey,DeleteKey,DeleteKeyTree,SetValue,ReadValue,DeleteValue
Xp Style Menus-- From CoolMenus--Owner Drawn Menus (updated)
This contains a module called coolmenus. It Draws The Menus Very Similar To The Ones found in Office Xp and VS.net For those ppl who dont like those boring Windows Menus
For code submitted September 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ASP.NET Enterprise Manager
This is a web-based version of Enterprise Manager for SQL Server and MSDE.
For code submitted August 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

FileIcons (Updated Aug 15, 2002)
Get the associated icon of any file and store it in an ImageList. This class will fill a ListView with file names of a given path then assign the file name the icon that Windows uses as its associated icon.
Multiple Desktops
This application acts as an interface to have multiple desktops as it is in other commercial applications where you can swicth desktops (applications).
Orbiting Particles
This code creates up to 10 particles. Each particle has a random mass, initial speed, position, and initial direction. Each particle will then interact with the other particles on the screen and all will adjust positions, speed, and direction according to the gravitational forces affecting it.
For code submitted July 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Son Of Snoop On Steriods
SOSOS is a "computer inventory" utility designed to gather information about PCs and (optionally) record that data in a central database.
XML News Fetcher (RDF & RSS)
This is a XML news fetcher client written in Visual Basic.net.
For code submitted June 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Capture Screen
This code can make a picture from Screen. (API)
glass3d: 3d wine glass
It's a little 3D experiement with C# and GDI+. All I did was mixed in some trig, some drawing functions, and a little alpha-blending. And presto!
For code submitted May 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Extending The BrowseForFolder Class
Simply adding a few more options to the BrowseForFolder class
For code submitted April 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Tutorial: How Do I Do It In VB.NET??
This tutorial teaches syntax migration from VB6 to VB.NET with simple VB7/VB.NET comparison.
For code submitted March 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

_ A String manipulation example in VB.NET, EQUIVALENTS: Len, Mid, Replace, InStr, UCase, Split etc _
Using PURE VB.NET STRING MANIPULATION TEQNIQUES Commands and equivilents Len = .Length, Mid = .SubString, Replace = .Replace, InStr = .IndexOf, UCase = .ToUpper, LCase = .ToLower, Split = .Split, Join = .Join,
Learn VB .NET fast! -updated again-
Explains for beginners how to use classes in VB .NET. Includes shared methods, inheritance, overriding, events and more!
VB.NET Sockets Client Class
This code will let you use the power of .NETs System.Net.Sockets like the Winsock Control in Visual Basic 6.
For code submitted February 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Shaped Forms & Controls
Forms and Controls in Cool Shapes
Your First C# Programs
This tutorial will get you started with C# by introducing a few very simple programs.


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