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Easy Randomizer This Function returns a random number out of a given range
DownLoadNttAsp v1.0 It can show the list of downloading files on your webpage.
DownloadNttPhp v1.0 (using file search) You can make dynamic list for guests who visit your website to download files from your host.
GuestBookNTTPHP version 1.1 Allow guests who visit your website can sign their name and other information, comments for your website and for memory.
File Handler in VB.NET It Teaches You How to Easy it is from Reading and Writting into Files in VB.NET.
PHP Cookies Create your cookies on your website by using PHP source code.
Marquee this code controls the simple functions of the marquee operation, it gives you an option wether to choose a scrolling text marquee or a scrolling picture marquee.
File System Directory Walker (Recursive) The method walks a directory structure without recursion. Uses the Stack and ArrayList object found in System.Collections.
Step-by-step connection to SQLServer from ASP.Net Step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the SQL Server from ASP.Net. Instructions include lots of screen shots in the zip file
Cord 3d programming language A great new programming language by James, You can express a great deal of logic with little code as possible. It includes full source and article/tutorial explaning how to use it.
Convert 32 bit to 16 bit Convert a 32 bit number to a 16 bit number
Get the size of a file and convert to user-friendly string format Normally when you get the size of a file, the size will be returned in bytes. For large files this is quite user-unfriendly to read. E.g. a file size of 17972672 bytes will not really give good information to the user. Simply use this function anywhere in your code to convert the size in bytes to kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes automatically.
DataGrid to help beginners to understand datarow concept
Easy ShellExecute replacement without API calls With only a few lines of code you will be able to open any document with the associated executable file or, if no association present, you will be prompted to open the file with the program you choose. This can also be used to execute an executable file. No API calls used!
Panglish 0.1 Beta Converts Panglish (Persian written by English character based on their sounds) to Persian (Farsi). The program supports unicode as well as other fonts. It is compatible with Farsi supported Windows or not-supported. The performance is quite out standing. The best thing about it is that you don't need to learn new keyboard !!
Video Player .NET IDE Plugin This plug-in for VS.NET 2002+ displays a video screen and optional play list. You can watch videos and listen to music while programming. The video screen can be resized to your likes, and two pre-determined are available also. All tasks are accessed through context menus, one for the video screen, and one for the play list screen. You MUST have the DirectX 8 SDK for this to work. You will need to add a reference for Microsoft.DirectX and for Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback, if the reference is not already selected. If anyone knows how to make this window dock into the IDE environment, I would really appreciate it. Also, votes and comments are appreciated.
Showing icons/images on your toolbar (Bugfix for XP Style) This article will help you (hopefully) when you want to use icons on your toolbars using the XP style.
Default value for potential NULL objects This function makes it easy to prevent those annoying unexpected NULLs spoiling the run of your code.
isNumeric function in C# This function checks whether input string is numeric or not

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