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Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Bifurcation
By David Elizalde on 11/17

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easy Commandline
By Sokha RUN on 11/17

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Image Dimension
By Sokha RUN on 11/17

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Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Make uppercase or Lowercase
By Sokha RUN on 11/17

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HTMLSelect Required Field Validator (ASP.Net)
By Kevin Pirkl on 11/16

DropDown Validator ( ASP.Net)
By Kevin Pirkl on 11/16

CheckBox Validator (ASP.Net)
By Kevin Pirkl on 11/16

FlashFxp Password Decrypter
By H.-J. Pavelka on 11/16

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Make Your .Net Plug-Ins
By H-PROG on 11/16

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_ A String manipulation example in VB.NET, EQUIVALENTS: Len, Mid, Replace, InStr, UCase, Split etc _
by tHe_cLeanER
Language: .Net

A string manipulation example in VB.NET. Are ALL covered in the tutorial, using PURE VB.NET STRING MANIPULATION TEQNIQUES Commands and equivilents Len = .Length, Mid = .SubString, Replace = .Replace, InStr = .IndexOf, UCase = .ToUpper, LCase = .ToLower, Split = .Split, Join = .Join, Enjoy! tHe_cLeanER

Learn VB .NET fast! -updated again-
by Sahand
Language: .Net

What's new in VB .NET? How can I use Classes in VB .NET? What does a shared method do?What's the usage of inheritance? How can i override a sub? How can i add events to my classes? Find your answers here! Sample files now ready

Tutorial: How Do I Do It In VB.NET??
by Sean Dittmar
Language: .Net

This tutorial teaches syntax migration from VB6 to VB.NET with simple VB7/VB.NET comparison.

Quick tip on how to handle NULL in ADO.net
by Ian Ippolito (RAC)
Language: .Net

If you're an old ADO programmer, you may be frustrated by not knowing exactly how to check for NULL. Here's a 1 second tip on how to do it in ADO.NET.

MultiLingual Web Site in .Net - A Tutorial
by The VB Guru (Anup Jishnu)
Language: .Net

This is a Web Solution designed to teach all newcomers into the .Net field on how to incorporate Multi-language support into your Web Applications. The accompaining ZIP file contains the sample WebSolution with the DB design and a Word Document explaining in detals the steps for a Multilingual Web Site.

Programming graphics in visual basic.net
by matt squire
Language: .Net

This article explains how to use the new GDI+ system with vb.net, this is the replacement for the old graphic drawing functions with loads more features.

_ Beginners Listview LVW tutorial: Various difernt views, add items WITH ICONS, spreadsheet style! _
by tHe_cLeanER
Language: .Net

BEGINNER TREEVIEW TUTORIAL how to use the treeview and add items with icons to the treeview. + Spreadsheet view etc. First release, update with properties, events etc coming soon. Source code examples included

Net Remoting in Simple English (Really, it's that simple)
by Daniel Ang C. M.
Language: .Net

This article is meant to be a step by step guide to give its reader a gist of .Net Remoting. I've tried to search good tutorials, but it was rather hard to find one that could work on my PC! So here's my first shot at a .Net Remoting tutorial in VB.net. It shouldn't be hard to get it running, if you'd follow this few steps.

Extending The BrowseForFolder Class
by Charles Chadwick
Language: .Net

Simply adding a few more options to the BrowseForFolder class submitted by Chris Anderson.

Your First C# Programs
by Pankaj Nagar
Language: .Net

This tutorial will get you started with C# by introducing a few very simple programs. Please vote if it is useful You will Understand the basic structure of a C# program.Obtain a basic familiarization of what a "Namespace" is.Obtain a basic understanding of what a "Class" is.Learn what a "Main" method does. Learn how to obtain command-line input. Learn about console input/output (I/O).

Minesweeper, Behind the scenes
by arikp
Language: .Net

This article demonstrates directly reading another processes memory in C# using P/Invoke and Win32 Api's. Using the developed class I read Minesweeper memory.

How Do I do it in ASP.NET?
by sherif rofael
Language: .Net

This Tutorial Will Show You How TO implement the Following Using ASP. net: (7 in 1) Send E-mail With Attachment. UPLOAD A file to a Remote Server. Create a Graphical Counter. Create a Log File for the users of your page and add their info ( ip address, country, time, data, service provider, browser, OS, ...............) to an html file. Morse Code Encoder Machine ( Text + Sound ) into your Page. Get The Country and service provider of your page visitors. Determine The Locatio ... (see entry for full description)

Tutorial on How To Disguise URLs of your Website
by dotNETJunkie
Language: .Net

The purpose of this article is to show you how to disguise the url of your webpage. This is great for masking your webpage extension to not give away your server and development platform to potential hackers. You can also mask any parameters passed through the query string.
Please Vote!

Using MySQL with Visual Studio
by Particle
Language: .Net

If you're just wondering how to use MySQL with VS.NET or are having problems, give this a try.

Default Button
by Janus Kamp Hansen
Language: .Net

This is a sample made for Microsoft ASP.Net to show, how easy it is to 'force' a default button for a textbox. So far you have needed to install various DLL's or controls to control what button must be clicked, when a user is submitting some data from an textbox by pressing [ENTER] key.

undocumented varptr in vb7
by Izek_S
Language: .Net

VB6 has 3 undocumented functions. VarPtr, StrPtr, and ObjPtr.StrPtr returns object of a string, VarPtr returns address of any other variable and ObjPtr returns address of an object. In VB.Net these 3 functions are abosolete but their functionality is still avaliable.

Application Configuration Files
by D. de Haas
Language: .Net

How to use Application Configuration Files.

by Eugene Zhukovsky
Language: .Net

Enumerate all servers in the domain, or specific server types, like SQL Servers, Workstations etc with API. Using netapi32.dll

Visual Basic .NET Code Samples: Master Set of 101 Samples
by Andreas Laubscher
Language: .Net

101 VB.NET Samples - A comprehensive set of Microsoft provided vb.net sample applications.

Iteration Performance
by Trevor Misfeldt
Language: .Net

Compares various iteration methods in .NET with an eye on the best possible performance over large data collections.

Free Threading in VB.NET
by Jeroen Schouten
Language: .Net

An explanation of threading in VB.NET. This new exciting feature lets you FINALY execute code in an async fashion.

HTMLContentParser ASP.NET Project using VB.NET
by SoftwareMaker
Language: .Net

This project is a HTML Content Parser. It gets a stream of HTML Content from a specified URL Web Page. Then it sets to go through whole stream extracted and picks out the HTML HyperLinks and Images and displays them in an HTML Table in a hyperlink format for users to click on directly to get there. This will be particularly useful for uses who are interested in some images on websites and finds it tedious to look through the view source of the pages to extract out the image sources ... (see entry for full description)

by Eugene Zhukovsky
Language: .Net

This API function can enumerate all network resources, including servers, workstations, printers, shares, remote directories etc. Unlike NetServerEnum function, this will enumerate DOS, Win3.1, Windows 95 and above, as well as NT 3.51 and higher, Win2k amd XP workstations. The function is recursive, it works from top down. You can use this code in any way you like, hust keep the credit. Tested on XP and NT 4.

Object Driven Interface Part 4 of 4
by Paul Stevens
Language: .Net

Part 4 of Creating an Object Driven Interface using Custom Attributes, reflection Custom Web Controls and much more. in this part we finally get to use our interface generator The Attached Zip file contains the complete code for all four parts of this article, which i had to split up due to size limits

Happy New Year !
by suneet singh
Language: .Net

MAY GOD BLESS ALL !! Jai Shree Ram !!!!!!!!!!

Asp Reflection
by Garth Olivier
Language: .Net

After having problems with Asp Application deployed to several sites. I needed a way to see what was different. Thus needed refection. This will provide version numbers and more Paste the code below into a Aspx Page named Version.aspx and then browse it. If you include in a project it will then reflect for the whole assembly Cheers Garth

A Simple way to make VS.NET 2003 prjects back to VS.NET 2002 projects
by Unruled Boy
Language: .Net

Because VS.NET 2003 uses a new format (actually some new tags and version identifiers.), we cannot open those projects/solutions that created/modified by VS.NET 2003 with VS.NET 2002. Yet, there is a simple way to solve this problem.

Quick Fill Data Grid
by Manas Mukherjee
Language: .Net

Here I am showing how to connect, query a table in sql server 2000 and fill a datagrid.

ASP NET Parameterized Query
by Manas Mukherjee
Language: .Net

I am presenting an example of creating parameterized query.


Newest Tutorials

Make Your .Net Plug-Ins
11/16/2003 9:47:26 AM

Language: .Net

The article discusses how to use Reflection namespace to call methods in third party dlls using attributes.

Check if another instance is already running
by Özgür Aytekin
11/15/2003 11:39:53 AM

Language: .Net

In this article, i will show you a method which determines if the program is already running.

Drawing a Beziér spline with DrawBezier to use Textured Brush (1)
by Kamil Bala
11/7/2003 4:03:01 PM

Language: .Net

This tutorial teachs drawing a Beziér spline to use (Pen, Single,Single, Single, Single) parameters of DrawBezier together with (Image, RectangleF) parameters of a Texturered Brush object.

HOWTO: Drag a Form by a Child Control (in .net)
by George Vlahakis
11/7/2003 9:21:46 AM

Language: .Net

Very simple translation of how to drag a form with no caption bar in .net . Based on the old Q154006 from the Knoweldgebase.

Drawing an arc with DrawArc to use Textured Brush (1)
by Kamil Bala
11/5/2003 4:42:42 PM

Language: .Net

This tutorial teachs drawing an arc curve to use (Pen, RectangleF, Single, Single) parameters of DrawArc together with (Image, RectangleF) parameters of a Texturered Brush object.

How to use authentication while sending mails using SMTP with ASP.NET.
by Kaustav N
11/5/2003 1:41:55 PM

Language: .Net

This article demonstrates how to authenticate a SMTP server in an ASP.NET application.

Drawing a series line with DrawLines and TextureBrush (1)
by Kamil Bala
10/30/2003 3:42:35 PM

Language: .Net

This tutorial teachs that using (Pen, PointF[]) parameters of DrawLines together with (Image, RectangleF) parameters of a Texturered Brush object.

Word 2000 with bookmarks
by marc platvoet
10/30/2003 5:47:04 AM

Language: .Net

Reporting directly to word. With bookmarks so you have your layout predefined. you have to add the Com components of word in .Net. Make a layout with Word. and merge the bookmarks with the variables from the datatable. If there are any questions, mail me. MarcPlatvoet@netcabo.pt You may vote but thats up to you. so Vote Vote Vote!!!!!!

Using TextureBrush together with DrawLine(1)
by Kamil Bala
10/29/2003 4:02:37 PM

Language: .Net

This tutorial teachs that using of DrawLine together with WrapMode(TileFlipXY) parameter of a Texturered Brush object. It demonstrates setting line's end and line's start.

How real men determine anagrams.
by Mark Parker
10/28/2003 6:40:02 PM

Language: .Net

Such a simple problem, so many overcomplicated ways to solve it. Here's the easiest.


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