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By qweb on Oct 3
Max Bid: $5,000

Javascript Subnet Calculator
By Goatstyle on Oct 3
Max Bid: $80

database design
By dabdo on Oct 3
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Story Writing PHP/HTML Changes
By eNarratives on Oct 3
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

OsCommerce Payment Module PHP
By fr0stbyte on Oct 3
Max Bid: $150

PHP Website
By Trader on Oct 3
Max Bid: $1,000

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About Professional Programmer

Rent A Coder Top Coder Competition Ranking
# 31 of 54,173

Raw Score Total: 64,814.17
Name:  Professional Programmer
(see 36 ratings)
  in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Seller / Coder Rating:  9.78 (Excellent)
Sign up date:  Sep 30, 2001 1:47:13 PM EDT
Last Logged In:  Oct 2, 2003 8:25:03 AM EDT
Jobs Started:  61
Jobs Completed:  61
Missed Status Report
Warnings Issued:
Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 5 Arbitrations)
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Areas Of Expertise: 

Expertise in the Software Engineering, Code Optimization.
Programming: C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, Pascal, Visual Studio, Assembly language
Web Prog: ASP, Php, HTML, DHTML, Scripting, Web Designing.
OS: Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX, MS-DOS, iMac
Databases: MS SQL, FileMaker Pro, Oracle, MySql, MS Access, Reports
Mulitimedia: 3D Max, Flash, Dreamweaver & Fireworks, Morphing, Maya..
Others Any other with little experience



Hi Every One,

We are a group Professional programmers, Graduate students majoring in Compter Science, Software Engineering and Computer Engineering. We have been working together for the past 5 years. Our research activity is mainly concentrated in the fields of Virtual & Augmented Reality, Image Processing, Network Security andCryptography, Revolution Technigues in Software Engineering. We are very thankful our professors who had passed on immense knowledge to us.

List of projects undertaken by us:

Augmented Reality

  • This is one of the project that we are actively involved in.
  • Developed our own libraries. And we also use OpenGL
  • Add the required Unreal to the Reality

Online Examination System.

  • Different exam papers.
  • One can never get the same questions.
  • Option for Multiple and Sentence Completion
  • Professor can easily add questions, answers, and illustration pictures

Online Library Information System.

  • Barcode implementation of Entire system
  • Books can be reserved through online
  • Renewals and Fine collections are Automated

Invertory Control System for Medical Shops.

  • This is one of the product that is used all over our city

Tutoring is our Specilization.

  • We are working as tutors for our college undergrads.
  • VC++, Visual Basic, Java, C,C++ and Math

Quality of service and Customer Satisfaction are our Goal.

We would like to keep the buyer informed about the progress of the project. We always analyze the buyer requirement perfectly and clarifiies every doubt we have. Then we give him a small prototype model so that if there are any changes required by him then we would change and show him back. Then again we enhace the application and we do the same until the customers requirements are met. Then we shall do all sorts of testing that we have learnt in our studies. Simply to say we apply different Software Engineering practises based on the project.

Thank You.

Ram, Sai, Vivek.


Rent A Coder Top Coder Competition Raw Score Calculation:
Professional Programmer's
Top Coder Competition Raw Score Calculation:

Raw Score: 64,814.17
Ranking: # 31 of 54,173

(Minimum of 3 projects on the site)
Excellent customer satisfaction
(Average rating at least 9)
Every job completed
(No rating below 4)
Average Job Size
Average Coder Rating
Number of Completed Jobs
Penalty for Missed Status Reports Warnings *
(1 warnings x 1000 penalty) = 1000
  Raw Score Total: 64,814

* Penalty rule enacted on 10/8/2001 and applies only to warnings sent after that date.
Note: all top coder competition stats are only updated once a day between midnight and 1:00 EDT.
Rent A Coder Work History
All ratings and comments are the opinion of the poster and do not reflect the official view of Rent A Coder.

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 9/25/2003 10:40:58 AM The_BuGZ None Given $30.00 September 26, 2003 11:09:47 PM EDT
  One Dimension Cellular Automata in C The_BuGZ 10
$40.00 September 22, 2003 8:01:50 AM EDT
  Private auction for Professional Programmer (from og_reesh) on 9/4/2003 11:19:01 AM og_reesh 10
$398.00 September 18, 2003 3:12:28 PM EDT
  Maintenance to previous application og_reesh 10
$176.00 September 18, 2003 3:10:56 PM EDT
  Private auction for Professional Programmer on 6/2/2003 5:27:04 PM og_reesh 10
$174.47 June 12, 2003 2:24:14 PM EDT
  Web analysis program Eager Learner None Given $475.00 May 26, 2003 4:31:37 PM EDT
  Private auction for Professional Programmer on 2/28/2003 2:12:23 PM og_reesh 10
$177.00 March 20, 2003 11:07:31 AM EDT
  Owner TannerCreative 10
$353.00 February 23, 2003 1:14:59 AM EDT
  New matlab assignment Tevy Merin None Given $150.00 February 22, 2003 4:26:57 PM EDT
  Store and retreive data(f C. Joseph Howard None Given $85.00 January 27, 2003 12:54:19 PM EDT
  Screen scraper / email gathering program og_reesh 8
(Very Good)
$500.00 January 3, 2003 6:51:01 PM EDT
  Ram did a very good job in coding a complex problem. He quickly identified and fixed bugs during the development process, and he proved eager to go the extra mile without demanding more money.

I would recommend him for any size coding project.
  bonus for Professional Programmer Lonaedan None Given $180.00 November 22, 2002 10:44:25 PM EDT
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 11/20/2002 7:35:32 AM Lonaedan None Given $200.00 November 20, 2002 7:50:58 AM EDT
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 11/19/2002 10:09:00 PM Lonaedan None Given $50.00 November 19, 2002 10:16:49 PM EDT
  To create sequential files for processing customer invoices using C++ Ian Ippolito (RAC) 5
$65.00 October 21, 2002 3:17:34 PM EDT
  Project was not completed by the deadline.
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 10/21/2002 1:23:57 AM Lonaedan None Given $70.00 October 21, 2002 11:08:42 AM EDT
  Lab2 initial payment Lonaedan None Given $30.00 October 19, 2002 5:50:19 PM EDT
  To create sequential files for processing customer invoices using C++ dirghami 10
$20.00 October 13, 2002 4:18:34 PM EDT
  Great Job! As expected, excellent work! My hat goes off to you!
  Parser / ETL Web Tool paulcharris 10
$100.00 October 4, 2002 1:18:53 AM EDT
  Great work. A few time issues but over all great work indeed.
  Private auction for Professional Programmer on 8/15/2002 1:07:03 PM DOCMEIN None Given $70.00 September 18, 2002 11:03:17 PM EDT
  VB program to access internet Eager Learner 10
$100.00 September 16, 2002 1:35:08 PM EDT
  Good, trustworthy, delivers the goods
  Storage and Retrieval Macc None Given $235.00 September 13, 2002 10:30:11 AM EDT
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 9/11/2002 2:13:11 PM dan37_123 None Given $75.00 September 11, 2002 2:16:36 PM EDT
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 9/5/2002 3:04:35 PM dan37_123 None Given $100.00 September 5, 2002 3:15:19 PM EDT
  Eight Queens Project dirghami 10
$50.00 September 4, 2002 1:40:29 AM EDT
  As expected excellent, excellent work! Has again surpassed my expectations!
  Help! simple question, VB, PHP, ActiveX StephenWilshire 10
$20.00 September 3, 2002 11:37:10 PM EDT
  Great guy, nothing else to say really.
  online software registration module dan37_123 10
$150.00 August 22, 2002 6:56:10 PM EDT
  His work is of highest quality. He provides excellent service, always eager to help the buyer. I will highly recomend him for any mission critical projects.
  Ceasar Cipher Applet Project dirghami 10
$35.00 August 14, 2002 7:38:22 AM EDT
  Would definately like to do business with again. On time and very knowledgeable!
5 star coder all the way!
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 7/27/2002 4:17:39 PM amerelkhatib None Given $35.00 July 27, 2002 4:21:49 PM EDT
  repost: Filemaker solution for MD office drdigit 9
$460.00 July 19, 2002 8:31:44 AM EDT
  Shyam has delivered excellent work in a very short period of time. He appears to be backed by a team of other individuals who have a wide range of coding skills and specializations, and he draws on the team to complete the portions of the job that demand their skills. I plan to use Shyam (professional programmer) for follow-up work related to the project he completed, and I recommend him highly.

Thanks for a great job Shyam!
  Site Mod Project - Extra $30 JJOB None Given $30.00 June 28, 2002 1:48:37 PM EDT
  SiteMod JJOB None Given $50.00 June 27, 2002 1:28:02 PM EDT
  Loan application Pete J 10
$45.00 June 21, 2002 11:50:34 AM EDT
  Excellent work, Top Banana! as they say in the UK.
  CV ADD ON Slushbucket None Given $100.00 June 18, 2002 8:06:21 AM EDT
  CV SECTION Slushbucket 10
$50.00 June 18, 2002 12:30:22 AM EDT
  Great Work, Highly Professional Will work with again!
  Private auction for Professional Programmer on 6/9/2002 9:03:28 PM Jagpanther None Given $20.00 June 17, 2002 9:18:46 PM EDT
  Private auction for Professional Programmer on 6/9/2002 9:03:28 PM Jagpanther 10
$30.00 June 13, 2002 1:53:29 PM EDT
  Coder worked out great. A little miscommunication there, but worked out fine in the end.
  3 diamentional university (data structure) mahdy50 10
$12.00 June 8, 2002 11:56:59 PM EDT
  he is an excellent coder he can do the job well .
thanks for your help
  Private auction for Professional Progammer on 6/6/2002 5:02:39 PM Houston McClung 10
$450.00 June 7, 2002 5:25:21 PM EDT
  Immediate Help Needed - VB and Math Houston McClung 10
$45.00 June 6, 2002 5:38:58 PM EDT
  Bonus for Professional Progammer on 6/5/2002 9:03:01 PM jjy4 10
$440.00 June 6, 2002 5:16:45 PM EDT
  Fantastic job. Never gave up on very complicated project.
  PHP3 (website with database) Slushbucket 10
$135.00 June 6, 2002 1:16:43 PM EDT
  Exceptionnal coder, did everything to specifications and more!! highly recommended.
  Private auction for Professional Programmer on 6/3/2002 11:53:22 AM Walker 10
$30.00 June 5, 2002 3:33:06 PM EDT
  Ram is a great guy to work with and his integrity speaks for himself.
  Simulator mgy None Given $200.00 June 5, 2002 2:49:07 AM EDT
  Assignment - URGENT PADDY17 10
$55.00 June 4, 2002 7:09:52 AM EDT
  Ram was fantastic. He worked to a tight time frame and communicated with me daily to complete the work to my specifications. His programming capabilities were above and beyond what I had expected .. I recommend him to anyone wanting a professional programmer and exceptional results. Well done Ram!
  Private auction for Professional Programmer on 5/30/2002 2:56:27 PM Walker 10
$30.00 June 3, 2002 11:52:49 AM EDT
  weather information amerelkhatib 10
$50.00 May 29, 2002 6:29:12 PM EDT
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 5/29/2002 12:06:28 PM amerelkhatib 10
$30.00 May 29, 2002 12:09:36 PM EDT
  Database questions Walker 10
$30.00 May 26, 2002 1:40:45 PM EDT
  Outstanding job, always a pleasure to work with.
  C++ Binary Tree Z.S None Given $180.00 May 26, 2002 4:59:24 AM EDT
  Pet Project PRW None Given $400.00 May 16, 2002 1:13:38 PM EDT
  Private auction for Professional Programmer on 5/8/2002 9:06:30 PM Walker 10
$30.00 May 12, 2002 1:20:03 PM EDT
  Great job!
  Database ER diagrams Walker 10
$50.00 May 4, 2002 12:31:36 AM EDT
  good job
  database interbase Macc 10
$225.00 May 2, 2002 7:32:33 AM EDT
  simple data base with $ Macc None Given $75.00 April 10, 2002 10:51:53 AM EDT
  Car Hire Company skippy None Given $65.00 March 31, 2002 11:18:23 PM EDT
  Private auction for Mansur on 3/31/2002 7:56:17 AM advin None Given $35.00 March 31, 2002 11:42:17 AM EDT
  beginner java questions mmm12 10
$13.00 March 30, 2002 2:01:56 PM EDT
  visual basic kho 10
$60.00 March 28, 2002 9:58:43 PM EDT
  Good works.
  Tutor for java newbie needed dotun206 None Given $6.00 February 4, 2002 9:44:48 PM EDT
  Real File & Folder Synchronizer Functions Arxime GmbH 10
$90.00 October 31, 2001 5:18:23 AM EDT
  He works very conscientiously and accurately. I can recommend hem without any reserves.

Renzo B.
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 5/4/2002 1:36:01 AM Walker None Given $50.00  EDT
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 6/10/2002 11:34:02 PM jjy4 None Given $100.00  EDT
  Bonus for assignment #2 Z.S None Given $35.00  EDT
  Bonus for Professional Programmer on 5/29/2002 6:35:49 PM amerelkhatib None Given $80.00  EDT
  For Shyam Krishna Arxime GmbH None Given $60.00  EDT
Average:   9.77
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