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Vb FileListBox Patterns
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Property Database Homework ASP/ACCESS
By cjack911 on Jun 25
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Modify existing icon program.
By HoustonProgramm er on Jun 25
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Perl Database Insert
By Customer Support Excellence on Jun 25
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Fixing Access Application Upgrades w/ SQL Backend
By Tometa Software, Inc. on Jun 25
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About Oleg21

author picture
Name:  Oleg21
(see 40 ratings)
  in Kazan, Tatarstan
Russian Federation

Seller / Coder Rating:  9.95 (Excellent)
Sign up date:  Oct 31, 2001 2:21:04 AM EDT
Last Logged In:  Jun 22, 2003 2:26:04 AM EDT
Jobs Started:  56
Jobs Completed:  56
Missed Status Report
Warnings Issued:
Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 1 Arbitrations)
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Areas Of Expertise: 
MS SQL Server 2000/7.0/6.5
web development: JSP/ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML/DHTML

ASP/ASP.NET C/C++/Java MS SQL Server

A Microsoft certified Software Developer with over 14 years of progressive career involving all stages of the software development life cycle from initial conceptualization and system specification, analysis, design and coding to testing, training and maintenance. Expertise in C/C++, MS SQL Server and web development. Strong knowledge of Mathematics and Physics. Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Programming languages: C#, C++, C, Java, SQL, Transact-SQL, JSP/ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, VBScript, UML, ADO, HTML/DHTML, Visual Basic, Fortran, Assembly.
Software Packages: Visual C++ (MFC, STL, DLL, COM), Rational Rose, ERWin, Kawa, Apache, Tomcat, Borland C++.
Databases: MS SQL Server 2000/7.0/6.5, Oracle.
Operating systems: Windows-2000/ME/NT/98/95.


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architecture
BrainBench Certified Master in C++
BrainBench Certified Master in C
BrainBench Certified in Java
BrainBench Certified in JavaScript
BrainBench Certified in RDBMS Concept
BrainBench Certified in MS-SQL 7.0
BrainBench Certified in SQL (ANSI)
BrainBench Certified in Object-Oriented Concept


08.2001 - 10.2001 Software Developer/Analyst
Auriga, Inc. Amherst, NH, USA

Project Description: GUI intranet application for database of jobs and recruiters.
Responsibilities: Developed tools for uploading jobs and recruiters data from various internet sites, parsing them into appropriate format and insert into SQL server database.
Environment: Windows 2000, Java, SQL Server 2000, VC++ 6.0 (MFC).

03.2001 - 08.2001 Software Developer/Analyst (contractor)
Britemoon, Inc. Methuen, MA, USA

Project Description: Commercial software "Britemoon" - internet-based application intended for distributed storage of recipient's data: personal information, preferences, communication history, etc (millions of recipients) for multiple independent customers (up to 100s). Application lets each customer create email target groups by different criteria and send personalized email campaigns. SQL Server 2000 was used as the backend database, Apache and Tomcat as a Web-server.
Responsibilities: Participated in requirements analysis, implemented HTTP-based bidirectional data exchange between SQL Server and client side using Java, created Java- and JSP-based user interface (GUI) in multi-threaded environment, implemented some auxiliary tools in VC++, created stored procedures for SQL Server back-end and for SQL Server data migration between different application releases, tuned SQL Server performance and solved some lock problems.
Environment: MS SQL Server 2000, Java JDK 1.3, VC++ 6.0 (MFC), JSP, JavaScript, ERWin 3.5.2, Kawa 5.0, HTTP protocol, Windows 2000, Apache 1.3, Tomcat 3.1, HTML 4.0, JDBC-ODBC bridge, client-server architecture, multi-threading.

09.2000 - 02.2001Senior Software Developer/Analyst
Ak Bars Bank (top-ten bank in Russia). Russia.

Project Details:

Project Description: The "Statistics on using Internet in the bank" project is a GUI application that counts up how bank employees use Internet. Statistics include traffic, sites browsed, time spent for both users and departments, etc.
Responsibilities: Participated in requirements analysis, developed concept, implemented the program.
Environment: Visual C++ 6.0 (MFC, STL) under Windows NT.

Project Description: The "Warehouse: Material facilities displacement" project is an intranet database. The database counts up arrival and displacement of, repairing, upgrading and writing-off material facilities, including accounting documents and making marginal reports.
Responsibilities: Participated in requirements analysis, developed concept and design (including database structure), implemented the main framework of the program.
Environment: Visual C++ (MFC) 6.0, MS SQL Server 6.5, ASP, JavaScript (both client and server), ADO, Windows NT, ERWin 2.5, HTML, MS IIS 4.0.

09.1994 - 09.2000 Software Developer/Analyst
Tatneft Jointstock Company (one of the biggest oil companies in Russia). Russia.

Project Details:

Project Description: GIS-like GUI application for oil stratum structure visualization (50K code lines). The program interpolates and visualizes the stratumta data on screen as graphics and allows user edit this map and export it to other GIS formats. The program provides the two-way correspondence between the visible map objects (editable graphic objects) and the database. The database has more than 1 mln records.
Responsibilities: Participated in requirements analysis, developed concept and design (including class architecture), programmed, tested and maintained the program.
Environment: Visual C++ 6.0 (MFC, DLL, COM) under Windows, dBase, Rational Rose 98.

Project Description: "The Geologist Workplace" program is the client side of the Oracle database (1 mln+ records) to be used in a local network.
Responsibilities: Provided design (including class architecture), programming, testing.
Environment: Oracle 7.3 and Visual Basic 6.0 (ODBC and ADO), SQL.

Project Description: GUI application for digitizing paper-based geological maps to GIS data formats. Includes zooming, autoscrolling, undo possibility, object copying, automatic error checking, 2-way character entering (by keyboard or by input device on a digitizer), etc.
Responsibilities: Participated in requirements analysis, created concept and design, programmed, tested and maintained the program. Programmed a low-level communication with the digitizer via the serial port.
Environment: Borland C++, Assembly 80x86 under MS-DOS.

06.1987 - 09.1994 Software Developer/Analyst
Russian Academy of Sciences. Kazan, Russia.

Project Description: 2-dimensional simulation program (30K code lines).
Responsibilities: Development of the program functions and blocks, their debugging and testing.
Environment: Turbo C under MS-DOS on IBM PC, FORTRAN on IBM 370.

Project Description: GUI applications for 2-dimensional data visualization.
Responsibilities: The project's full life cycle.
Environment: Borland C++ under MS-DOS.

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Number of Completed Jobs
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(0 warnings x 1000 penalty) = 0
  Raw Score Total: 37,581

* Penalty rule enacted on 10/8/2001 and applies only to warnings sent after that date.
Note: all top coder competition stats are only updated once a day between midnight and 1:00 EDT.
Rent A Coder Work History
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Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 5/29/2003 10:09:48 AM kwikweb None Given $50.00 May 29, 2003 10:41:14 AM EDT
$600.00 April 25, 2003 4:15:40 PM EDT
  Oleg performed the task set very well (database recruitment) and we will definately use his services again. Fast, accurate and very clean code.
  Private auction for Oleg21 on 3/18/2003 9:46:24 PM ezra 10
$100.00 March 27, 2003 1:10:16 AM EDT
  Oleg is an excellent programmer. He is very quick and easy to work with.

I look forward to continuing to work with you.
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 3/16/2003 12:02:09 PM blaster998 None Given $65.00 March 16, 2003 12:08:31 PM EDT
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 3/4/2003 7:02:50 AM blaster998 None Given $33.00 March 4, 2003 7:03:58 AM EDT
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 3/4/2003 6:57:23 AM blaster998 None Given $300.00 March 4, 2003 6:59:46 AM EDT
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 2/25/2003 3:24:32 PM ezra None Given $50.00 February 25, 2003 3:26:00 PM EDT
  Web Page Security ezra 10
$50.00 February 25, 2003 3:24:22 PM EDT
  If there was an 11 rating Oleg would receive it. He is the fastest and best programmer that I have worked with on RAC and I have worked with quite a few.
  Weekly email broadcast marcco 10
$50.00 January 30, 2003 9:23:09 AM EDT
  I would give 11 if I could. He did an excellent job within the (short) time available.
Reliable, honest, no bullshit person.
Hope to work with him again.
  sorting names SAN_30000 10
$30.00 January 20, 2003 2:27:29 AM EDT
  Prompt as always. Oleg is very professional, knowledgable, and efficient. Gives an excellent job before deadline as promised. Great programmer
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 1/2/2003 12:51:57 PM blaster998 None Given $150.00 January 2, 2003 12:53:56 PM EDT
  Calculator program in C Loserkid 10
$30.00 December 8, 2002 8:14:17 PM EDT
  I will take all my requests to Oleg21 from now. He is trustworthy and very skilled.
  Valises & Bubble sort program Loserkid 10
$35.00 December 8, 2002 8:13:11 PM EDT
  Oleg21 continues to impress me with his vast knowledge of C and his willingness to communicate his knowledge to me.
  Menu for fastfood in C Loserkid 10
$75.00 December 5, 2002 11:32:24 AM EDT
  Once again, Oleg21 shows how efficient and timely a coder he is. Truly the best C programmer I have worked with. He is also very open with his communication. Highly recommended.
Thanks Oleg21!
  Restaraunt menu in C Loserkid 10
$40.00 December 4, 2002 10:42:43 AM EDT
  It's unfair to give Oleg21 only a 10. His code is excellent and he jumped through hoops to make a deadline. A+!
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 12/3/2002 12:06:06 PM Forum None Given $30.00 December 3, 2002 12:13:27 PM EDT
  Hex Game xdizen 10
$120.00 November 26, 2002 4:22:52 PM EDT
  Great Job
Had the project way before deadline
Code is bug free works absolutely fine
oleg21 Also provide after code service which includes reviewing the code if necessyr making changes and this is great
Thanks and will definitely work wiht him again
  CHAT Forum 10
$100.00 November 26, 2002 12:35:16 PM EDT
  Very good
  Private auction for Oleg21 on 11/2/2002 8:56:00 AM RosaCanina 10
$25.00 November 23, 2002 8:51:58 AM EDT
  Wonderful job, in a timely manner. Thank you!
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 11/10/2002 1:43:39 PM blaster998 None Given $65.00 November 10, 2002 1:45:08 PM EDT
  Polynomial Skip List xdizen 10
$150.00 November 6, 2002 5:32:05 PM EDT
  A great job and the program worked fine
The task was difficult but Oleg knew how to make the best out of it

  Taxi Form Notiication Arf2000 None Given $100.00 October 23, 2002 8:21:58 PM EDT
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 10/21/2002 1:23:58 PM blaster998 None Given $10.00 October 21, 2002 1:31:28 PM EDT
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 10/18/2002 4:42:16 AM blaster998 None Given $30.00 October 18, 2002 4:44:49 AM EDT
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 10/17/2002 1:55:46 PM blaster998 None Given $110.00 October 17, 2002 2:00:37 PM EDT
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 10/2/2002 3:31:27 PM blaster998 None Given $100.00 October 2, 2002 3:33:49 PM EDT
  Initial Capitalization Of Words In SQL Column unclejohn 10
$20.00 September 26, 2002 9:51:39 AM EDT
  This is my third or fourth job with Oleg. He is excellent. I can't say enough about his work. I also go to Oleg first and he never fails me.
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 9/24/2002 12:00:38 PM blaster998 None Given $90.00 September 24, 2002 12:03:24 PM EDT
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 9/20/2002 12:06:54 PM blaster998 10
$150.00 September 20, 2002 12:10:50 PM EDT
  Oleg was very patient and extremely helpful in getting me the results I needed. I was impressed by his wide ranging knowledge on most programming tools I use on my site. Highly recommended.
  ASP changes to website - Experienced ASP dev needed blaster998 10
$55.00 September 11, 2002 2:19:05 PM EDT
  I needed an expert programmer and I got one. Oleg tirelessly completed my project in record time with bug free code. I threw all the tricky twists in I could and he solved them all. Definitely recommended!
  Private auction for Oleg21 on 7/25/2002 11:35:06 PM unclejohn 10
$25.00 August 6, 2002 10:12:04 AM EDT
  Oleg has done it again! This guy has a way of making difficult tasks very easy. His code is very logical and easy to understand.
  Some additional features for my Assesment System collgal 10
$60.00 July 12, 2002 9:10:27 AM EDT
  As before, Oleg is exceptional.
He has won my complete trust,which means he definately can do his work on time, and he does them REAL good, and he's really helpful at pointing up bugs, fixing them and offering solutions..
Truly,Oleg is my favorite programmer in RAC, and I wont use any other programmer for my works, other than him.

  Bonus for Oleg21 on 7/7/2002 3:19:24 PM rapwithtom 10
$120.00 July 7, 2002 3:24:31 PM EDT
  Private auction for Oleg21 on 7/1/2002 7:51:47 PM unclejohn 10
$20.00 July 2, 2002 1:39:54 PM EDT
  I have had this coder do two jobs for me. He is very skilled at T-SQL. He has done an excellent work on both of my assignments. On the first project I assigned him, he presented not one, but 4 working solutions to my problem. I will call on him for future work.
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 7/1/2002 10:42:58 PM collgal None Given $35.00 July 1, 2002 10:48:25 PM EDT
  A little fixing to my Assesment System :CAT collgal 10
$75.00 June 30, 2002 10:55:23 PM EDT
  If there is higger ratings, I would give him that :)

This coder is a very dependable and professional person, who has fullfilled his motto of 'Realibility And Full Testing'. He is very particular and concern about his work, and I've never met another coder who is more dedicated in finding solutions and better ways of improving the application. He will guide you through the development phases and patiently guides you. I can never be thankful enough for his assistance in this matter.

Thanks a lot ,Oleg.I hope you
find it pleasurable to work with me too, because I'd definately use you again, if I ever need help :)

  Find The Earliest Date From Several Columns unclejohn None Given $20.00 June 27, 2002 1:41:45 PM EDT
  Inventory System rapwithtom 10
$120.00 June 17, 2002 7:33:32 PM EDT
  Oleg is phenomonal.

He took a project that was more involved than we both thought and delivered on time and without complaint. And Oleg did a fantastic job of keeping me updated with progress.

The product he delivered was professional in appearance, design, and implementation, and (so far!) it has proved to be bug free.

Oleg has demonstrated himself to be responsible, trustworthy, and self-directed as needed.

  Small C assignments Suraj 10
$15.00 June 6, 2002 1:08:21 PM EDT
  Oleg is the best in C programming and the best person to get ur codes done. He goes out of his way to help u and will finish his work on the day he promiseses or may be before.

  Simulation Program 1 cybercop 9
$40.00 May 26, 2002 5:41:24 AM EDT
  Bonus for Oleg21 on 5/16/2002 2:20:39 AM SAN_30000 10
$30.00 May 16, 2002 2:30:07 AM EDT
  Very efficient with his work. Has clear to the point comments through out the program. Keeps in touch to make sure that the program is up the buyer standards. I would recommend this coder to anyone. I will choose Oleg for my future projects.
  Fibonacci Buddy System dixon 10
$35.00 May 10, 2002 1:16:22 AM EDT
  Very nice work ! I like his comment for the code and everything is detailed. He even indent the code neatly, it was easy for me to read and understand. Excellent and timely coder. I would love to work with him again.

  Binary tree short program quintage21 10
$25.00 May 7, 2002 3:32:31 PM EDT
  This is the one to choose. He was fast and precise. I would definetly go back to him. Thanks
  Student Record SAN_30000 10
$18.00 May 6, 2002 2:07:34 AM EDT
  He was great. He completed the work in the allotted time that he had specified. He also makes sure you know that you can contact him. In case their any problems or you have any questions. He also makes sure that he responds quickly. Oleg21 does efficient work for a reasonable price.
  Currency Conversion Rani 10
$35.00 April 30, 2002 4:26:18 PM EDT
  Oleg, was very professional. He stayed in contact with me the whole time and was very helpful. Comments in the code and easy to read instructions. His performance was an overall appreciation.
Thank you,
  C++ program debhegel 10
$23.00 April 29, 2002 4:06:41 PM EDT
  Another fantastic program!
  Longest Increasing Subsequence beckw44 10
$20.00 April 26, 2002 4:21:25 PM EDT
  Coder is great. Had bid finished way before deadline and then was very helpful in adjusting the code to my specifications. I would work with this coder again.
  Client Server Web Programming in Java markyri 10
$75.00 April 19, 2002 3:58:09 PM EDT
  Very good service.

Delivered work well before deadline.

Good quality of code and explanation.

Friendly and helpful.

I would reccomend this guy.

  Need Visual C++ homework help! debhegel 10
$23.00 April 4, 2002 8:55:57 AM EDT
  Great communication! Work was completed way ahead of schedule and was excellent. I highly recommend this coder!
  No-reading quiz buster_byte 10
$22.00 April 2, 2002 10:57:51 PM EDT
  While the program worked flawlessly, coder did not utilize all "stated" parameters as requested.
  Symbol Tables seatiger74 10
$30.00 March 16, 2002 2:58:29 AM EDT
  good program, coder sends program before due date. Coder shows great concerns for my project. He keeps updating all informations in order to inprove the outputs of my project. Keep up the good work!
  Java project MJ711 10
$20.00 March 10, 2002 6:08:32 PM EDT
  Two projects MJ711 10
$35.00 January 29, 2002 2:51:16 PM EDT
  ADT polynomials w/ integer coefficients garrett 10
$14.00 December 5, 2001 2:38:14 AM EDT
  Quick work and gave exactly what was asked. 10/10.
  Fast food simulation of waiting MJ711 10
$17.00 November 27, 2001 6:02:49 PM EDT
  musical chairs MJ711 10
$12.00 November 24, 2001 1:54:01 PM EDT
Average:   9.95
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