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1) Post your bid request
2) Receive bids from coders
3) Accept a bid and put payment in escrow
4) Work is done by coder
5)  Receive and approve work

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Software Buyer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Receive and Approve Work

     When the work is done, you'll receive an email like this:

     Attached to the email will be any deliverables. Please be aware that the Rent A Coder email system sometimes gets backed up due to the volume of large attachments being sent like this. If your work is time sensitive, your coder has been advised to also send you a copy via normal email.

     When you've received the deliverables and are satisfied, indicate your approval (so the coder can be paid from the escrow account), by clicking on 'ok' in the Accept Work section of your bid request.  (You can also get there via a link from the email). Note that you can accept all or just a certain percentage of the work.

If you haved any problems, 99% of the time you can just communicate your concerns to the coder and have them addressed. If you need an outside party to arbitrate, the Rent a Coder facilitator is always available for you at: