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1) Post your bid request
2) Receive bids from coders
3) Accept a bid and put payment in escrow
4) Work is done by coder
5)  Receive and approve work

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Software Buyer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Post Your Bid Request

Posting a bid request is free, and enables you to post your job or question to thousands of coders across the globe almost instantly!

To post your bid request, just click on the 'Request bids' link located under  the 'Custom Software Buyer' section of the menu on the left hand side of each page.

You will be asked for information about your project.  Be thorough, because the more detail you give, the more bids you'll receive and the better the final product will be.

When you're done, your bid request is sent to a human facilitator, who reviews it to remove submissions with illegal content. When it's approved, you'll receive an email notifying you that it's been posted.

Then sit back as your bid request is broadcast to thousands of programmers world-wide as well as promoted on the web site, the 'latest bid requests' ticker and the Rent A Coder mailing list. Within 24 hours, the average bid requester receives 12.4 bids, and some many more!