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Software Buyer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Work is Done By Coder

     We highly recommend corresponding regularly with your coder to best guarantee that the end result is exactly what you want. There are 2 ways to do this:

1) Via the same Rent A Coder bidding system that you used to communicate with your coder before you accepted their bid.

This method is recommended for the majority of projects because all correspondence between yourself and the coder (as well as associated documents) are archived on the site. This is helpful when:
a) The coder and yourself disagree over what is to be delivered. This is the #1 best way to protect yourself should a disagreement arise and you need to go into arbitration. Without this documentation, you may not be able to proove that you asked for what you did.

b) You'd like to have a complete reference of all conversations, as well as associated documents are stored in one convenient to access place.

c) You have multiple bid requests open on the site and you want a more convenient way to manage them.

2) Simply email the coder directly.

This is only recommended for small 1-2 day projects where no formal documentation is required. To email a coder directly, use their email address as found in the 'contact information' section of the bid request.

If your project is > $150, then you will also be receiving weekly status reports from the coder via email. This helps you keep tabs on the project progress so you can make adjustments, if necessary. You can see a complete history of status reports online at the bottom of your bid request (don't forget to login).