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1) Post your bid request
2) Receive bids from coders
3) Accept a bid and put payment in escrow
4) Work is done by coder
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Software Buyer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Receive Bids from Coders

     Every time a coder makes a bid on your project, you'll be notified by email...


Just click on the link to see the full information on the bid.  To examine their bidder themselves, just click on their name and you can view their past work history, resume and read what previous buyers had to say about them.

You can correspond back and forth with coders on your 'short list' using the site bidding system. Additionally the site offers a chat room on every bid request where you can correspond more directly with coders. And on projects > $500, additional coder info such as phone number, instant message id, etc. are available.