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1) Post your bid request
2) Receive bids from coders
3) Accept a bid and put payment in escrow
4) Work is done by coder
5)  Receive and approve work

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Software Buyer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Choose and Accept Bid

    When you have found the coder you want, just click on the 'accept' link next to their bid to choose them.

    You will then be asked to authorize a credit card charge, PayPal charge, or snail-mail check payment to move the funds to escrow.

For your protection, the funds are NOT paid directly to the coder but are held in an escrow account until you accept all or a percentage of the work. If there are problems at any time, you can contact the facilitator to work out difficulties, or request arbitration towards a full or partial refund should you not receive 100% of what you asked for.

After escrow, you'll then receive a confirmation receipt and information on how to contact the coder.  Behind the scenes, the coder will be emailed a notification of your acceptance as well.