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DirectX 8 Tutorials
September 2000

This was the second version of Microsoft's DirectX API that fully supported Visual Basic. However, the big change this time around was a completely new interface design for ALL languages. DirectDraw was removed and DirectXGraphics took over (combining all graphics related code), DirectXAudio combined DirectSound, DirectSound3D and DirectMusic. DirectShow was added to the native SDK rather than being the media add-on it was before...

Microsoft DirectX 8 was divided into the following areas:

DirectXGraphics - 27 Tutorials
All the graphics related programming fits in here. 2D graphics are still possible, but the weighting is highly towards 3D graphics.

DirectXAudio - 4 Tutorials
A Combination of everything audio based. Sound effect recording/playback, music mixing/playback... all in here!

DirectXInput - 3 Tutorials
A slightly revised and updated version of previous DirectInput interfaces. This section allows programmers to access almost every known form of keyboard, mouse, joystick...

DirectXShow - 1 Tutorials
A general purpose multimedia library - video playback, compressed music/audio etc...

DirectXPlay - 2 Tutorials
An updated version of the DirectPlay, Now allowing voice communication over the net

DirectXGraphics for Visual Basic - article (858kb)
A complete archive of all 3 parts to the mini-series I wrote for The archive contains a 71 page Adobe Acrobat document, and a zip file with all 3 source code samples.

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