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DIRECTX 8: DirectXInput

Welcome to the DirectXAudio section, in this section you will learn how to get input from your user, by the end of these lessons you'll be able to allow users to play your game (or control you mm app) using almost any form of input device created (as long as it's a mouse, Joystick/pad or keyboard device!). DirectInput is a fast, simple way of getting data from a myriad of input devices. The tutorials are set up in a specific order (lessons) so that the learning curve is easier, and so that you cover all the basics before moving onto the more complex features.

The following list contain the available tutorials, a brief description and a rating - pay particular attention to the rating, trying things beyond your capability may prove foolish.. but then again, you do need to push yourself if you want to succeed.

01: Keyboards Recieving information from a keyboard
02: Mouse Using the mouse for your application
03: Action Mapping A new feature in DirectX8, allowing you to further generalize input to your application even further
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