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Miscellaneous Tutorials

This second basically covers all the tutorials that don't fit into any of the DirectX categories. The tutorials listed below aren't in any particular order...

Opening VB6 projects in VB5 Having problems opening the source code from this site in your copy of visual basic 5? 
Hiding Files Some suggestions to stop your end-users from stealing your graphics, sounds and music
Binary File Access A quick guide to using VB's built in binary file reading/writing. EASY
Binary Manipulation A summary of the various binary manipulation tricks MEDIUM
Regional Differences How to avoid regional differences in CSng() and CDbl(). MEDIUM
Using DLL's in VB Speed up your program and create a much better, modular structure at the same time.
Dijkstra Path Finding How to implement path finding in your game, a basic feature that most games will require
VB.Net vs VB6 Speed Trials for the two compilers. MEDIUM
Lighting Engines How to design and write your own lighting engine
Using Win32  How to create a standard window (form) using nothing but API calls.
C and C++ DLL's How to use the immense power of the C/C++ programming language from your VB application
Matrix Maths How to rotate, Scale and translate 2D and 3D geometry


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