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Visual Basic: Opening VB6 projects
By: Jack Hoxley
Written: June 2000

This is a farily general knowledge thing, but I still find many people dont know it. It is particularly relevent here as almost all the projects for download are in VB6 format.

If you are using VB6 you can ignore this feature

If, however, you are using visual basic 5 read on:
You may well be aware that when you load a VB6 project into VB5 it will give you errors and stop loading. This isn't the end of the road.

  1. Open up the .VBP file that you are trying to open in notepad. If you double click it will go into Visual Basic; instead, hold down shift and right click on the file - and select "Open With..." when the little dialog box comes up, select notepad and click okay (dont check the box that says "Always open these files with this program").
  2. Read through the file, near the bottom there will be a line called "Retained Mode = 0" - or similiar. Delete it. Save the project file and run VB
  3. Does it work? If not, note down what it says it doesn't like. This will correspond with an entry in the .vbp file. Just go back (as par step 1) and take the line out.
  4. Keep doing this until it opens up fine.


Happy coding.

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