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DIRECTX 8: DirectXPlay

Welcome to the DirectXPlay section, in this section you will learn how to bring multi-player madness to your application, using DirectXPlay you can very quickly and easily set up an application that transmits data across the world at lightning fast speeds. DirectXPlay is your door to one of the most exciting new global technologies - for when single player AI is just too boring. The tutorials are set up in a specific order (lessons) so that the learning curve is easier, and so that you cover all the basics before moving onto the more complex features.

The following list contain the available tutorials, a brief description and a rating - pay particular attention to the rating, trying things beyond your capability may prove foolish.. but then again, you do need to push yourself if you want to succeed.

Most of the following tutorials have been (or will be) written by Almar Joling (A big thanks to him!) - he is currently working on "Quadrant Wars", a multiplayer game based in the star-trek universe; being a multiplayer game I'm more than happy to let him explain the in's-and-out's of multiplayer gaming. Enjoy.

01: Sending Messages Understanding the sending of data between players
02: Client-Server An online version of tic-tac-toe using client-server techniques
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