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By David Simpson on 11/24

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By Jeff Mills on 11/20

By Jeff Mills on 11/20

Encrypt Password
By Jeff Mills on 11/20

Rock, Paper, Scissors w/ GUI
By Kurt Rudolph on 11/19

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For code submitted October 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Perl/CGI Security
This Article talks about the basics of Perl/CGI security and shows examples of exploiting security holes and avoiding them.
For code submitted September 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

QB Passing Calculator
This is a Football Quarterback Passing Calculator.This application will calculate completion percentage, yards per Attempt, yards per completion, and passing Efficiency
Sending Email with Perl/Tk
This is a simple Perl/Tk application that will send Email using the Net::SMTP module. So if you ever wondered about Creating a GUI to send email, then check this out.
For code submitted August 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

IsDate - PerlTk
This is an example of using PerlTk with my IsDate Function. Shows how to create GUI's on a Windows OS System using Tk.
For code submitted July 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

BasicSupport System (ASP-PerlScript)
This is a simple Basic Support System that is used to log Technial Support Questions which is posted to Tech Support Crew that can then get on view and respond to the Problems and/or Solve the issues.
For code submitted May 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Calendar with Holidays
This script will display a monthly calendar with the holidays displayed in the day that they fall on. The script will by default display the current month and day.
For code submitted April 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Calculating Easter
Ever wondered how to Calculate the date of easter? Well here's a simple Perl script that will just do that.
A Perl CGI script that simulates a ToDoList. The script uses a simple text file database to store the records in. Code also uses subroutines.
For code submitted March 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Calendar Script V2
This is Version 2 of the Calendar Script i submited previously. Added a few new things to this version. It will display the current Month and year, with the current day selected.
For code submitted October 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Get user input via form text box
Get user input via a textbox, very basic only 10 lines or so because I wanted to capture the event for beginners.
Similar to Anthony Christianson's surfer (much of the code is the same) however imgLeech will parse each URL in the list passed to it and deposit the images into a new directory labelled for the URL.
For code submitted August 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

CGI File Upload (with filename acquisition)
To upload a file of any type to your website. I offer you the unique ability to call the original filename, and save the file as it was intended, not under a temporary, or alternate, filename. (
For code submitted July 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A fast 4 hour introduction to perl
Ever wanted to build your own web applications? But you have absolutely no idea where to begin? This tutorial will get a beginner started in perl in under 4 hours.
For code submitted June 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

This is a great program to help anyone new to working with files how to do it in perl. There is also an example of regexp type expression that serves as a practical example as to how you would use it.
Using Flatfile Databases in Perl
To explain how to use flatfile databases as information storage with perl.
For code submitted April 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Random images
Simple Random images.
Wb Spider
Webspider is a Perl script that, when given a start page, will "follow" every link it finds, scanning the HTML code for the use of CGI's.
Writing Internet Clients with Perl - Fast and Easy
A brief introduction to the libwww-perl module. No advanced knowledged assumed. Learn how to request webpages and then parse them within perl. Easy to learn in under five minutes.
For code submitted March 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

credit card Validation
Verifies all 13 and 16 digit Visa Cards, 16 digit MasterCards, 16 digit Novus (Discover) cards, and 15 digit American Express cards.
Socket get
Stuck behind a content filter? Here's how to get around it.
For code submitted UNDEFINED 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

CGI Perl - File Upload
Shows you the key of how to upload a binary file using perl/cgi. (what nobody tells you (i had to figure it out on my own!))
For code submitted October 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Vote it! v1.0
Vote It! is a simple but efficient web poll for your site's pages!
For code submitted September 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Perl quote program for PHP sites
People running a web page can call the perl script to get a new random quote to put on the site from all the quotes in the text files you create.
For code submitted May 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Scans and analyzes for Web Exploitz.
For code submitted April 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Allows users without Trace Route access to perform Web based Route Traces
For code submitted March 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

IP to Long IP! Check it out!
Convert a normal ip to a long ip address using this code!
For code submitted February 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Image Lister
Read any directory and see the pictures in it in this script/viewer.
For code submitted January 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Play chess with this cool code!
Poll Code
Handy code lets you conduct polls on your site! Users can select their answers and a graphical response as well as numeric is given. Check it out!
Tip: Checking for the existence of substrings
A basic example of substring searching for newbies!
Tip: Generate a random number
Beginners will appreciate this code on how to generate a random number!
For code submitted UNDEFINED 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Complete htaccess user manager for apache web server
htaccess user manager features include adding users, removing users and changing user passwords.
A guestbook with online configurable options. Log the ip of users and send email to the owner upon recieving a message.
Quadratic Formula- Advanced
Yes, this CGI code allow's users to solve quadratic euquations. Just put in the equation AX² + BX + C, and get the results in a variety of formats!
For code submitted November 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Send Message to an ICQ Account!
Great code...check it out!
For code submitted October 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Create a MailingList
Learn how to create your own Perl based mailing list in this easy to follow tutorial!
Daily News
You can retrieve news headlines from Yahoo! News and display them in your site using this script!
For code submitted September 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code
Compare 2 files easily with this script. Great for comparing a production script with one stored in version control software.
For code submitted August 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Acronym Quiz
Create an online quiz with this example.
This simple utility shows you the basics of Perl encryption.
Meta tag Generator
This code autmates the tedious creation of meta tags for optimal search engine placement.
Web Site Hit Counter
A web master's first job is to put up a hit counter. This short script shows you how.
For code submitted July 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Auto Responder
Create an old web standby with this code.
Check Fat Brain for Books
This creative script takes a list of books and looks to see if they are considered published on fatbrain.
Disk Usage Pie Chart
Create a pie-chart documenting your disk usage with this great script!
Internet Dictionary Lookup
Lookup any word using the Merriam Webster web site!
LINUX cluster Maintainence
A great script for maintaining LINUX clusters. script
Drop-in replacement for the script distributed with the Apache web server that's approximately 10x faster
MP3 Lister
Lists out your MP3 info in an HTML table--includes band and song name! cool!
Patching Security Holes in UNIX and Perl
Learn the ins and outs of protecting your server from intruders!
Set Time
This script sets the Windows clock from an NTP server via SNMP. Handy!
Windows Up Time
Get useful stats on your system reliability with this script!


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