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Calender Displays a calender using tables, It highlights the current date & shows day, month, year...
quikpoll This script lets you make a poll with 4 choices, It shows the results with an image bar graph & percentage indicator as well as telling you how many votes...
Encrypt Password This Demonstrates the use of the crypt function relating to passwords, It also uses the chomp, open, die & foreach functions, The code is very simple & easy to understand for novices...
Rock, Paper, Scissors w/ GUI This program allows the user to play a simple, random game of Rock Paper Scissors against the computer, have their score kept, and get a message appropriate to their score (read: canned insult) at the end of the game.
A Multi Temp Converter (Perl/Tk) This is a simple Perl/Tk application that acts as a temperature converter between 5 different methods of measurement. So you can convert back and forth.
Perl/CGI Security This Article talks about the basics of Perl/CGI security and shows examples of exploiting security holes and avoiding them. This tutorial was done is Word so to view the images please use word
simplae maths program it works out sums like add divide subtract sqaure and double
Moving Averages This code calculates moving averages in a data set. I just knocked it up now while doing my maths homework :) You just provide the first "x" numbers ("x" being the number of points in your moving average) and it works from there, shifting the obselete value off the front and pushing the new one on the end. I find this a lot less tedious than re-punching the entire equation into a calculator every time :)
update image script - mysql This Perl CGI script displays one entire database record in an HTML table. All JPEG/GIF images stored within the record are displayed in-line with the rest of the data from the record. Each MySQL column containing an image includes a menu which enables the user to Keep, Replace or Remove the image data. Non-image binary data types are also supported.
Simple FTP Client This application is a simple FTP Client. Although it may not be the best one out, it was programmed with the main purpose of showing beginners how to handle server responses, to start programming their own clients.
Simple Search Application This code is a simple search in flat file database.
QB Passing Calculator This is a Football Quarterback Passing Calculator.This application will calculate completion percentage, yards per Attempt, yards per completion, and passing Efficiency
Sending Email with Perl/Tk This is a simple Perl/Tk application that will send Email using the Net::SMTP module. So if you ever wondered about Creating a GUI to send email, then check this out.
Thrown Text Can you tell what's written there? Try running the code.
CGI execute Work-Around With most SSI (Server Side Includes) hosts, you can't use the CGI execute command using SSI, so here's a sneaky way to work-around the problem using a javascript and image tag to execute the CGI script each time the web page is displayed.
Multiple Files delete I came up with this problem at my work. I needed to delete more than 1000 files at once, but rm -f *.* would not do it cause of the quantity, so i made this little program. Great for beginers.
Link Tracker Keep track of what links on your site (or external links to other sites) with this simple script. Just read the explanation on how to setup your links and start tracking!
Banner Rotator Rotates banners and logs displays and clickthroughs so you can see which banners are making the biggest impact!
Image Gallery v1.8 Image uploader/gallery. For upload images via your browser and have them automatically set into a gallery (with thumbnails and descriptions). ---------------------------- Major Revisions: -Upload upto 4 images at once, instead of just one. -Removed ascii exploit
Resume download and mask file location script This CGI script can be used to hide the actual location of files on your website by masking. All files can be downloaded through this script so you can keep track of who is downloading what or simply restricting access. This script also fully supports resumed downloads (GetRight, Download Accelerator etc). Please vote if you find this script useful.

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