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how to apply a filter to an Access 2000 form by using a combo box as a filter parameter
By David Nishimoto on 8/16

By Keith Henry on 8/6

By Keith Henry on 8/6

By Keith Henry on 8/6

sp_CatchProcess es
By Keith Henry on 8/6

dbo.DoubleMetaP hone
By Keith Henry on 8/5

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July 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Procedure to Export/Import Images In/From SQL SERVER
the procedure is used as an Interface to the TextCopy Utility supplied with SQL SERVER in order to simplify handling of BLOBS (images/docs)
June 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

pl/sql mega tutorial
This is a great 50 pages notes/tutorials on pl/sql blocks, exception handling, procedures, functions, triggers, packages....
SQL In Simple English - Part II
This article mainly deals with SQL Joins and SQL subqueries. Both of these are extremely useful SQL constructs and should be learnt by all beginners.
May 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Tedious queries 150
These are the worlds most tedious queries....all r solved. If you solve these queries then u will become the master of sql...
April 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

SQL In Simple English - Part 1
Great article on how to do SQL-written in plain English.
User Defined Function Intro
Brief introduction to user defined functions with examples and benefits explained.
March 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Find a string in Procedures, Triggers, Constraints, Defaults, Functions, and Views
Allow users to search thru objects for a value they are looking. This may be items that touch a specific table/view or items that need to be replaced.
Join the results of a stored procedure in T-SQL : A Clean Sample
There may be several instances where you have to join the results of a stored procedure with another query. Here's how to do it
January 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

nth largest/smallest from a table
To find Nth largest and Smallest 'value'(Numbers) from a Table.
December 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Read a text file into SQL SERVER
Using Case Statements to Empower your Betweens
To demonstrate selection queries using Case statements to adjust bewtween clauses range based on situational needs.
November 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Format integer strings (Function & SP)
Formats a string representing a numeric or decimal value, to an input length of 6000 characters and adds commas after every set of three numbers.
October 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Convert to Julian date
Convert to Julian date and Convert From Julian Date Functions
August 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Pivot Data based on Unknown Field Items
Pivot data on a column without knowing exactly what values exist.
July 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Spaces Used
Space Used : This script gives you all the space used by each table
June 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Use XML as a stored procedure parameter in SQL 2000!
How to simply pass the XML code itself as an ntext parameter, and just load it in as though it were a recordset.
May 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Insert Procedure Generator
Produce an "insert" procedure with full transaction and error handling by simply passing a table name to the procedure.
April 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Backup All Databases
Backup all databases on your server automatically with this script!
More Efficient Queries using Vitual Tables!!
Reduce your query times exponentially by using virual tables!
March 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

How to generate random numbers within a given range.
Script your data
This procedure generates INSERT statements using existing data from given tables that you can use to transfer the data elsewhere. Check it out!
Handy stored procedure to query object permissions for specified user.
February 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Discovering a table size
This procedure helps you calculate table sizes, so you can better plan the database size.
Grants Select, Insert, Update, Delete, and Execute permissions to all stored procedures and user defined tables and views.
January 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

OpenRowSet w/Parameters
Steps to use parameters with the OPENROWSET function. Check it out!
Bulk Copy(BCP) data out of one or all tables from a specified database and specified server to one or all tables in a database on the same or different server.
December 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Deeply Nested INNER joins
An example of how to handle the sometimes confusing nested INNER joins.
Learn how to detect duplicate rows in a table and provide a count of the dupes.
November 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Creating XML in a Stored Procedure
Use a cursor in a stored procedure to create short XML string to output rather than recordsets
September 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Connect SQL Server 7.0 to Informix
Informix and SQL Server can play nicely with each other if you know how. This tutorial shows you the way.
Find Column Name On SQL Server Tables
Handy code to locate that hard to find column name
August 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Array-like Manipulation
SQL is set oriented so programmers often have a hard time duplicating tried and true procedural algorithims. Heres some help.
Correlated Query Example
If you're new to SQL, correlated queries can make you scratch your head. This example eases you through it.
Oracle Database Standards Part 2
Serious databases require serious standards--part 2 of this 3 part tutorial gives some great tips!
Oracle Password Info
Everything you ever wanted to know about Oracle passwords.
Progress Indicator on Stored Procs
Shows a technique for returning progress completed info on a long run SP.
SQL Server Backup Strategy
If you wait until you lose data before you read this, you may be too late! Learn how to make the recovery process an easy one!
Stored Proceudre Tutorial
Create your first stored procedure with ease using this well written and easy to follow tutorial.


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