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SQL, database, informix, oracle, SQL Server,contest, prize, free, money, cash, prizes, software
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Latest Code Ticker for SQL.
By Keith Henry on 8/6

By Keith Henry on 8/6

By Keith Henry on 8/6

sp_CatchProcess es
By Keith Henry on 8/6

dbo.DoubleMetaP hone
By Keith Henry on 8/5

Crack SA Password (Brute Force) with Public Role-great DBA tool
By Joseph Gama on 8/3

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Security Audit=Find SA Password(Brute Force)+Find Passwords(Dicti onary)+Password Analysis+ASCIIt able
By Joseph Gama on 8/3

(Screen Shot)

Date Ranges
By Rudolf Mouthaan on 8/2

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     In addition to the honor of being singled out from over 300,000 other developers/month around the world, winners receive a logo which they can post on their personal web-sites proclaiming their accomplishment, their choice of free development software, and are permanently listed in the Planet Source Code All-Time Hall of Fame!

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Win and instantly boost your productivity with your choice of any one of these awesome developer software resources! (Note: Prizes in limited quantites are awarded on a first-come first-serve basis for that month.)


The following contest prizes are provided by
Modulus Financial Engineering
StockChartX Pro and StockChartX .NET

Now developers can leverage their knowledge and existing code to easily integrate our lightweight COM-based ActiveX stock chart control. StockChartX Pro is an ActiveX control that can import raw stock data, display it graphically, embed chart objects, and save/load in .stx file format. Use StockChartX as your essential front-end data analysis tool for developing interactive financial applications.
TA-SDK (Technical Analysis - Software Development Kit)

For commercial n-tier stock trading systems, large-scale stock trading research & development, to private and non-commercial stock trading applications, TA-SDK is by far the most powerful and complete cross-platform technical analysis library available for your project.


The following contest prizes are provided by
SAMS Publishing
Microsoft .Net XML Web Services
By Robert Taylor

This book will therefore serve as both an introductory title and an in-depth reference that will grow with the reader as they begin to create their own Web Services. They will come to understand what Web Services are, where they fit into the 'big picture' and will have many coding examples to choose from within the first five chapters. As they begin to 'get serious' about developing enterprise level Web Services, they will be able to refer back to the detailed information about the classes that implement Web Services and come to a deeper understanding of what is happening behind the scenes.

Teach Yourself .Net In 21 Days.
By Dan Fox

ADO.NET refers to a set of classes that ship with Visual Studio .NET that allow developers to access data typically stored in relational databases. The purpose of this book is to explain the important features of ADO.NET to corporate developers who use VS .NET. Dan Fox also provides architectural guidance and Best Practices for using ADO.NET in corporate applications. Reference Tables sho how members of ADO.NET classes fit into the bigger picture by denoting why or where the method or property is used. This book is filled with code snippets and code listings in both VB .NET and VC# .NET, sidebars, and mini Case Studies that briefly explore peripheral issues, tips, cautions, and additional resources.

Perl Developers Dictionary
By Clinton Pierce

Perl Developer's Dictionary is a complete, well-organized reference to the Perl language and environment, including core syntax as well as Perl modules. Designed specifically for the experienced developer who needs a reference readily available on his or her desk to refer to on a daily basis, the book is extensively cross-referenced and indexed for optimal usability. In addition to providing a complete syntax reference for all core Perl functions, the book also provides quick access to language syntax, constructs, and other language issues. Each major section of the book is prefaced with a short introduction to provide background material on the subject at hand, and then is followed by a series of 'dictionary' entries that cover exactly one topic, carefully cross-referenced and indexed with the rest of the book.
Teach Yourself Perl In 21 Days
By Laura Lemay and Richard Colburn

Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days covers the basics of Perl in the first few chapters, and then moves on to practical issues of Perl and in-depth discussions of more advanced topics. Later chapters also delve into software engineering topics, with discussions of modular code and object-oriented programming. CGI is covered in one chapter, but it is not the focus on the book. The book relies heavily on longer working examples and code, as opposed to small snippets and code fragments, and each chapter includes two to three smaller complete examples and one major one that illustrates most of the concepts for that chapter and builds on the chapters before it. Written by Laura Lemay, this is her third major book after Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in 21 Days and Sams Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days.
PHP And PostgreSQL Advanced Web Programming
By Ewald Geschwinde and Hans-Juergen Schoenig

While MySQL is very popular, PostgreSQL is widely considered to be the more powerful of the two open-source databases. And PostgreSQL is rapidly gaining market share large organizations are beginning to use PostgreSQL instead of Oracle; the demand for PostgreSQL training and support has increased by some accounts 50% in the last six months; and Web hosting services increasingly offer PostgreSQL along with MySQL.

PHP and PostgreSQL Advanced Web Programming focuses on the specific needs of a PostgreSQL developer and will detail how to make use of PostgreSQLs unique, advanced features to develop high-availability, fail-safe Web applications with PHP and PostgreSQL.

PHP Developer's Cookbook
By Sterling Hughes and Andrei Zmievski

PHP Developer's Cookbook is a task-oriented book intended to offer solutions to the daily problems and goals the PHP developer faces.

In addition to a brief introduction to PHP, the main content of the book is presented in a problem and solution format, logically organized on a topic-by-topic basis. Each question specifies a goal, and the following text provides a detailed solution that achieves the stated goal along with any additional related information.

After a crash course in the basics, the PHP Developer's Cookbook covers more advanced development topics.


The following contest prizes are provided by
Exhedra Solutions, Inc.

Planet Source Code CD:
Choose one of 3 seperate editions
Visual Basic 2002 Edition
C/C++ 2002 Edition
ASP 2002 Edition

Planet Source Code CD:<BR><font size=1>Choose one of 3 seperate editions<BR>Visual Basic 2002 Edition<BR>C/C++ 2002 Edition<BR>ASP 2002 Edition
Thousands of the code submissions from the site!

Pure gold for any programmer! This CD features a brand new high speed search GUI and half a gig of only the top code, articles and submissions from the site (rated very good or excellent by site users). Includes entire programs, tips, tricks, articles and tutorials on thousands topics in over 27 categories!

Important: In addition we will also pay for parcel post shipping for U.S. Winners. Overseas winners can either download the files from the site for free, or pay for shipping to their country.
Help Maker Plus

Award Winning Windows Help Authoring Tool

If you have a program that you want to look professional, a help file is a must! But to make them from scratch requires you to to master complex RTF code sequences, help .PRJ file format, and the Microsoft help compiler...and even after all that it's often a matter of trial and error just to get one to look half decent!

But not any more! Anyone who can use Microsoft Word can now make their own Help files with Help Maker Plus (tm)! In seconds you'll be creating help topics, hypertext jumps, and special effects like pop-up windows, secondary windows and fixed regions--with the ease of pointing and clicking! Create multi-media extravaganzas with sounds, movies, and links to other programs--in moments! Help Maker Plus (tm) handles all of the hard stuff for you--you can even compile without ever leaving Word! Also, Help Maker Plus (tm) includes the latest and greatest version of the Microsoft Help Compiler and comes with an extensive documentation that will explain exactly what a help file is, as well as provide you with a list of Microsoft compiler error codes.

World Wide Web Help Wizard Help to HTML Conversion Tool

Whether you...

  1. Need to convert your existing help files to HTML to meet the new Windows 98 standard
  2. Want to increase the exposure of your help files to the entire world
  3. Want to be able to use a single source project to create all of the following:
    • help files
    • user manuals
    • World Wide Web help sites
    • (requires running WWWHelp Wizard with Help Maker Plus(tm) )

...World Wide Web Help Wizard(tm) is your answer!

Power Launcher Rocket your windows desktop into high gear!

Launch programs with the click of a button, manage your system instantly, and even set reminder alarms! Take Windows to a whole new level!

The following contest prizes are provided by

ImpulseStudio 3

26 Customizable Active-X Components (A CNet Downloads Pick)!

26 high quality, highly customizable ActiveX Controls, 100's of functions, and dozens of objects & creatable classes.  Covers all aspects of Visual Basic development from the user interface to graphics & multimedia to core application functionality.  Ideal for all application development in Visual Basic.  These are also the ideal components for creating skinnable applications!  Many components were rebuilt from 2.0 for speed & performance!  ImpulseGlobals 3.0 included!  ImpulseMP3 Control included 100% FREE with your download, no purchase necessary! 

The following contest prizes are provided by
Yes Software
Code Charge
A revolutionary code-generating tool designed for web developers, Internet consultants, application programmers, and webmasters who need to speed the deployment of database-driven web applications.

Anyone with a little database knowledge can now easily connect a database to the web by using CodeCharge. You can also quickly generate dynamic, bug-free web sites in almost any programming language. CodeCharge provides the fastest, easiest way to build web applications that access and update data in real time, taking full advantage of ASP, JSP, PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, and other server technologies.


The following contest prizes are provided by
Web Builder
Web Builder
Create Professional Looking Web Menus in a Flash!

Before Web Builder...to create a professional looking Web Menu, you needed to have really good knowledge of HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and others Web related technologies. But not anymore! Use the Web Menu Builder to easily create and maintain your Web Menu/Navigation and in a few clicks add items, sub menus, effects and behaviours that run in both IE and Netscape!
Web Optimizer
Compress your web pages for better performance!

Web Optimizer intelligently compresses web pages and accelerates your web site from 30% - 70% -- without changing your site's appearance. Web optimizer does this be removing extraneous HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS and Javascript pages as well as IGF and JPEG optimization techniques.


The following contest prizes are provided by
Web Avail Productions
Aleza Portal
Customizable Portal!

Aleza is a turn-key portal solution for any website. It will allow you to start your own site just like Yahoo.
 You will be able to index in-house resources such as articles, downloads, code snippets, and so on. Along with that you will have superb administrative functionality such as statistics, email lists and resource management.


The following contest prizes are provided by

Sniff'em is a Low Cost, High Performance Windows based Network analyzer, a revolutionary new network management tool designed from the ground up with ease and functionality in mind.

Sniff'em is a High Performance Packetsniffer, which boasts a stunningly easy to use user friendly interface, designed with productivity in mind. Proactively monitor your organization network traffic retrace the exact steps of any network user.


The following contest prizes are provided by
L-Space Design

VB Code Viewer
Visual Basic 6.0 Code Viewer

This COM Add-in for Visual Basic 6.0 allows you to view your code in a manner similar to that provided by the Visual Studio .NET IDE. You can expand and contract sections of code to easily review the logic structure, and can also organise your files into custom folders.


The following contest prizes are provided by
Anoop Vision
Smart Editor Professional
Boost your productivity with this all-in-one IDE.

Features include built-In support for 12 programming languages (including C#, Java, C++, Basic, HTML etc), custom language support, WZSIWZG formatting and much, more more!


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