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Newest Bid Requests.
File managing System
By RyanDavelson on Jun 18
Max Bid: $45

perl coder
By jackhart777 on Jun 18
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

computerized meal odering system in restaurant
By tulasony on Jun 18
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

web page redirection
By fotojeff on Jun 18
Max Bid: $75

Linux process monitoring + WAP admin
By garyh on Jun 18
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

software/plugin for saving website contents/articl ...
By delphiheaven on Jun 18
Max Bid: $150

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Open Work Categories.
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(51 open)
(81 open)
(5 open)
   SQL Server 
(42 open)
   Other DB 
(23 open)
Documentation / Tech Writing 
(18 open)
Data Entry 
(19 open)
Game Development 
(18 open)
Graphics / Art / Music 
(50 open)
(56 open)
     3d Animation 
(21 open)
   Art (Misc.) 
(23 open)
(12 open)
   3d Modeling 
(13 open)
Language Specific 
(110 open)
(47 open)
   ASP .NET 
(22 open)
(34 open)
   C++ / C 
(102 open)
   Cocoa / Obj-C 
(1 open)
   Cold Fusion 
(8 open)
(36 open)
(48 open)
(5 open)
(44 open)
(90 open)
(24 open)
   Visual Basic 
(132 open)
   Visual Basic .Net 
(60 open)
(50 open)
(31 open)
(4 open)
(27 open)
(38 open)
   Network Design 
(11 open)
   Network Implementation 
(14 open)
(74 open)
(131 open)
     MS Exchange 
(2 open)
     MS Office 
(12 open)
(5 open)
   Internet Browser 
(39 open)
(61 open)
(32 open)
   Hand Held/PDA Programming 
(10 open)
(12 open)
(31 open)
Testing / Quality Assurance 
(13 open)
(146 open)
   Page Design 
(87 open)
(56 open)
   Web Services 
(63 open)
   Web (Other) 
(71 open)
(16 open)
   Computer Based 
(13 open)
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