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Looking for longtime serious dhtml/javascrip t cod ...
By Nokiko on Feb 20
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Outlook SMS add-in enhancements
By Steve P on Feb 20
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Convert game
By PauloM on Feb 20
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

C++ HW Help II
By 72255 on Feb 20
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Distributed systems questions
By Celluloid Wrapper on Feb 20
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Website image
By ACostello on Feb 20
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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Open Work Categories.
(305 open)
(66 open)
(226 open)
(12 open)
   SQL Server 
(106 open)
   Other DB 
(41 open)
Documentation / Writing 
(79 open)
   Content Writing 
(54 open)
   (Human) Language Translation 
(10 open)
   Tech Writing 
(37 open)
Data Entry 
(52 open)
(14 open)
(5 open)
(14 open)
(10 open)
(2 open)
(6 open)
(13 open)
(6 open)
(39 open)
Graphics / Art / Music 
(95 open)
(88 open)
     Adobe AfterEffects 
(12 open)
     Adobe Photoshop 
(52 open)
     Adobe Premiere 
(9 open)
     3d Animation 
(25 open)
   Art (Misc.) 
(28 open)
(9 open)
(13 open)
   3d Modeling 
(14 open)
Language Specific 
(193 open)
   Assembly / Machine language 
(16 open)
(101 open)
   ASP .NET 
(95 open)
(87 open)
   C++ / C 
(202 open)
   Carbon (Mac OS) 
(2 open)
   Cocoa / Obj-C 
(1 open)
   Cold Fusion 
(16 open)
(56 open)
(115 open)
(66 open)
(23 open)
(54 open)
(7 open)
(244 open)
(70 open)
   Visual Basic 
(201 open)
   Visual Basic .Net 
(116 open)
(93 open)
(60 open)
(16 open)
(3 open)
(46 open)
   Video Editing 
(10 open)
(57 open)
   Network Design 
(15 open)
   Network Implementation 
(20 open)
(114 open)
(256 open)
     MS Exchange 
(8 open)
     MS Office 
(24 open)
(13 open)
(5 open)
   Embedded Systems 
(12 open)
   Hand Held/PDA Programming 
(20 open)
   Internet Browser 
(55 open)
(115 open)
   Lotus Notes / Domino 
(3 open)
(59 open)
(23 open)
(45 open)
Testing / Quality Assurance 
(33 open)
(302 open)
   Page Design 
(162 open)
(99 open)
(61 open)
     Search Engine Optimization 
(43 open)
     Marketing (Other) 
(48 open)
   Web Services 
(138 open)
   Web (Other) 
(159 open)
(18 open)
   Computer Based 
(15 open)
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Latest Rent A Coder News

New clarifications added
2/18/2004: Additions to buyer and seller contract mediation and arbitration rules

Rent a coder goes to great lengths to ensure that unfair 'trading' of ratings does not occur during mediation and arbitration. To learn how this policy effects you if you enter an arbitration, please see the new addition to the Buyer and Seller contracts (#10 under section 4b.Arbitrations).

New Coder Feature!
1/21/2004: New Coder Feature: Holdback/Carryover amount on paychecks

Coders! Now you have the ability to holdback/carryover any amount you wish from your paycheck and keep it in your account. This allows you to use the funds for other things such as buying work on the site, or for the upcoming new coder deposit feature (stay tuned for more details on the coder deposit).To take advantage of this feature, click on the name of your payment type in the left hand menu under Software Coders.

Special new year offer on exams!
1/02/2004: Special New Year offer on exams

Buy any ExpertRating RentACoder exam before January 31, 2004 and get one more exam of your choice absolutely free. Click here to learn more!

New time zone features!
12/2/2003: New time zone features

Buyers, now you can tell what the current date / time is for any prospective or chosen coder around the world, with just a click of your mouse on the link from the coder's profile! And coders, you can get the same information on your buyers! Make sure you fill in the new 'time zone' field in 'my general info' on the left hand menu so that others can see your own current date/time!

Change to Top Coder Contest rules
9/3/2003: Top Coder Contest Rules Amended

Your feedback has been heard. The minimum contest qualifying rating has been lowered from a 7 to a 4 to prevent one hard-to-please buyer from ruining a coder (or holding them hostage). Coders are reminded that if they've delivered 100%, but the buyer disputes it...that they should place their projects into arbitration to allow the site to protect them. The new lowered cutoff should make the decision to do so even easier. Click here for the amended competition rules.

Arbitration explained
9/1/2003: Arbitration rules explained

Arbitration protects both Buyer and Coders and makes Rent A Coder a safe place to do business. But if you don't know the rules, you can't make use of them. So check out the new, friendlier explanation of the rules!

New Privacy Features for Buyers!
8/23/2003: New Privacy Features for Buyers

After a coder is selected on an open auction, the winning coder is displayed to the public along with the public project details. Some buyers have expressed an interest in keeping that information private to protect their competitive advantage in using Rent A Coder. To facilitate this, buyers can now choose to 'privatize' any bid request, or can choose to have the site automatically 'privatize' all future bid requests! Click here for full information.

New Affiliate Program Launched!
Make more money from Rent A Coder as an affiliate!

Now you can make even more money from Rent a Coder with the new affiliate program! Every new buyer you refer to the site who completes a project, earns you a generous commission. We give you 1/3 of the profits...more than any other site! (A typical $4000 bid request earns you $130...all without lifting a finger!) Click here to learn more or click here to signup now and start making money today!
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