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DIRECTX 8: DirectXGraphics

Welcome to the DirectXGraphics section, in this section you will find one of the largest collections of tutorials on DirectXGraphics. DirectX8 has seen the disappearance of DirectDraw, instead we now have to use Direct3D to perform any 2D graphics that we may require. This is a very hot topic, many people still prefer to use DirectDraw7 to do their 2D games, whilst others are enjoying the hardware accelerated and ultra pretty 3D interfaces (Dynamic Lighting in a 2D Game!). Whilst many of the effects described here are directly applicable to 2D graphics, the center of focus is 3D graphics. The tutorials here are laid out in a specific order - I suggest you follow this order, lesson 4 will build upon knowledge gained in lessons 1,2 and 3. The idea is to make the learning curve a little easier...

The following list contain the available tutorials, a brief description and a rating - pay particular attention to the rating, trying things beyond your capability may prove foolish.. but then again, you do need to push yourself if you want to succeed.

NOTE: I've now uploaded a complete archive containing the 3 part series on DirectXGraphics I wrote for Much of the content is similar to the following tutorials, but it's all "new" text (no copy-and-paste!). It may be useful to you if you want an all-in-one guide and/or a 2nd discussion of basic D3D8 principles. You can download it here (858kb)

01: Getting Started Your very first DirectXGraphics application
02: Enumeration Detecting the available hardware and any features it supports
03: 2D Graphics Part 1 Using Direct3D for some basic 2D functionality
04: 2D Graphics Part 2 Extending Lesson 03 to cover the remaining main parts of 2D Graphics using D3D
05: 3D Geometry Your first lesson in proper 3D graphics using DirectX8
06: Drawing Text How to draw text using D3D and custom rasterizers
07: Lighting An introduction to Direct3D8 lighting
08: Adv. Geom Part 1 Loading pre-created objects into your 3D World
09: Adv. Geom Part 2 How to take advantage of Index buffers when creating geometry
10: Adv Geom Part 3 Getting started with animated objects in Direct3D
11: Adv Geom Part 4 Using new DirectX8 features to render particle systems
12: Adv Texturing Part 1 Using texture blending for special effects
13: Adv Texturing Part 2 Texture pooling - a more efficient way of storing textures
14: Adv Texturing Part 3 Accessing texture memory for special effects
15: SFX Part 1 Using Billboards for special effects
16: Techniques Part 1 Visibility Testing and Culling to increase speed
17: Techniques Part 2 General Tips and Tricks for Direct3D
18: Final Piece Combining everything we've learnt so far we can create a complete 3D World
Ext 01: Lens Flares A favourite 2D special effect HARD
Ext 02: Collision3D How to do collision detection in 3D HARD
Ext 03: Animation 2 How to do smooth keyframe animation HARD
Ext 04: Bump Mapping Learn how to use DotProduct-3 bump mapping for special effects. HARD
Ext 05: Specular Materials Use specular material properties to create shiny metallic/diamond like objects. HARD
Ext 06: Lots of effects (168kb) A Downloadable archive demonstrating Shadows, reflections and shiny materials... HARD
Ext 07: Cubic Using Cubic equations to generate a terrain-patch HARD
Ext 08: Stencils A quick guide to using the stencil buffer for some clever effects HARD
Ext 09: Blending How to use Matrix Palettes and Vertex Blending HARD
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