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Record From Microphone to Wave File
By Una-Rat on 11/25

List Manager
By james hill on 11/17

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By Jonathan Curry on 11/15

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By Kresnata Adijaya on 11/15

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TINIFile And You - Using INI Files in Delphi
by Charles Chadwick
Language: Delphi

Learn the magic of the TINIFile object.

MasterString for Delphi
by Jared Bruni
Language: Delphi

MasterString is a unit which contains string algorithms I translated from C++ to Object Pascal. They are common string algorthms, that are very usefull in string manipulation. Includes findstr (InStr$), leftcopy(Left$), rightcopy(Right$),midcopy (Mid$), and more

Enable TClientSocket and TServerSocket on Delphi 7
by Walter Narvasa
Language: Delphi

Question: The TClientSocket and TServerSocket components seem to be missing from my installation of Delphi 7?

Delphi 6 Personal Free
by Shannon Harmon
Language: Delphi

Borland is giving away Delphi 6 Personal Edition free for filling out a survey.

A String Tokenizer Similar To strtok() in C++
by Ty
Language: Delphi

The following procedure acts similar to strtok in C++. Call it once with your string (S), and then everytime you call it from there on out, you can break your string apart with tokens! Included is a function StrMid() and an overload for StrMid that simulate the Mid() function in Visual Basic.

Executing External Appz In Delphi
by Jason Myerscough
Language: Delphi

This article show how to run start appz from your delphi program

Auto Loading
by Eka Puji Widiyanto
Language: Delphi

This article will show you how to make your application to be able automatically load when Windows is on starts up.

Better moving form
by Mark van Renswoude
Language: Delphi

While looking at somebody else's code, I noticed he was doing all sorts of stuff with the MouseDown and MouseMove events. Here's a better way, it captures the WM_NCHITTEST message which Windows sends to make Windows think the user is clicking on the titlebar, thus moving the form...

About TMouse
by Emiel Hollander
Language: Delphi

The global object Mouse, which is of type TMouse, contains information about the mouse. The object Mouse has several properties and one method I'll discuss here. For more properties and methods look in the Delphi help file, I will only discuss one method that is only present in TMouse, and not the methods that are derived from TObject.

Component Template
Language: Delphi

Here is an example showing how to use the Component Template. You will find it under 'Component' on the Delphi menu. Component Templates are very handy, yet very simple to use.

Split Function in Delphi
by Nick Siderakis
Language: Delphi

Hey this function just emulates the Visual Basic function that we know and love “split”!!! You use it the same way you would have in vb.
avar := split('string to break up',' ',2);
That will return avar as “to” that’s it, have fun and please vote!!

Windows Security Documentation
by John M. Hall
Language: Delphi

This document provides information about the Windows security system and what restrictions you can use to limit its functionality.

Delphi Text Editor Code
Language: Delphi

Here's all the code to create your own editor!

Grab the current URL from IE
by Bryan Hammond
Language: Delphi

This code will show you how to find the Internet Explorer browser window, then grab the current URL out of the IE address bar. Perfect for learning simple win32 api functions in delphi.

User Input Text Editor
by Wayne & Carr Barron
Language: Delphi

Updated on Oct. 19, 2001 This was made with Delphi 6 Professional Trial and will work with Delphi 5 not sure about any version below. Give it a try with Versions below 5 and email me please. For Beginners to Intermediate This is an intense tutorial on how to create a text editor. Thought that I add something to this sight, instead of just always taken from it. This tutorial is very detailed on what needs to be done, and all source codes are highlighted. With a grayed background. ... (see entry for full description)

How To Create A True Programming Language Version 2
by Tanner Ezell (aka Lord Nova Ice)
Language: Delphi

Source code to SrcTrans v1.65; Download to SrcTrans v2.0 Final; example TFF and InputFile

CheckBox in DBGrid
by Tief
Language: Delphi

This article shows you how to put a checkbox in a dbgrid. If the column is of boolean type, then a checkbox will appear. Great Look and very easy;

Hiding Processes
by NaHeMiA
Language: Delphi

The object of this short tutorial is to demonstrate how processes can be hidden from the windows, its taskbar, and its task manager. It also contains my code to hide from the task manager on 9x machines without crashing when run on NT, or XP.

IDE Peek Expert
by Found on the World Wide Web
Language: Delphi

There are a variety of very dirty, and undoubtably illegal, things you can do with Delphi Experts if you know the names of the controls in the Delphi IDE. This expert examines the Delphi interface starting with Application for the components it contains. It does this by recursively iterating through the component arrays. Because not all components are simultaneously present, dialog boxes for example are only created when required, the expert puts a hook into the IDE which monitors W ... (see entry for full description)

Add a horizontal scrollbar to a listbox
by Bryan Hammond
Language: Delphi

This code will add a horizontal scrollbar to a standard TListBox component using win32 api.

Loading and calling DLLs at runtime
by James Mistry
Language: Delphi

I have seen a few methods of calling DLLs at runtime that have required the programmer to know the name of the DLL and function signature (arguments) before compilation, but this is no good if you want to call a function you know nothing about. For some reason the topic is very poorly documented by Microsoft so, armed with some old C++ code and a couple of beers I set out to make a function that would call an export from a DLL with absolutely no information required at design time. ... (see entry for full description)

Introduction to Design Patterns in Delphi
by Found on the World Wide Web
Language: Delphi

'This article was written by James Heyworth, author of the ABC for Delphi component library published by Objective Software Technology Pty Ltd.' ABC for Delphi is a complete integrated solution for creating distinctive user interfaces with has over 200 components encompassing interface design, data presentation and application support. Copyright 1996, Objective Software Technology Pty Limited. This paper may be freely distributed in its entirety, providing the source is acknowledg ... (see entry for full description)

The SystemParametersInfo function
by Emiel Hollander
Language: Delphi

The Windows API function SystemParametersInfo can be used to find out things about the system. The parameters that should be passed to this function depend on the action that should be taken. I will only discuss the actions that get information from the system here. You can also set certain settings using the SystemParametersInfo function. For more info, see the Win32 Programmer's Reference.

How to code a DLL and Unit Interface
by ShadowMaster
Language: Delphi

This article will show you how to code a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) and call its method and/or functions from the unit interface.


Newest Tutorials

Delphi bug 32bit icons
by mark gascoyne
10/19/2003 10:34:33 AM

Language: Delphi

i have found a bug in BRCC32 delphi 6. read on about how to combat this bug

How to Execute a External Delphi Visual Basic ect Program from a delphi program
by Steven Starr
10/16/2003 9:05:07 AM

Language: Delphi

You can use this example to exacute an app from your compile delphi program.

Get Windows XP Username
by Ian Fain.
10/11/2003 11:27:18 AM

Language: Delphi

This is a great and easy way to get a user's Windows XP Username.

Get Windows Install Date and Time
by Chrysalis
9/24/2003 3:37:32 AM

Language: Delphi

Get the date and time of when you Windows NT/2000/XP Operating System was installed and for how long it has been breathing. You must include Registry and DateUtils to your uses section.

Need some addresses
by Adrian Cristea
9/10/2003 6:25:14 AM

Language: Delphi

Hy! Can you tell me where can I find some components for my Delphi? Note that I have Delphi 3 instaled...

Registry for Curios Dummies II
by Comboy
9/9/2003 2:34:44 PM

Language: Delphi

Let's know Windows secrets programmatically!

Need some help please...
by Adrian Cristea
8/23/2003 12:55:44 AM

Language: Delphi

I recieve an error looking like this: Winsock error(10055)! I looked around this error and it seems my buffer space ends! How can I free my buffer space after a dissconection or an error? My program dies with this error on 257-th try...

Registry for curios dummies
by Comboy
8/22/2003 3:29:14 PM

Language: Delphi

Changing registry values are like modifying DNA, experience a new Windows by a cool programatical surgery!

TClientSocket errors
by Adrian Cristea
8/18/2003 11:01:49 AM

Language: Delphi

I want to know how to control an error from TClientSocket! I set socketerror to 0 (zero) but when my program does a reconection: Windows socket error on api connect (10049)! How can I control it? Please help me...

Microsoft Antivirus API
by Serhiy Perevoznyk
8/13/2003 1:51:34 PM

Language: Delphi

How to use IOfficeAntiVirus interface and develop antivirus program for MS Office


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