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Occurs( )!! Superb Quick! Number of Occurence in a String This is a very quick way to find the occurence of a subString in a String. Tricky or Intellegent?! ;) Rate or Feedback please :D
CenterWindow() Center a window to the middle of the screen.
Email Client Email Client with attachments
Advanced Alarm Clock v1.0 It's the most advanced alarm clock i've seen in PSC, try it and if u like it, don't forget to vote for me :)
Makro Draw Demonstrates in a fun way how you can create "live" pictures using blockread, blockwrite and how to paint on canvas.
Capture Capture is a sample Delphi program to demonstrate how to "Capture" any part of screen, and it also demonstrate a technique to create "Transparent Window".
Write your own 24 bit BMP from Scratch! - It is very easy!! Did you ever dream of writing your own bitmap image? A 24 bit Bitmap file is relatevely simple to write. We should have an understading of BMP's header and should know how to write the data part. This article shows how. Please don't forget to vote for me.
Ejay It's something like dance ejay. It's not 100% complete.
Retrive File Modification Date/Time Returns the date/time stamp of a file. The returned value is an integer number; it has to be converted to Delphi's TDateTime format (a floating point number) before you can use it. You can use the following code to test the functions involved.
TEdit Numerical Input Only Limits the input of a TEdit to numerical strings only by discarding the "invalid" characters in its OnKeyPress event handler
File transfer This application transfers files via the internet. It also allows you to transfer files through a network using host names.
TCP Socket Viewer Allows you to connect your TCP application to a server and see the data being transmited back and forth. Requires the Indy TCP components.
Hex Editor Example Shows how to use the msthexedit VCL I found on the internet. I did not write the VCl, but it is included in the zip. Just thought others would like to have the VCL as well.
Monitoring And Controlling Print Jobs This program can monitor and control printer's print jobs any time, both local and shared printers
Record From Microphone to Wave File I wrote this in Delphi 6. This Code Records from your Microphone and Saves it to the Hard drive as a .wav file. Just add mmSystem to the Uses and insert the code.
List Manager this is just a basic list manager it will show you how to remove duplicates in a listbox,make the entire listbox uppercase and lowercase remove a string from each item in a listbox and add an item at the end of each item of a listbox
Skin app I wanted to apply a theme or skin to an app I am working on right now and I started looking and the resources I found were shareware, something I would have to be rushed to try out and make sure I like it and can use it, well I don't like to be rushed like that so I just made the simplest thing in the world for myself and it looks good, but it doesn't work that well.. maybe I will think of more ways to improve this later on without having to use third-party components.
Encrypted Notepad Same as notepad, but u can encrypt your message so other people cannot view them. Complete with feature such as copy, paste, cut, etc
Putting the Program in the System Startup This code puts your program in the system startup. Which causes your program to be automatically runned on starting windows.
Lock/UNlock EXE Files How to Luck or Unock an EXE file { supports installation files as well }

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