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looking of mobile content
By projectingeffic ace on Jun 26
Max Bid: $100

A Scanner pro.
By Cougar on Jun 26
Max Bid: $15

Partner Extranet
By taneks on Jun 26
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

iDOCK for PC
By jwh2 on Jun 26
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

htaccess help
By alicia101 on Jun 26
Max Bid: $10

Web site revision
By Mcclungj on Jun 26
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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About Xile

Name:  Xile
(see 14 ratings)
  in Bourgas, Bourgas

Seller / Coder Rating:  10 (Excellent)
Sign up date:  Aug 8, 2002 6:24:41 PM EDT
Last Logged In:  Jun 19, 2003 1:16:32 PM EDT
Jobs Started:  26
Jobs Completed:  26
Missed Status Report
Warnings Issued:
Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 1 Arbitrations)
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Areas Of Expertise: 

Software Development languages and environments:
C/C++, Visual C++, MFC, COM, Win32 API, Visual Basic, Pascal, QuickBasic

Web Development:
HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, CGI, Perl, PHP, ASP, MySQL databases

Graphics Design using:
Adobe Photoshop, Micrografx Picture Publisher, Corel PhotoPaint, Corel Draw

3D Animation:
3D Studio MAX


Top Coder Competition Raw Score
Average Job Size
Average Coder Rating
Number of Completed Jobs
Penalty for Missed Status Reports Warnings *
(0 warnings x 1000 penalty) = 0
  Raw Score Total: 11,610

* Penalty rule enacted on 10/8/2001 and applies only to warnings sent after that date.
Note: all top coder competition stats are only updated once a day between midnight and 1:00 EDT.
Rent A Coder Work History
All ratings and comments are the opinion of the poster and do not reflect the official view of Rent A Coder.

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  Bonus for Xile on 5/26/2003 3:26:56 AM andrewkol None Given $20.00 May 26, 2003 3:31:10 AM EDT
  Bonus for Xile on 4/30/2003 4:30:36 PM Nokiko None Given $215.00 April 30, 2003 4:33:20 PM EDT
  Bonus for Xile on 4/1/2003 5:49:53 AM Nokiko None Given $115.00 April 1, 2003 5:51:49 AM EDT
  Bonus for Xile on 3/24/2003 3:51:30 AM andrewkol None Given $20.00 March 24, 2003 3:57:56 AM EDT
  Bonus for Xile on 3/17/2003 5:58:06 PM Nokiko None Given $50.00 March 17, 2003 6:00:47 PM EDT
  javascript: menu system with add to menu function Nokiko 10
$65.00 March 9, 2003 5:37:28 AM EDT
  Its been great to work with Xile again. Very responsive in our conversations and the script was excellent again. If you go with him on a javascript project you will find no copy and paste code here. Only very well written OO code thast does the job and some more.
  the slide menu we dicussed in our emails Nokiko 10
$54.00 March 8, 2003 4:07:16 AM EDT
  Another job wel done, whenever I need some fully OO javascript he is the man to call. Excellent work again.
  javascript dynamic page cotent slide drag minimize Nokiko 10
$100.00 January 28, 2003 2:04:23 PM EDT
  Excellent work, even when i changed something inbetween he was fast in his turnaround. I will definately use him in future projects. In fact I just have send him 2 private bid requests allready

Need javascript work done than this is your man
  Bonus for Xile on 12/24/2002 4:59:57 AM andrewkol None Given $20.00 December 24, 2002 5:03:45 AM EDT
  Bonus for Xile on 12/8/2002 7:19:43 AM andrewkol None Given $20.00 December 8, 2002 7:23:07 AM EDT
  PHP WHOIS Database search W/results mikesigouin 10
$25.00 November 26, 2002 10:12:45 AM EDT
  Excellent service. Quick work, well done. Sorry for the delay for completing my end of the project! Great work again.

  Printer Property Sheet Laity 10
$12.00 November 23, 2002 4:46:18 PM EDT
  I liked the fact that I was sent a working EXE so I could see exactly what I was getting.

The work was completed as requested and very quickly. The completed code was even delieved on a weekend.

  Bonus for Xile on 11/22/2002 6:39:19 AM doubledee999 None Given $20.00 November 22, 2002 6:42:29 AM EDT
  Link popularity Script doubledee999 10
$40.00 November 22, 2002 6:38:09 AM EDT
  Xile contributed his own ideas to make this project a better script., He is one of the best coders I have ever used and has vast knowledge of all areas of programming and design., I will defiently continue to use his services.
  Multiplication Tables aminew 10
$9.00 November 18, 2002 12:11:52 AM EDT
  Bonus for Xile on 11/6/2002 2:37:28 PM Tom A. Holder None Given $20.00 November 6, 2002 2:40:05 PM EDT
  Private auction for Xile on 10/3/2002 10:03:48 PM doubledee999 10
$40.00 October 29, 2002 7:56:16 PM EDT
  Xile is one of the best coders I have ever had the pleasure of working with., I will have many projects for him in the future, he guarantees his work and will go the extra mile to make sure your project is done with 100% customer satisfaction.
  Bonus for Xile on 10/23/2002 1:10:19 PM Tom A. Holder None Given $10.00 October 23, 2002 1:12:41 PM EDT
  3d box image JordanF 10
$15.00 October 20, 2002 6:08:43 PM EDT
  A great service!
  Web Design andrewkol 10
$120.00 October 4, 2002 6:53:52 AM EDT
  Xile is very reliable, friendly, patient, and operates in an incredibly professional manner. He was always very helpful and responsive to my questions and gave me new ideas along the way, if i changed my mind on certian things, he would redo them until i was happy. I also tryed to pay him for a percentage of the work he completed, but would not accept it until it was completely finnished, I would recommend him and I will be using him again for other projects.
  Private auction for Xile on 8/28/2002 7:41:36 PM doubledee999 10
$40.00 September 14, 2002 7:38:24 PM EDT
  Excellent work as always, goes the extra step to make sure everything is done, and is superior in buyer satisfaction.
  Bonus for Xile on 9/9/2002 11:42:00 PM doubledee999 None Given $10.00 September 9, 2002 11:43:36 PM EDT
  Bonus for Xile on 8/29/2002 3:31:12 PM Tom A. Holder 10
$10.00 August 29, 2002 4:36:34 PM EDT
  Bonus for job well done.
  3D box shots Tom A. Holder 10
$59.00 August 29, 2002 3:29:57 PM EDT
  Worked extraordinarily hard to give me exactly what I wanted. Very patient, very friendly and very skillful.

Will be using his services again in the future. I would definately recommend without hesitation.
  Need some web design and Perl scripts installed doubledee999 10
$40.00 August 23, 2002 10:08:54 PM EDT
  If you are looking for a great coder who goes the extra mile and does not mind changes in the plan, this is the guy for you he does a great job and does it fast., He is very easy to get along with and also has good ideas to add to the project. I would like to work with this coder again in the future., Top Notch. Thanks again.
Average:   10.00
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