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Newest Open Bid Requests.
Multiple sound cards thing
By ronaldmcburger on 7/13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

desktop logon control
By geolan on 7/13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

CGI Web chat Script
By Awesome3 on 7/13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Character SpriteSet
By Jouser on 7/13
Max Bid: $20

VB Winsock Program related....
By Superb Biz, Inc. on 7/13
Max Bid: $100

Get Server Date
By Jupiter ICT on 7/13
Max Bid: $75

Simple GUI
By bmc on 7/13
Max Bid: $200

Find images
By webdesign on 7/13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Window State - Small Utility
By Jason Hattingh on 7/13
Max Bid: $100

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About kasp

Name:  kasp
(see 39 ratings)
  in Seattle, Washington
United States

Seller / Coder Rating:  9.69 (Excellent)
Sign up date:  2/13/2002 5:14:48 AM
Jobs Started:  42
Jobs Completed:  38
Missed Status Report Warnings Issued:  0

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Areas Of Expertise: 
-COM, ActiveX
-Game Making (As a hobby)
-Well acquainted with Microsoft Office products.

-Oracle 8/9i
-SQL Server 7 and 2000

Operating Systems
-Windows 9x, NT, 2000
-Unix, Linux and Sun OS


I have completed Computer Engineering (Graduatation) from a prestigious institue in India.

I also have work experience for over 3 years and recently started studying for my Post Graduation.

I have worked with two large & famous software firm, which also feature in NASDAQ.

I have been recognised for my skills in programming and have acheived many rewards & recognition. Worth mentioning is the second place which my team got in ACM Asian Programming Contest in 2000.

I am dedicated to my work and complete it within the given time frame. I am open to learning and learn quickly.

You can expect total quality service from me and always on time !!

My previous clients have been very happy with my job. They play an important role in bringing new jobs for me.

I am also preparing for my post-graduate degree(MS). Hopefully, I should be able to finance myself and join a good college in USA, from the summer of coming year.

I believe I have been doing a good job here at I have done a job almost everyday since I will you make my day today ? :-)

Top 10 List...
This is where I want to see my name !
- Kasp

This list does not show bid requests completed by the buyer where they were not rated. Click here to to see these as well (if any).

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  SQL billing from CDR Ian Ippolito (psc) 1
$500.00 5/19/2002 10:14:51 AM
  Coder never finished the project by the deadline.
  Inventory Program updates gw96vette 10
$15.00 5/14/2002 2:57:55 PM
  Came through for me!! Got me the code I needed!!
  Long Value to Byte Array 10
$15.00 5/12/2002 1:20:14 PM
  Got the job done well and fast!
  Web Assingment2 m_soon3 9
$50.00 5/8/2002 10:21:59 PM
  great coder..would pick him again
  Data Structure Project NotACoder 10
$20.00 5/7/2002 2:16:48 AM
  Great job as always..Second time dealt with good old Kasp...Work is done ontime and will answer any question. Best Rent A Coder I have ever dealt with...
  inventory prgm gw96vette 9
$40.00 5/6/2002 9:31:53 AM
  PL/SQL program Max 10
$20.00 4/24/2002 2:29:43 AM
  Private auction for kasp on 4/19/2002 6:31:18 PM westlake22000 10
$30.00 4/23/2002 7:00:08 AM
  Kasp is great to work with and very helpful.
  directory file parser ktucci 10
$130.00 4/12/2002 12:21:15 AM
  Highly recommend this coder...quick turnaround(ahead of schedule), great communications during project, and perfect deliverable...thanks kasper
  web Assingment m_soon3 10
$40.00 4/10/2002 1:26:11 PM
  Kasper is an excellent coder.if u need a job done he his ur coder..he'll work with u to finish the work the way u want it to be pick kasper..i would defenitely pick him again
  Private auction for kasp on 4/7/2002 2:04:28 PM westlake22000 10
$35.00 4/7/2002 10:59:09 PM
  Great work and ahead of schedule!
  Private auction for kasp on 4/3/2002 9:45:26 PM westlake22000 10
$25.00 4/7/2002 8:32:07 AM
  Great to work with!
  Data Structures Project NotACoder 10
$20.00 4/1/2002 4:05:31 PM
  Very fast and work was done as asked. Coder was very resourceful. Will do work with again!!!
  Bonus for kasp on 3/30/2002 3:37:25 PM MelvinTucker 10
$70.00 3/30/2002 3:48:49 PM
  Exceptional work done in a timely manner. Very impressive.
  Alter program to use linked list Finfloyd 10
$25.00 3/28/2002 4:00:32 PM
  Less than 24 hours to complete program! Highly recommended coder and excellent bid on project.
  Java Program westlake22000 10
$15.00 3/25/2002 3:40:30 PM
  As always a great job!
  C++ Rectangle Class westlake22000 10
$30.00 3/24/2002 6:52:54 AM
  Kasp is very helpful in explaining the programs he has written.
  C++ Loan Program westlake22000 10
$30.00 3/23/2002 5:35:14 PM
  Once again Kasp has done excellent work and ahead of schedule.
  you are to write a scheduler for a hypothetical system Shannu 10
$65.00 3/20/2002 9:37:23 PM
  Excellent, on time
  appointmnt book 5 gw96vette 10
$20.00 3/18/2002 10:43:46 AM
  Gave me the extra help I needed!
  Knight Route laslocas 10
$25.00 3/18/2002 10:00:38 AM
  Again Kasper. He did a really good job. I am to satisfy with his work. Always on time and excellent. I highly recomend him. Thanks Kasper for help me.
  Trouble Shooting In Application MelvinTucker 10
$10.00 3/17/2002 3:20:10 AM
  Great Job
  Homework help Need Good help 9
$35.00 3/16/2002 4:36:08 PM
  Kasp performed excellent met all deadline and gave me the exact product that I wanted.
  Java Fibonacci Class westlake22000 10
$25.00 3/13/2002 9:33:23 PM
  Kasp has once again finished the project ahead of schedule and running as asked.
  Scheduling Algorithms laslocas 10
$60.00 3/12/2002 12:52:48 AM
  I was so gratefull with kasper he did I good job, he keeps in contact most the time and he wants always to do the best, he was so patient. I recommend his work.
  Excellent effort on the project MelvinTucker 10
$20.00 3/10/2002 12:57:33 PM
  Very Good Coder
  Type classifing dmh28 10
$85.00 3/8/2002 8:39:04 PM
  he was extremely fast, and very concise. I will definitely use him again
  CIS - 266 PROJECT Befekadu 10
$35.00 3/8/2002 8:57:37 AM
  very intersting and outstanding young guy to work with. Thanks for the wonderful job u did Kasp.
  Documentation Project #001 MelvinTucker 10
$15.00 3/6/2002 9:45:13 AM
  Very quick and delivered exactly what was asked for.
  Project using Pointers westlake22000 10
$18.00 3/5/2002 5:26:28 AM
  Kasp was very fast and did exactly what I aksed for. I would use him for another project.
  Program using Pointers westlake22000 10
$15.00 3/5/2002 5:23:41 AM
  Great Work! He got the job done very fast.
  Appointment book gw96vette 10
$35.00 3/4/2002 10:18:23 AM
  Kasp kept in contact and completed the job as promised.
  Very Small C Program Flow Analysis ImijDev 10
$20.00 3/2/2002 2:23:27 PM
  Quick and professional. I recommend this coder.
  Web Page Assignment MelvinTucker 10
$10.00 2/28/2002 11:51:40 PM
  Kasp is a very trust worthy kind of guy. He is properly the only coder that I know when he says a job will be done at a certain time on a certain day that job will be done on that certain time on that day. Kasp is one of the few coders I know that will go far and beyond the call of duty when it comes to making your project or task successful. You canít go wrong with Kasp on your team; he will not let you down.
  Powerpoint Assignment MelvinTucker 10
$10.00 2/27/2002 6:29:34 PM
  I am once again amazed by Kasperís outstanding communication skills. He also has a very in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products and technologies Very quick turn around time. He completed all requests asked during the project and questioned any requirements that he found unclear and of course he is one of my prefer coders. Great job Kasper keep up the good work.
  Excel Project Assigment MelvinTucker 10
$10.00 2/27/2002 6:26:09 PM
  Kasper has outstanding communication skills. He also has a very in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products and technologies Very quick turn around time. He completed all requests asked during the project and questioned any requirements that he found unclear. Kasper is now on my prefer coder list.
  small parser mohamed1421 10
$35.00 2/26/2002 7:40:20 PM
  It was a very hectec time for me but the coder made it much easier and he worked on a tough assinment in a very short time and was able to deliver all requirments, I would recommand him to every one once again thanks for ur help u are a life saver
  Work Bonus MelvinTucker 10
$10.00 2/24/2002 12:53:15 PM
  Excellent coder to work with very fast and professional
  Homework Project Using OfficeXP Applications MelvinTucker 10
$8.00 2/24/2002 10:09:38 AM
  Very Good Coder Excellent To Work With
Average:   9.69230769230769

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