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Newest Open Bid Requests.
Multiple sound cards thing
By ronaldmcburger on 7/13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

desktop logon control
By geolan on 7/13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

CGI Web chat Script
By Awesome3 on 7/13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Character SpriteSet
By Jouser on 7/13
Max Bid: $20

VB Winsock Program related....
By Superb Biz, Inc. on 7/13
Max Bid: $100

Get Server Date
By Jupiter ICT on 7/13
Max Bid: $75

Simple GUI
By bmc on 7/13
Max Bid: $200

Find images
By webdesign on 7/13
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Window State - Small Utility
By Jason Hattingh on 7/13
Max Bid: $100

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About fluffhead48

Name: fluffhead48  (see 6 ratings)
     in North Brunswick, New Jersey
     United States

Seller/Coder Rating:   10 (Excellent)
Sign up date: 11/27/2001 12:14:24 PM

Current Bid Request Record:

Bid Requests Posted:  13
Bids Accepted:  13
Work Accepted and Paid:  13

This list shows all bid requests completed by the coder. Click here to hide bid requests where the coder was un-rated.

Rated For Rated By Rating Rated On
  oracle help Anaz 10
3/1/2002 12:27:26 AM
  Good guy. He communicated with me to ask for the progress and surely I will work with him again
  Classes Daniel Vandersluis 10
2/19/2002 5:15:01 PM
  Andy was a very easy person to work with. He clearly laid out exactly what he wanted done, with an example. Payment was delayed by 6 days, however this seems to be the fault of Hotmail, which was not receiving incoming messages until days after they were sent. I found Andy to be a good person to work with, and would gladly work with him again!
  program Randy McCleary None Given 2/14/2002 1:12:05 AM
  Pointers Alok Garg None Given 2/6/2002 6:56:44 PM
  C++_Help dozza 10
1/17/2002 10:28:10 PM
  Great buyer. I knew what I had to do and he allowed me to get on with it. Prompt payment too.
  struct ChrisPly None Given 1/9/2002 9:27:40 PM
  C++ help Jesse Doane None Given 12/19/2001 11:14:20 PM
  sorting Jesse Doane None Given 12/19/2001 6:56:56 PM
  2D array Ashish_Jaiswal None Given 12/13/2001 1:10:05 AM
  Please help with array program!! CoolBeanz Consulting 10
12/10/2001 7:43:14 AM
  Excellent customer. Would enjoy working with them again.
  arrays in a function ZEESHAN 10
12/7/2001 11:11:03 PM
  Excellent person to work with. Very clear in his requirements and precise about what he wanted. I would like to work with him again.
  functions with arrays Jesse Doane None Given 12/5/2001 9:01:38 PM
  dice program jimc 10
11/27/2001 5:07:04 PM
  Everything went smoothly on this simple project.

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