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DIRECTX 7: DirectSound

Welcome to the DirectSound tutorials section, This section of DirectX 7 tutorials cover the low latency and high quality sound system provided for you by DirectX. Using this feature you can create and use lifelike sound effects like never before, and without affecting the performance of your game at all.

The following list contain the available tutorials, a brief description and a rating - pay particular attention to the rating, trying things beyond your capability may prove foolish.. but then again, you do need to push yourself if you want to succeed.

Basics Learn the basic setup and configuration of a DirectSound application
Modifying Sounds How to manipulate the volume, frequency and panning of a sound
Enumeration An example showing how to detect available sound hardware
Recording Sound How to record sound from a microphone and then play it back to the user
Full Duplex Recording and playing sounds at the same time
Streaming From Files Playing sound effects without loading the whole sound into memory
Streaming To Files Recording a sound and saving it to the hard drive at the same time
3D Audio Basics Playing sounds so that they appear to be coming from places in 3D space
3D Audio Effects Using the extended 3D Audio functionality in DirectSound3D
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