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DIRECTX 7: Direct3D Immediate Mode

Welcome to the Direct3D Immediate Mode tutorials section, This section of DirectX 7 tutorials cover Direct3D in it's more complex and powerful form. Direct3D-IM is professional quality 3D, with all the power, features and speed that you've come to expect in commercial games. If you are serious about 3D gaming then this is the thing to learn (unless you want to move onto Direct3D8) - expect a fairly steep learning curve though. Many thanks to Carl Warwick for the excellent series of introduction tutorials - you can visit his site here for more of his work.

The following list contain the available tutorials, a brief description and a rating - pay particular attention to the rating, trying things beyond your capability may prove foolish.. but then again, you do need to push yourself if you want to succeed.

Part 1: D3D Basics The first part of Carl's series covers the basic initialisation process for Direct3D
Part 2: Rotation An introduction to matrices and transformation in Direct3D
Part 3: Depth Buffers Using Z Buffers in Direct3D
Part 4: Lights Getting started with Direct3D lighting
Part 5: Textures How to texture your geometry
Multi Object How to manipulate multiple objects in a 3D environment
Character Movement Not strictly D3D, but it's an important aspect of writing games in 3D
Camera Movement How to move the camera around, and get it following the player
Texture Blending How to use Multi-Pass texture blending for special effects
Particle Effects How to use billboarding for particle effects
Object Loading How to import .ASE 3D objects into a Direct3D environment
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