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LINKS: Top 10 General Visual Basic Sites

As a break from the normal site links page where you're left with a list of 200 links and brief descriptions (if your lucky) I wanted to try something different. Instead of that long list I'm going to have 10 links, and only 10 links. The following 10 links will be your gateway to the best general visual basic programming sites, if your problem is not multimedia related then these sites are the places to be - news, reviews, jobs, message boards are also common place. Link number 1 is the best, link number 10, whilst at the bottom is by no means the worst - of the 100's of sites out there, being in the select 10 can only be a good thing!

If you think you've found a site that challenges any of the sites on this list then let me know - email me with the address of this amazing site, a brief description of whats on the site, and most importantly why you think it should be in the top 10. I will then go and have a good look at the site and decide if it's worthy of knocking any of the existing sites off the list - if it is, the list will be shuffled around to make room for the new site. Simple as that. Oh, by the way, my decision is final.

(1) VBExplorer -
VBExplorer is one of the larger sites in the community, and it covers pretty much everything there is to cover. There are message boards, articles, tutorials, jobs, news - the lot. Also with an excellent looking new design.

(2) VB API -
Got a question about the windows API? want to know how to do that really clever thing that your new office suite does? the chances are you'll find the answer here.

(3) Planet-Source-Code -
Planet-Source-Code is an absolutely massive site, entirely run by its visitors submissions the chances are you'll find a code sample for exactly what your looking for. This amazing diversity is also its only downfall - theres just too much stuff! and a lot of it isn't always worth the effort looking at, however, if you can wade through all the rubbish you'll strike gold eventually...

(4) Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN online) -
The MSDN library is a truly massive resource, documenting pretty much everything about windows programming and the Visual Studio languages, the information is often of the technical variety rather than the informative variety - you'll probably find your answer, but it may well require some guesswork on your part. Much of the stuff on this site is the same as on the MSDN CD's that come with Visual Studio.

(5) VB-Fibre -
This site contains, in one place, almost all the optimisation information you need to know for VB; once you've got your program running properly it's time to make it run fast... Especially important for games.

(6) Free-VB-Code -
Another, smaller, Planet-Source-Code like site. Being smaller it has the advantage of not having so much rubbish lying around, worth a visit if you haven't found what your looking for yet.

(7) VB-Speed -
Another optimisation site, whilst it doesn't have a huge amount of content it has some useful and interesting articles regarding hidden functions, missing functions and comparative speed tests.

(8) FindTutorials.Com VB section -
A search engine for visual basic tutorials and articles

(9) VB Town -
A large collection of tips, tricks and code for the visual basic developer. Also a place to meet fellow developers.

(10) - Vacant -
Email me if you've found a site worthy of this position

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