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LINKS: Top 10 VB Gaming Sites

As a break from the normal site links page where you're left with a list of 200 links and brief descriptions (if your lucky) I wanted to try something different. Instead of that long list I'm going to have 10 links, and only 10 links. The following 10 links will be your gateway to the best visual basic gaming or multimedia related websites - using these sites and this site there will be very little that you cannot find. Link number 1 is the best, link number 10, whilst at the bottom is by no means the worst - of the 100's of sites out there, being in the select 10 can only be a good thing!

If you think you've found a site that challenges any of the sites on this list then let me know - email me with the address of this amazing site, a brief description of what's on the site, and most importantly why you think it should be in the top 10. I will then go and have a good look at the site and decide if it's worthy of knocking any of the existing sites off the list - if it is, the list will be shuffled around to make room for the new site. Simple as that. Oh, by the way, my decision is final.

With an extremely active message board and a massive collection of tutorials covering all aspects of VB Game development, Lucky's site is not one to miss. Check back recently for active competitions/features and (of course) the very lively message board.

(2) Voodoo VB -
VoodooVB may well not have the largest collection of tutorials around, but the excellently designed site and active message board make up for this minor deficiency, the tutorials and articles that are on this site are well worth reading, and cover the topics well.

(3) The Nexus -
The nexus (at time of writing) doesn't have any tutorials or articles to read, but it makes up for this with an active message board and a news page - check by this site for all the latest game development news from the community. David has done an excellent job of migrating from the now deceased VB-Gaming Central, the excellent design and the prospect of new features makes this a site worthy of its place.

(4) Non-Linear Solutions -
Whilst this site may well not be as big as some of the other sites around, what you will find here is all excellent material; especially noted for some of the more innovative and original visual basic projects - want a fast voxel engine in VB? time to pay wolfgang a visit...

(5) Unlimited Realities -
Quite an old site this one, but its home to some very clever bits of code - pixel level effects (ripples, bump mapping, Alpha), and some basic DirectX games. Most of the content is quite old, and there aren't many new additions; but most of the stuff here worked the same 10 years ago, as will it in 10 years time (maybe!) - so just because some of it is old doesn't mean it's not worth the time...

(6) VB Gamers Haven -
One of the oldest sites in the community, and home to some of the more "less serious" parts of the community. Check by here for reviews, news, articles and vb gaming humour...

(7) The Black Hole -
The black hole is entirely RPG (Role Playing Game), however, general vb discussion and articles do make an appearance. A good starting place if you are interested in RPG development and/or meeting other RPG developers.

(8) Ancient Code -
Whilst only a small site, the content is good and original, includes information for the Windows API and DirectX as well as an ongoing Isometric Engine.

(9) Hephaistos -
An upcoming VB Game programming site

(10) Findtutorials.Com DirectX section -
A search engine for DirectX related tutorials.

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