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Benchtest & Benchtest2 Provides user with DXF group code data relating to AutoCAD database entities. Benchtest - Request user to select object(s) and returns a list of entity data relating to group codes. Benchtest2 - Request user to pick one object and request a specific group code to view.
PFAST This routine will help you make fast longitudinal profiles of a terrain.
Matrix Template V1.0 It's a matrix template class. You can add rows, add collumns, remove rows and collumns, resize a matrix and add a value in the matrix. You can also sort by row or by collumn.
npurge.lsp Purge invisible, null, unused features from drawin
Aligning Blocks Align Blocks (or something else like cirlcles). use these macros : alignleft , alignright , aligncenter , aligntop , alignmiddle , alignbottom. useful sometimes ;)
AI script of AOE-II Well, well I really dont know if this is the right place to submit this code!!(if its not,plz inform me i'll remove it), its actually an AI script of Age Of Empires II (Conquerors) about the AI script----------------------------- This AI is a bit defensive, but the moment you attack any of his important buildings it becomes aggressive, give him Persian civilization. Extract this zip file to "AI" folder of AOE.
Steel Plate Weight Calculator Calculates weight of steel plates for fabrication purposes. Required data for calculations such as PLATE DIMENSIONS, PLATE THICKESS, and MATERIAL TYPE can be specified via dialog box. The program provides a library of material types with their corresponding unit weights from which you can choose from. Plate dimensions can also be entered by picking a CLOSED POLYLINE or REGION in your drawing that represents a steel plate.
twodplatew8.lsp 2dplatew8.lsp Calculates steel plate weights from 2d sketches of components with as many internal islands as required, or simply none.(drawn in either lines or polylines, works with both), also calc's flamecut perimeter, and calculates 2d sectional properties such as centroid, moment of inertia, product of inertia, radii of gyration & 2nd moment of area. This data is all then put onto your drawing for you, at a user selectable position with a leader line pointing at the components centroid. Feel free to modify the code or build it into your own programs-(all code is openly modifiable)
Katakana/Hiragana Writer Converts ROMAJI(English Syllables) entered in the Command Line into JAPANESE CHARACTERS(Katakana or Hiragana) and writes the output directly into the AutoCAD Graphics Editor. The coded text is in UNICODE format (e.g. \M+1834A\M+1835E\M+1834A\M+18369)
Structural Steel Program Primarily useful for STRUCTURAL STEEL DETAILING job, this program automates the repetitive task of plotting CROSS-SECTIONS of Structural Steel Shapes. It can provide basic properties of structural shapes such as CROSS-SECTIONAL AREA, WEIGHT per meter, and the PAINTING/SURFACE AREA. Its data are stored in separate files and can be customized.
AutoCAD Scientific Calculator When invoked in AutoCad, the program will launch a Scientific Calculator that exactly simulates a real calculator on the screen. It has the ability to perform both arithmetic and scientific calculations and is capable of performing the MDAS calculation priority sequence. It supports 'trigonometric functions', 'standard deviation' and other engineering functions. Since this is a simulation of a real calculator, it has a dialog box that mimics a real one. All inputs, therefore, can be carried out using the mouse by simply clicking the desired key or keys on the calculator. Further, it can be invoked transparently as a response to commands that require an integer or real number input. The calculator creates a text file assigned as "COM.MEM" to store the inputs for Memory-In and Memory-Out functions. This file is read and loaded everytime the program is invoked. Sporadically (maybe once in a thousand executions), the program fails to execute prompting an error: "INVALID DOTTED PAIR" (i am sorry for that). Unfortunately, the culprit is the text file,"COM.MEM". If this situation occurs, the CULPRIT should be deleted immediately. It is located where the program is installed. This program was written a few years back (about the time when AutoCAD R13 was released) and was put to use after one year in the making. Time constraints and hectic office work schedule had prevented this author from fixing this bug. I promise, this will be fixed sooner. Type "COM" to activate the program.
asc-list-sorter This program accepts a list of as*ociation lists and searches the lists retrieving the elements that the user specifies. The program then takes these elements and places them in a two element list, the first element in the list is the element identifier (e.g. 8 for layer name) and the second element in the list is a list of the element 8's data for all of the as*ociation lists searched. If the user specifies, duplicate entries will be deleted from the list. I have included a commented out test function with this code so that you can run it and see exactly how the code functions.
Bit Code These short function demonstrate how to code different condition in one variable.
remove-duplicates This program removes all duplicate entries from a list.
adls-01 Parking Design - a complete parking stall program for AutoCAD R14, 2000 & 2002
Arc2Poly Automatically converts all arcs in a drawing to a polyline. This allows the user to be able to offset a converted arc.
HowFar Lisp program A replacement routine for the Acad distance command. Gives distance between two points in Decimal, Fractional, Engineering, Architectural and Metric in a dialog box display. See it all at:
Removing Unwanted Entities This Tutorial allows users to remove unwanted entities from drawings that are causing AutoCAD errors.
Mouse Wheel Zooming Useful Tip when using scrolling mouse.
Lisp Protection Shows users of AutoCAD 2000 how to use the Visual Lisp Editor to compile their Lisp routine in to a machine code languange that is unrecognizable to edit for distribution.

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