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Popup Killing in Netscape
By Gr8 Solutions on Jul 8
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Online auction web service using buyer agent
By Thanos on Jul 8
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page request, search, and post
By TexN on Jul 8
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

J4F Email Script Program
By CreativeOnlineS olutions on Jul 8
Max Bid: $75

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By r48690 on Jul 8
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

By digitalcreation s on Jul 8
Max Bid: $250

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MyTech Solution Developer


MyTech Solution Developer

(see 6 ratings)
  in La Plata, Buenos Aires

Seller / Coder Rating:  8.67 (Superb)
Sign up date:  Feb 5, 2002 12:38:41 PM EDT
Last Logged In:  Jul 4, 2003 10:34:48 PM EDT
Jobs Started:  10
Jobs Completed:  9
Missed Status Report
Warnings Issued:
Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 2 Arbitrations)
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Exam Name
Visual Basic 6 Certified 7/5/2002

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MyTech Solution Developer


MyTech Solution Developer

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MyTech Solution Developer

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MyTech Solution Developer

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Areas Of Expertise: 
  • Visual Basic 6.0, VBasic.NET;

  • SQL Server 2000;

  • ADO,;


  • MTS;

  • MSMQ;

  • MS Clustered Server;

  • Windows SNA ;

  • Windows DNA;

  • Delphi;

  • HTML / DHTML / ASP/;

  • Pascal;

  • Clipper;

  • C/C++;

  • SmallTalk;

  • Corel Draw/Corel Photopaint/ Adobe Photoshop.

  • Dreamweaver / Dreamweaver Ultradev / Fireworks / Flash.

  • Electronic.

My Tech Solution Developers

Is an Enterprise born at first of 2002, dedicated to offshore software development, and integrated by a highest qualified professionals 's, with wide experience in software development and IT Solutions, certificates by the highest standards in the International IT Industry, committed all time with our clients. "My Tech Solution Developers" find every day; maximize the value of the investments, which our Clients are doing.

Our Clients have the best solutions, the highest technology and the best quality, our purpose is helping them with the best solutions.

Our Solutions come from a simple solution for staff control or stock management for a single market to big applications of sales on Internet, using a big volume of information and controls. We can develop from simple Desktop applications to big multi-layer applications.

Thanks to use of new technologies and the Internet, today we can be working with the best cost and the highest technology for "The Word".

Resuming, our work philosophy is give the highest quality in Software, with the best results and the highest quality, leaving to your Clients 100 % satisfied. For this we work hardly all the year, and we keep in touch with all time along the projects, and give they support on line.

About MyTech SolutionDeveloper Owner

My name's Sandro Daniel Garcia.

I'm programmer from 15 years old, I start programming like a hobby until I start my Degree study's into the Informatics University of La Plata.

Today I have over 9 years experience, I love the new challenges and learn constantly new things.

I have so much experience programming database based systems, and so much knowledge about big distributed systems.

I have solid knowledge's about fundaments of Programming, Oriented Object Programming, data structures, analysis of efficiency, COM/DCOM/COM +, Automation, etc.
At the beginning of this year I decide start my own business, My Tech Solution Developers, to develop informatics solutions for general public.

My Tech is integrated by high qualify staff; we are lot, but excellent programmers and analyst.

Making the Best's Solutions


* Audio Convert</B

* CD Burner

* Audio Ripper

*HTML Web-Editor

* DHTML OCX Editor

* Music Mixing Program

* Webmail Server

* Anti-Copy Control

* Copy CD Program

*Chatito: small chat applications builded on Delphi

* FileUpload:is an CGI/ISAPI program builded in delphi that run in Windows with web server.

* Chango Browser: This is an Browser that work with IE 4.0 or highest, this don't have the IE enviroment and can be used for see web pages from CDs with Multimedia.

Don't find Anymore save your Investment in personalized software with us!!!


Rent A Coder Work History
All ratings and comments are the opinion of the poster and do not reflect the official view of Rent A Coder.

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  Bonus netstar None Given $150.00 April 4, 2003 1:27:05 PM EDT
  Telephone marketing/ fax email Ian Ippolito (RAC) 3
$700.00 February 27, 2003 5:51:46 PM EDT
  Delivered a product but it did not dial out, which was a basic feature of the program. Coder was very cooperative in every other way and obviously did work, but did not complete it.

  Telephone marketing/ fax email C. Joseph Howard None Given $700.00 December 12, 2002 8:02:04 PM EDT
  Private auction for

MyTech Solution Developer

on 8/16/2002 3:10:00 PM
netstar None Given $1,030.00 December 12, 2002 6:34:44 PM EDT
  Bonus for

MyTech Solution Developer

on 7/20/2002 3:43:34 AM
Subloads 10
$400.00 July 20, 2002 3:47:35 AM EDT
  Thanks for the good work
  Private auction for

MyTech Solution Developer

on 4/15/2002 1:51:27 AM
Robust 10
$300.00 June 26, 2002 11:58:18 PM EDT
  Exceptional Work.. On-Time.. Thank you Sandro for your patience.. and the high standard you are maintaining.
  WYSIWYG Editor Needed LoudASP 9
$250.00 June 4, 2002 4:58:39 PM EDT
  This company did an excellent job. It took a little longer then I would have liked (mostly to no fault of their own) but the finished product was worth it in the end. I would hire this company again in the future. They do strong work at a fair price.
  DHTML Control Needed vandamme None Given $700.00 May 15, 2002 6:50:12 PM EDT
  Clone CD() Subloads None Given $500.00 May 8, 2002 12:54:12 PM EDT
  Connect Front End Access DB to SQL Server Mark Dennis 10
$8.00 April 23, 2002 7:54:57 AM EDT
  What I wanted to do with this project was not possible, but Sandro was patient with me and proposed some alternative solutions that we will pursue in the future. I will work with again on future projects.
  Project 5 Robust 10
$300.00 April 5, 2002 7:42:01 PM EDT
  Very professionally done, and in a timely manner. Highly recommended.
Average:   8.66
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