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Small Flash Animation
By Jon Bell on Feb 12
Max Bid: $30

PDF to Email Printer Using GhostScript and RedMon
By Jeff Rivera on Feb 12
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

By JCDENTON on Feb 12
Max Bid: $50

simple web store
By paws on Feb 12
Max Bid: $300

Text based file parser
By cpierson on Feb 12
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Conversion : from Pascal to Visual Basic
By JB_FE on Feb 12
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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About cyber_goofy

Name:  cyber_goofy
(see 11 ratings)
  in Mesa, Arizona
United States

Seller / Coder Rating:  9 (Superb)
Sign up date:  Aug 3, 2001 8:16:59 PM EDT
Jobs Started:  12
Jobs Completed:  12
Missed Status Report Warnings Issued:  0
Last Logged In:  2/12/2003 3:56:19 PM

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Areas Of Expertise: 
Perl - 5 years.
Unix - 8 years.
Tcl - 1 year.
COBOL - 1 year.

<h3><center>BILL H. KAISER</center></h3> Hands-on analyst who identifies problems and develops solutions.


  1. UNIX scripting: 8 years
  2. PERL programming: 5 years
  3. BSBA (Accounting): University of Nebraska - 1981 CPA Certificate (Nebraska): 1981


  1. UNIX shell management & scripting
  2. Perl programming (OOP)
  3. Tcl scripting
  4. COBOL programming
  5. Automated documentation
  6. Inter-platform data transport
  7. Concurrent Versions System control
  8. System conversion | installation


1999 to 2001 - PERL programmer -, Tempe, AZ
An online personal income tax preparation company.
Responsible for all facets of application programming in Linux environment. Object design, Perl module coding, MySql database design, and HTML template construction. Main application consisted of approximately 2,500 modules and 200,000 lines of Perl running under Apache/MOD_Perl. Also developed EDI generation/analysis utilities for communication with the IRS. Well versed in method inheritance (single and multiple), property based instance controls, and object pointers.

1997 to 1999 - UNIX script developer - ConSyGen, Tempe, AZ.
A software source solutions company specializing in Y2K date renovation, data storage migration, and platform migration.
Responsible for developing analysis and research utilities in BaSH, Tcl and Perl with both database and file interaction. These utilities were context sensitive identification, reporting and modification tools.

1994 to 1997 - Installation manager - Management Technology America, Scottsdale, AZ
A computer software company who's principal markets are parts distributors, equipment rental companies, and heavy equipment dealerships.
Responsible for on-site installation and implementation set-up of integrated sales, rental, inventory, maintenance, and financial software application set. Transferred from installation to COBOL program development and QA testing division with responsibilities for Y2K compliance and financial systems programming.

Rent A Coder Work History
This list shows all bid requests completed by the coder. This includes bid requests where the coder was both rated and not rated.

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  On-line Bowling Scoring App Bob Randolph 9
$125.00 May 3, 2002 2:26:49 AM EDT
  What a pleasure it was working with this guy. He nailed what we needed. When we transfered the app to our server, there were a few problems. He worked with me on the phone for over 2 hours to get the problem corrected. Where else can you get service like that. Great job. I highly recommend this guy's work!
  thanks for your help alzoub1 10
$30.00 December 8, 2001 5:30:07 PM EDT
  he is one of the best i have ever met in my life
he wasted alot of time with me just to help me
i recomend him for all the work .if he say i will do it trust
me he will doit.

thanks alot for your help
  temp conversion alzoub1 None Given $20.00 November 28, 2001 5:58:05 PM EDT
  PERL Modification Aaron L. Anderson 9
$30.00 November 12, 2001 3:07:32 AM EDT
  Very good programmer who got the job done! Infact, this coder did more than expected! Thanks millions!
  unix homework help alzoub1 10
$20.00 October 30, 2001 2:48:38 AM EDT
  Excellent job
  Small Internet Mall Web Designer 10
$80.00 October 26, 2001 9:05:55 PM EDT
  He did excellent work, much better than what I had originally hoped for. I appreciate that he took the time and had the patience to work with me until everything was done.
  menu program alzoub1 10
$20.00 October 12, 2001 12:38:09 PM EDT
  excellent coder ,very helpful
  unix homework alzoub1 10
$15.00 October 10, 2001 1:04:03 PM EDT
  good job
  prevent autosubmitters bobsspot 10
$35.00 October 9, 2001 8:45:27 AM EDT
  Excellent coder, very efficient and knowledgeable
  alphabetizing script bobsspot 10
$50.00 September 17, 2001 10:47:11 AM EDT
  Very efficent and knowledgable, I would definately use him again :)
  rotator script bobsspot 10
$60.00 September 17, 2001 10:43:02 AM EDT
  The coder was very informative and he took time to evaluate my situation and offer advice to improve efficiency within my scripts. The job came in on time and worked as expected upon initial run.
  Help with perl script bross 1
$40.00 September 8, 2001 11:01:46 AM EDT
  After he completed the code he told me I had to loosen security on file and directory locations /etc for the script to work or I would have problems.

He sent me to a web page on his service to show me the code worked.

All the other coders send it to the buyer to test.

He got paid because I did not include MUST WORK WITH OUR CURRENT CONFIGURATION and I didn't have time to argue with him that it would have worked if he would have done it right the first time.

So I told him to delete the code keep the money and I will hire someone else to write it the way it should be written.

Live and Learn. FIRST BURN.

Bob Ross
President, Inc.
Average:   9

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