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Newest Open Bid Requests.
P2P Client/Server Application
By Scott Burford on 5/26
Max Bid: $80

Remotely accessing desktop pc (java, delphi)
By Anny on 5/26
Max Bid: $400

Prevent Image Hot link in IIS
By Upgraders on 5/26
Max Bid: $15

lambda-calculus interpreter
By CheatMode on 5/26
Max Bid: $35

Various Projects
By m on 5/26
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

dc motor controller
By CoolWind on 5/26
Max Bid: $150

Solitaire For Nokia 9290 Communicator
By PASR on 5/26
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

COM Express
By longmore computers on 5/26
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Script Written
By SiteVault on 5/26
Max Bid: $200

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About Wampy1

Name: Wampy1  (see 20 ratings)
     in Newtown, Connecticut
     United States

Seller/Coder Rating:   10 (Excellent)
Sign up date: 9/6/2001 7:40:31 PM

Current Bid Request Record:

Bid Requests Posted:  22
Bids Accepted:  22
Work Accepted and Paid:  22

Rated For Rated By Rating Rated On
New Text Image jamunro 10
5/26/2002 10:42:20 AM
Good clear concise instructions. Fast response. Excellent!
Need Image Background Color Changed Prime Object 10
5/14/2002 5:46:56 PM
One of the best buyers I have ever have worked with. Really very helpful and easy peron to work with. I will love to work with him again.
Need Flash Cartoon bugfudge 10
4/16/2002 6:27:06 PM
Steve was very helpful and really let me do my own thing. He had the basic concept and let me run with it, he made constructive comments that led to a better flash cartoon. I would definately work with him again and his products are fun.
Small Access Project jsmorgan24 10
4/8/2002 8:12:02 PM
He was excellent to work with. He knew what he exactly what he wanted up front; no changes and no late surprises. He responded very quickly to my questions and concerns and look forward to working with him in the future.
Couple of Banners Rohan Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd 10
3/21/2002 8:42:08 PM
Excellent person to work with. Would really love to work with him again.
Another Small web Graphics Job Cyquester Technologies 10
3/10/2002 9:06:43 PM
Too good of a buyer!!!
Need Web Template Graphics Changed flashmyperl 10
2/15/2002 4:50:18 PM
As the rating says, Excellent! Steve knew what he wanted and provided clean and consise direction. I look forward to working with him again.
Linux/Ensim Help Needed Mark Allen 10
2/3/2002 7:01:09 PM
Steve was a pleasure to work for. His requirements were well set out and was always avaiable to answer any questions that came up.
Logo and Web Template siusai 10
1/29/2002 8:19:51 PM
Steve is polite and easy to work with. He is also very clear in requirements. I sure will work for him again if I have a chance!
6 Small Graphics For Website
Brian J Bowers
1/16/2002 2:40:47 AM
Steve was great to work with. As a result of his cooperation and coordination, I was able to finish his project in record time. I look forward to working with him again! (And his site is really cool, too! :)
Modify EmaiL program cYon 10
1/12/2002 9:20:22 AM
As always, it was a great pleasure!
Website Design Cyquester Technologies 10
1/1/2002 9:59:01 PM
Wish all buyers were like Steve! He is hell of a guy to work with. Constantly on the computer and often replies to emails within minutes. Would SURELY LOVE TO WORK WITH HIM IN THE FUTURE! Dont ever hesistate to work with him if you are given a chance!
Browser-Based Editing Tools Robert Gorham 10
12/30/2001 12:58:24 PM
Steve was really quick in all communications with me. The project was my first rent-a-coder project and took only a few hours to complete. Steve had faith in my abilities and made it simple for me to finish correctly and expeditiously. I accidentally left out a feature ... he was quick to correct me and very forgiving. This buyer is awesome and I'd love to work with him again!
Small Little Function Key Program Cyquester Technologies 10
12/22/2001 12:37:40 PM
Once again, enjoyed working with Wampy! Hope to do more work for him in future.
Small Little Email Program cYon 10
12/10/2001 4:21:59 PM
Steve is absolutely wonderful to work with. During the development process I hit a snag which cause me much longer than I had hoped to complete the project. Then on top of that the Package and Deployment setup file would not properly install on his system, however, despite all these issues Steve was very understanding and patient throughout the whole process. It's great to work with a buyer that is very understanding and patient. If You Are Given The Chance To Work With This Buyer, Do Not Pass Up The Opportunity.
Small ASP Project Cyquester Technologies 10
11/21/2001 5:41:18 PM
Excellent buyer! Would love to work with wampy again. He is EXTREMELY fast in replying to queries by the coder. Look forward to future project with him. --Zaid Farooqui
Print Screen Basic Fiach_Reid 10
10/23/2001 9:10:07 AM
Steve is very quick to reply to emails, and encourages quick thrughput of work. A pleasure doing business with, and I look forward to doing business with him in the future.
Password Protect Some Programs nexzus 10
9/25/2001 8:46:48 PM
Steve was very polite and understanding. He knows what can be done and what can't be achive. He was able to plan and express himself clearly making it extrememly easy to work with him.He's also responsive and willing to work with me instead of some clients who prefer to dump everything to the coder :) Overall i give me 10 excellent. Hope to work with you again :)
Modify My Simple Sloppy Website Paul Enderson 10
9/10/2001 11:16:24 AM
Steve was an excellent client. He was able to supply me with his existing source and ideas for his new project. I think he's the first client I've done work for who was happy with my initial design... It made the project all that more enjoyable.
Printer Alarm phillip_fletcher 10
9/9/2001 6:04:19 AM
Steve was an excellent guy to work with, Together we created an great program, in no time, with a beautiful interface.
Average:   10

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